29 March 2013

❤❤Makeup & Handbag Essentials!❤❤

Hi Beauties!
I'm totally telling myself off for not posting in 9 days.. but Ohh My God has work been busy. I am literally rushed off my feet.. Spa life is lovely, but serious hard work. The girls at work are all really lovely and everyone just refers to each other as "Honey" which makes it a more friendly environment. My last job gave me so much freedom and I haven't been tied down like this since school haha. I then think to myself Ohh I can have a chill out now and blog, but no :( my degree starts to call me. So yeah, I just wanted to thank you all for being so supportive and I'm really doing my best to try and get back into a routine. I must admit work has been a million times harder than I ever could have imagined, my training has been delayed due to the volume of clients through the door and there has been times where I just haven't had a clue what to do. I don't know if this high paced job is going to make my anxiety better or worse haha ?!?

Anyway, I had to have a bit of a blab because I feel like I haven't had a chance to speak to you, but I thought I would go ahead and show you what products I'm using in my everyday work make-up routine, as well as my work handbag essentials. As you can imagine my make-up has to be kept "perfect" but natural looking for my job, and I feel that these products do just that. I love these kinds of posts as they are super easy to read and I love seeing what other people use, so hopefully this post will be interesting for you as well.

Face Base
Urban Decay Beauty Balm & Naked Skin Foundation in 4.5
Chanel Loose Powder in 30 Natural (Sorry this wasn't included in the photo, but I left it at my boyfriends house haha)

YSL Shocking Mascara
UD Naked Basics - WOS (eyelid) Naked 2 (Define)
Benefit Erase Paste #1 #2

Benefit "Sugar bomb" ( Thank You Sophia! )

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine #48 Evasion
So onto my Handbag Essentials which now officially have their place in my work bag which is my Limited Edition Longchamp Le Pliage. Firstly, I have my La Roche Posay Thermale Water and I think that both this and the Avene one are fabulous and a great way to refresh yourself quickly in work. I then carry a perfume and my current perfume is Estee Lauder's Sensuous Nude, which is perfect as it isn't too overpowering for work. I also think its important to carry mints! and I always have one before work and after lunch just to make sure my breath is super fresh for when I'm interacting with clients. Hand Sanitiser is literally my best friend, and I always make sure I have one in my bag, especially as my job is so busy. Another must have is my compressed Dove deodorant in "beauty" and I honestly love this so much and would totally recommend this, as its the perfect handbag size. Finally, I have my Soap And Glory Hand Food and this is a life saver as my hands can get really dry in work. I'm thinking of doing a review for it soon because its such an amazing product and I definitely couldn't be without it now.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and it would honestly make my day to hear from some of you beauties. I am definitely going to get back into regular posting again and just wanted to thank you all for being so lovely. I would also love to know what are your handbag must haves for work/college and do you use any of the same make-up products as me for work ?

Lots of love



  1. LOVE this post, and SO happy that you're back!! I know what you mean tho, I have been busy with work also and haven't made a blog post since March 16!! Crazy! So today I'm trying to get one up! :)



  2. Oo love this post! I really want to try erase paste after hearing you rave about it so much! I've been loving the Laura Mercier silk creme foundation for work recently! xx

  3. Hopefully it will make your anxiety better and you'll be so rushed off your feet there won't be time to stress :) Hope your new job goes well lovely! xxx

  4. ohh really want to try the UD beauty balm! really glad your job is going well so far love :) xoxo

  5. Sugarbomb looks so lovely xx


  6. Love Soap&Glory's hand food, yummy!

    .Georgina Clare.

  7. I really wish I could use the Naked Skin foundation, I have such bad skin it's not heavy enough coverage. I also carry those mints around, the container is so handy!

  8. nice recommendations! I love benefit make up
    xx M


  9. Hand cream is an essential for me too! I've never tried the Hand Food!

  10. Your job sounds really great, glad it's going well.

    your everyday make up is great, i must really purchase some of the naked range -everyone raves about it!

    I love sugarbomb, I wouldn't be without it.

    Great post!


  11. Really want to try this Urban Decay Palette! I love the shade Evasion too :)

  12. Awesome post! I loooove Soap and Glory Hand Food too! My tube ran out a few months ago and I haven't had the chance to repurchase it, but I really do love it! I also love the Naked Basics, those colors are PERFECT for everyday! :)


  13. Hand bag essentials I love this post, it makes me feel like i am not the only one who carries around a bunch of stuff. lol . I need to get a new deodorant to add to my bag for going to work. I might try the compressed one.



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