29 May 2013

Lifestyle Post - Health Kick

Hi Lovelies!
So, every now and then I have a little panic about not being fit enough and not eating the right foods. In my early teens I was very active and played for the under 18's Hockey team, and I was also selected to go on a sports tour to Barbados. I also used to do some modelling and pageants back in the day haha. However, when I finished school I started becoming a little less active and my eating was all over the place. I'm still a size 6/8 but that doesn't mean I'm fit and healthy, so I really want to get back into excercising and making an effort to eat the right food. I do have a gym membership and last year I got my fitness back, but then I got ill and I totally lost my motivation to get back into my routine. The last six months my exercise and diet have been rubbish and I have totally been feeling it in myself. I thought I would do a post showing you my plans to get back to a more healthy lifestyle, and I really would appreciate some advice.
Maxitone Sculptress Diet
Shake diets are quite controversial but they are helpful if you have trouble sticking to a diet. It is an expensive way to loose weight and tone up, but I do find that it works and helps me to get going in the right direction. I customise the way I use shake diets so they last me a lot longer than what it recommends on the tub. The main thing is that it really eases my snacking which stops me from eating just for the sake of it. Maxitone is definitely one of the most popular and highly rated shake diets, as well as having a really informative website. I had a really good discount (TYPSCULPTRESS) on the website so click HERE if you are interested in saving over £8.00 on either Maxitone Sculptress or Definity. 
Simple 25 Minute Work Out 
If you haven't been active for a while then its never a good idea to just go crazy, but instead starting off with interval training can really help make a difference. Slow cardio isn't half as effective as interval training, so I think this work out is great for at home and the gym.

My Body Issues
I have always been quite slim with long limbs despite being only 5 foot 4. My legs are toned, but my real problem area is my stomach. It's really hard for me to get the look I want and it always feels like an uphill struggle. If I could change something It would definitely be my stomach, as it would help to improve my confidence loads.
What Food I'm Loving
I love the sound of all these fancy healthy idea's but honestly its just too much for me to take in! - So I have come up with some really simple healthy snack and meal idea's

Stir fry's 
You can use whatever you like! I love Salmon, Chicken and Beef Stir Fry's and its an amazing way to get plenty of vegetables into your diet.

- Carrot sticks are a great healthy option and I love dipping them in Sour Cream & Chive Sauce!
- Coconut Chunks are also really healthy and full of goodness! plus they remind me of a tropical holiday!
Having someone to motivate you is a great way to start a health kick - I think that Lucy Meck from The Only Way Is Essex has an insane figure like WOW - but I also think that Millie from Made In Chelsea has a gorgeous figure. I also love Kelly Brook as her curves are just beautiful and I love how she embraces her natural shape.

When it comes to fitness and goals everyone is different, so I would love you to share your fitness stories, goals and motivation below. Getting into a more healthy mentality is not just about looking good, but it can really help deal with anxiety and stress. Don't get me wrong I'm never ever going to say no to a Chinese or and Indian, but I definitely want to make healthy improvements to my life!

Hope you have enjoyed this post lovelies!

India X


25 May 2013

Beauty Goodies - Chanel & Dior !

Hi Lovelies!
So yesterday I went on a little shopping trip with my boyfriend Daniel as he had the day off. It was nice to have a little look around the shops and I ended up making a few cheeky purchases. I actually went to the Dior counter to check out the new Summer 2013 collection and I had the worst experience ever!! - The girl was so horrible and after I couldn't even bother to buy some of the products I had wanted and decided to just buy them online with my Debenhams beauty club card ;) - She asked me if I needed any help about three times in literally five minutes(so pushy), and I kept saying no... until I finally wanted to try something. She applied the lipstick and basically asked me was I going to buy it.. which I replied I'm not sure if the colour suits me, so i'm just going to have a little walk around with it on if that's okay ? - well obviously it wasn't as she huffed and puffed and walked off leaving me on the chair. I couldn't believe the look she gave me as well, but seriously I can't believe she would think I would spend that kind of money, when she had just been SO rude. 

