26 April 2013


Hi Lovelies!
I'm sorry for not being as active recently, but I'm really going through a stressful period. Nothing major is wrong, but everything is happening at once and its leaving me really tired and un-motivated. However, I'm still here and I'm trying my very best keep up to date with my blogging. I actually wrote up this review about two weeks ago, but then my opinion kept changing on this product so I wanted to wait until I knew exactly how I felt about it before fully reviewing it. You will probably know that I'm a huge YSL fan and I always sway between Chanel, YSL and Benefit when it comes to makeup. I'm lucky to have parents who jet off all the time( lucky buggers), which means that I do get some rather nice duty free perks now and then (not complaining) haha. My dad especially loves the YSL packaging, so I was really pleased when him and my mum brought me back some goodies including the YSL "SHOCKING" Mascara. I am actually really excited to do this post now and think it might be really helpful to someone who wants to buy it or has recently got it like me. I hope you enjoy this review lovelies and if you ever need to contact me don't hesitate to get in touch via my Social Media buttons just under my blog image. 
First Impressions
My first impressions weren't quite as good as I had expected with this mascara. I found it hard to work with, but I did like something about it ... I just couldn't work out what was wrong. The first two weeks I found it very wet and quite clumpy, but once I had combed it out with another wand I was happy with the results. I liked the formula a lot as it didn't smudge at all and stayed on my lashes all day, I was also really impressed with the volume it gave my lashes. However, I just found it hard work and I couldn't seem to get it right without the help of another mascara to even the lashes out. 

Reviewed Impression
This mascara would be absolutely amazing if it had a different wand. If this mascara had the same wand as Benefit's "They're Real" or even Chanel's "Inimitable" wand I honestly believe this mascara would be like HG status. I find the brush really collects so much of the product and that means that the application isn't even and quite hard to control. However, I have noticed that now I have had the mascara for a while it is becoming easier to use. My last four applications have been without the aid of another brush, which is probably because the mascara isn't as wet as it was within the first two weeks of owning it. I have been wearing it every single day since I have had it, and I must admit it's growing on me.

A gorgeous mascara with a fantastic formula, which sadly lacks a brush which can help it reach its full potential on the lashes. However, there are ways around the brush issue and I honestly think that this is a great mascara for adding a real oomph to your lashes. The packaging is stunning as you would expect from YSL and the "Shocking" writing on the Gold packaging gives it a bit of an interesting edge. It is expensive at around £22.00, but It does deliver the intensity that YSL describe on its product description. If they release this mascara with a new brush I will be stocking up on this beauty, but until then I don't think I would repurchase.

I have seen some rave reviews and some not so impressed reviews, and I think I stand somewhere in the middle, so I would love to hear your thoughts on this one beauties ?




  1. Great review I need to check this out =) have never tried YSL products.

  2. Lovely review, shame the brush is so crap, I am convinced it is the wand on They're real which makes it so brilliant xx


  3. It's such a shame that the wand lets it down - heard great stuff about it too!

    Megan xxx

  4. Heard that this is an amazing mascara - shame that you didn't get on too well with the brush, may have to look into it a bit before I think of getting it for myself. x

  5. Hope everything in your life settles down a bit soon :) And thanks for a really thorough review!

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  6. This is my favourite high end mascara and I had the same problems as you at first! It is very wet and clumpy but once I learned how to work around it and use the brush differently, my lashes looked amaaaazing! I love this mascara but can see why some people aren't so sure about it xx

  7. I have a deep love this mascara despite hating it at first.

    I feel the same as you, once the formula dries out it becomes much easier to use. Also, I'm a fan of the clumpy look so I quite like the brush :)

  8. Hey! I am so in love with your blog! Its amazing, I love your posts so much and I can’t wait to see more of them. There really informative and super interesting to rude and your always so truthful! I’m going to follow you via GFC and Bloglovin’ (if you have one)

    Check out my beauty and fashion blog if you get chance If you have any feedback on my blog as well I’d love to hear it. Thanks in advance if you check it out/leave me a comment or follow me :)

    Krystal xo

  9. Wow, BIG lashes indeed! Recommend investing in a metal toothed lash comb - they do wonders!

    Dont worry about not blogging as much - your life should dictate your blog, not the other way round :)

    Love Zoe x

  10. Hmm I see what you mean about the brush. I think a good mascara needs a good brush, otherwise it can end up looking cheap or clumpy, even if you paid big money for it!

    Enjoyed this review though, your blog is lovely!



  11. Great review hun! This sounds so luxurious, a fave YSL mascara of mine is the False Lash Effect version. A family friend used to work on a YSl counter and she used to use it on me for makeovers all the time and she got me hooked in it haha, it's a staple mascara in my collection :)

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  12. I've been dying to try this but might hold off for a while :P I've bought the Lancome Hypnose Star instead, a complete sucker for the glittery packaging!

  13. I always wanted to try this but the brush just looks so clumpy in the picture. What a shame xx

  14. The original YSL mascara is one of the best high end mascaras. I think all macaras are a bit fiddly to start with x


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