Anyway, I decided to make my way over to the Chanel counter where the lady was so lovely. The Chanel collection isn't out yet, but I was actually invited to a special event which I'm really excited about attending. I ended up buying Chanel's brand new mascara, as well as a new Vitalumiere Aqua... as I have been having a few foundation nightmares recently. I think that this is around my 7th Vitalumiere Aqua now and I have been wearing it since it first came out, so I decided to go back to it after not using it for around a year now. I also got a beautiful lipgloss sample, which I was really please with (the colour is soo me haha). I will be doing a post when I get around to purchasing some products out of the 2013 collection, so keep an eye out for that beauties. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this post and if you have any questions please just leave them below or contact me via my social media icons. 

DiorSkin Nude BB Creme
I actually ordered this product online after being super impressed with some samples I had received with another purchase I made a few weeks ago. This is by far the best BB cream I have ever used, as the coverage is similar to a light foundation, but it also has some great skin benefits. The finish is more on the Semi-Matte side, which makes it a great everyday option. I am currently writing a review for this product, as I have been using it for just over a week already. I'm going to test it out for another few days, so keep an eye out if you are interested in hearing more about this fantastic BB cream

Le Volume De Chanel Mascara
I didn't actually plan on buying this haha! but seeing as I love Chanel mascara's I knew that I had to give this one a go. The brush has a snowflake design which helps to ensure that your lashes wont clump upon application, but at the same time this mascara really gives you everything you need from a mascara... volume, definition and curl. I will be doing full reviews for all products mentioned in this post, so keep checking back if you are interested to hear more. 

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua B20
WOW! I just realised I'm on my 7th Vitalumiere Aqua now haha - but after not using this foundation for around a year, I knew it was time to get it back into my life. I thought I had found my perfect foundation in Laura Mercier's Silk Creme, but sadly it broke me out. I decided to go back to this foundation, as I know how much I love and trust it. If you would like a review of this foundation then let me know lovelies and I will get one up asap!

Chanel Glossimer 166 Amour 
What a cute little sample! - I was so pleased when I got this home and opened it to realise it was a beautiful Pink/Peach shade which are always my favourite shades. It's a perfect summer shade and even though it's quite sheer it still does add a lovely tint to the lips. I also think it would be great for giving a Pink/Peach lipstick a little more oomph! - The glitter is very pretty and not at all gritty, which makes this Glossimer a real hit for me.

I hope you enjoyed this post lovelies, I also brought some clothes when I went shopping so I will be posting about them soon. I will also be doing full reviews and swatches on all of the products mentioned. I would love to know your thoughts on these products ?

Chat soon my lovelies!
India X


16 May 2013

Benefit's MAY Blogger Of The Month!!

Hi Lovelies!
So, I have some super exciting news for you all as I have been selected as Benefit's Blogger Of The Month!!! - OMG I was so excited, that I had actually been noticed by one of my favourite beauty brands. I have been using Benefit products for such a long time now and have around 20 products from them ( a bit obsessed maybe?!) haha. Benefit are such a fun brand and definitely inject some serious life into my make-up collection. Once I get my huge uni final out of the way I'm thinking about doing a post on my Benefit Makeup Collection, as I think it would be a really fun post and a good way to share with you all the products that I love from Benefit. I just wanted to make this post to thank-you all for sticking by me and my blog, because these kind of achievements wouldn't be possible without my loyal readers and I really do appreciate it.

I'm also entering the COSMO blog awards as "Best new beauty blogger" and I would love you to vote for me if you think I deserve it :) - You can vote HERE

Hope you are all doing well my lovelies!

Love India x

13 May 2013

Nail Care - Leighton Denny Bio Build Shield

Hi Lovelies!
Me doing a nail related post ?! its pretty much unheard of :( but my nails have never been my best asset. I have always found them to be weak and fragile and have always lusted after lovely long nails. I always look at my followers gorgeous nail posts and think one day haha! - Anyway, I was at work the other week and I was looking at our Leighton Denny stand and seen the Bio Build collection. I then seen the Bio Build Shield, and decided to give it a whirl with my 25% staff discount. Leighton Denny is an award winning and internationally known figure in the beauty world. So far I have been really pleased with this product and have seen an improvement already. If you also suffer with weak and fragile nails then I think that the Leighton Denny Bio Build range would be a great.
Thin, weak nails like fine, fragile hair need help to look their beautiful best so try BIO-BUILD Shield £11.25. It contains Bio-Active Glass, used in medical science to mend & strengthen bone, 4 Essential Oils and 5 other active ingredients to promote stronger nails.

I have been so impressed with this product and honestly seen results within just one use. I was impressed with how it instantly improved the look of my nails with one low gloss and fast drying coat. I have been using it for about two weeks now and I'm surprised by how much stronger and healthier my nails look. They haven't grown a huge amount, but I can definitely say that the strength and general look of them has improved. It can either be used as a base coat to help keep your nails healthy when wearing your favourite nail polish, or by using two light coats as a treatment. 
Overall ?
I'm really enjoying this product and glad I made the decision to give it a go. It's great for people who want stronger and healthier nails, but also just as good for people looking for a great protective base coat. Have you tried any products from Leighton Denny before ? I would love to know if you have.

Speak soon lovelies!
India x

11 May 2013

Product Launch - Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm

Hi Sweeties!
I thought I would share with you an exciting product launch from Elemis. I have known about the launch of the Pro Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm for a while now and couldn't wait to actually get the product and start giving it a test drive. I always take ages to test out skincare products, because it's a lot harder to adjust to skincare than it is to a new beauty product. So today I thought I would share some background information and tell you about my first few uses and initial thoughts. I'm so glad have created a Flash Balm, as they are less heard of and I believe that its only really Clarins that has one out at the moment (I might be wrong).

Things you need to know!

- Helps to boost complexion
- Gorgeous mood enhancing scent which includes "Neroli, Orange, Lemon and Creamy Bergamot"
- Luxurious balm texture
- Contains Purple Orchid for Rich Moisture and texture
- Contains Acai which is a fabulous anti-oxidant 
- Silk Mica help to smooth and improve the skins texture
- Can be used as a moisturiser, additional moisturiser and a primer
- It doesn't get clumpy under foundation
- Doesn't leave skin tacky or overly luminous, which makes it great for use with make-up
- 89% of women have been instantly impressed with this product
- You can purchase it from Time to Spa for £32.00 Here

Initial Thoughts ?
Suffering with on/off anxiety the smell of Neroli instantly made me feel at ease with this product. Neroli is a fabulous lifting scent, which helps to enhance your mood. I have Neroli Candles and bath products and they definitely give me a boost when I need one. The texture is beautiful and it doesn't leave my skin looking overly shiny, which makes me think it will be the perfect match under my Laura Mercier Foundation. So far so good! - I think this product could be a great multi-tasker and I can't wait to get back to you in a few weeks with a full review. 

Hope you liked this Product Launch Post beauties! - If you would like to vote for me in the COSMO blog awards for "best new beauty blog" then click here :)

India X

10 May 2013

Revlon Lip Butter - Juicy Papaya 2013

Hi Beauties!
I'm back haha! I can't believe that I worked all through those beautiful days we had and then ever since I have been off work the weather has been horrible and wet haha. I have been super busy again recently and we are preparing for the Celebrity Cup at work, which means we will have some celebs coming into the spa. I have also been busy with uni and have been meaning to get some posts out for ages, but with the bad weather the lighting hasn't been how I like it for taking pictures. I am going to start doing some more chatty/lifestyle posts, as my reviews take me forever to write. I will still be doing them, but I just want to be able to get some more posts out for you beauties. 

I have also decided to enter the COSMO blog awards for "Best New Beauty Blog" and it would mean the world if you took the time to vote for me. Blogging has helped me cope with my anxiety, as well as making friends for life. I also blogged for months without my blog showing up on peoples feeds, but despite that issue I carried on blogging for all my lovely followers who regularly visit my blog. I have such a passion for blogging and I will definitely be voting for my favourite blogs as well. 

Today's post is going to be about a lipstick, as we all know I am a tiny bit obsessed with lippies haha - I have been loving this new shade from Revlon and I think that the Revlon lip butters are amazing and such good value for money. I hope you enjoy this post my loves and if you would like to contact me then just use my social media buttons just under my picture, also I would love to hear from you below!

Revlon Lip Butter - Juicy Papaya
Who doesn't love a Revlon lip butter ? they definitely rival the likes of Chanel, Dior and YSL who all have similar products for a much higher price. Revlon have released a few new shades for 2013, but when I went shopping it was only Juicy Papaya that was in stock.. but luckily that was the shade I actually wanted the most. I would definitely check out the new shades, as they are super fun and all perfect for Spring and summer.

The packaging is fun but classy at the same time and the quilt design is very Chanel! - I do like the way that they colour code the packaging, as it makes it really easy just to grab the shade you want if your in a hurry. Juicy Papaya is definitely a true Coral shade which leans more on the Orange Coral side and its colour does depend on your own lip colour. It will appear more light/peach if you have light coloured lips or if you choose to apply a tiny bit of concealer. However, if you have darker lips like me then it will be more of a true Coral, which looks stunning.. especially with a tan and subtle eye make-up. Juicy Papaya is lovely and moisturising, but does require maybe three applications to get full coverage. I do like it more on the sheer side though, as I sometimes use it as a cheek colour which looks amazing. 
Overall ?
A real must have shade for me! I can wear it as a light peach or a gorgeous true Coral, It actually reminds me of a more subtle Tutti Frutti, as its less orange and opaque. I also like the fact that I can use it on the cheeks, which gives me a slight bit of colour. I think this would be perfect for holiday, as it looks stunning with subtle bronzing. I'm a huge fan of these Lip butters and think that this would be a great addition if you were looking for a versatile Coral.
I hope you have enjoyed this post beauties! and I will be back soon with a more lifestyle themed post. I would love you to leave your links below, and don't forget to let me know if you are entering the COSMO beauty awards as well!

India X


3 May 2013

❤21st Birthday Ramble❤

Hi Beauties!
I'm currently typing on my brand spanking new MacBook Pro with Retina display but not just that.. I'm now officially 21 *Wahoo*. I must admit I had an amazing day and I was totally spoilt by my family, and I just wished that day could have lasted forever. The weather was absolutely beautiful as well, I also got to spend the day with my beautiful niece Honey-Bea! - I wanted to do a little post showing you some pictures from my lovely day and I might do a haul video for you very soon to show you in more detail what I got. My parents very kindly got me my new MacBook and a rather nice cheque for my birthday haha! and I'm super lucky to also be getting my new car in June. My sister also got me some amazing Mulberry goodies which I can't wait to show you in my video. My boyfriend took me to Bicester and gave me some money so that was really lovely of him as well. I also can't forget to mention my bestie Miss Sophia Meola who got me a stunning Thomas Sabo bracelet, which I can honestly say was the nicest surprise ever. I actually do love Sophia! she is so kind and sweet and I'm so glad blogging brought us together. My parents then took me for a lovely birthday meal and we also went to our local shopping mall for some retail therapy. I'm so grateful for everything and I'm grinning at my screen because I'm still so excited and happy.. which is a real change as recently I have been so down. I also can't wait for this summer to come as I have an amazing trip to Florida planned with my family and boyfriend, plus I am officially making my next Chanel handbag purchase this summer! so all in all I'm really really happy and not even sad that I have to work all weekend and all through the bank holiday! - I just want to take the time to THANK all my followers who wished me a happy birthday on the 1st of May, all your messages were coming through all day long and it really made my day that much better. I really do appreciate every single one of you for always supporting me! OMG I'm rambling now haha. So, I will leave you to check out my pictures which I hope you like, and don't worry I will be back soon with some make-up reviews!

Outfit of the day
Blazer  & Sequin Top - H&M
Jeans - Hollister
Shoes - Prada 
Jewellery - Thomas Sabo, Mulberry and Tiffany & Co
Bag - Chanel
Me and Honey! - She looks amaze with the mini Louis :)
Some lovely goodies off my sister!
My cake :D

I also have loads of pictures on my Instagram which is "indiarobyn" you can see the widget just on the right hand side as well. I hope you have enjoyed this post beauties, and if there are any posts you would like me to do, then feel free to leave any suggestions below!

India x

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