28 July 2013

Drugstore Gems - Bourjois Color Boost Lip Crayon & Cream Blush!

Hi Beauties!
I just had to write this review, as I have honestly been head over heels with both of these products. I tend to use more high end make-up as you have probably seen via my blog! but at the same time I do have a fair old collection of drugstore gems! and I'm the first to admit that there are products from the drugstore that can 100% rival and even better the higher end brands. Bourjois is a brand that I really enjoy and I'm sure you already know of their connection with Chanel, which is one of my favourite make-up brands of all time. The two products that I am going to be talking about are perfect for spring, as they add a pop of colour, but in a subtle way if that makes any sense ?! they are both really good for boosting and brightening the complexion, and I'm genuinely really excited about this review.

 photo 180560ac-5da2-472e-aa5e-d8f494ce5f13_zpsf62d20c7.jpg

Bourjois Colour boost Lip Crayon - Peach On The Beach £7.99
Firstly, I must admit I never jumped on the Clinique Chubby Stick Bandwagon, as at the time I was a traditional lipstick kinda gal. I had seen a few mixed reviews (despite there being many good ones) and to be honest I just never ended up trying them out. However, recently I had been eyeing up the Bourjois stand, as I liked the look of the Lip Crayons and also the Cream Blushes. Anyway, after two weeks of decisions.. I just took the plunge and its probably the best decision I have made beauty wise in a long time, as these products are really great.

The Bourjois Lip Crayons are very velvety and extremely moisturising and probably one of the most comfortable lip products I have found since my beloved Chanel Rouge Coco Shines. With an added bonus of SPF 15 not only are these Lip Crayons gorgeous, but also very practical. Peach On The Beach is the real stand out shade for me in the collection, as it reminds me of a summery cocktail shade with the perfect balance of Peach and Pink. It also isn't a million miles away from YSL's Peach Passion shade which is a favourite of mine. This has been my go to product! and I love wearing it with minimal make-up like a BB Cream, Bronzer and a few flirty flicks of mascara, as it adds a real injection of summer to my face without being too colourful and circus esque haha!.

 photo 16335600-d216-4ae7-b52a-35c3527c7daf_zpsca7ba0fa.jpg

Bourjois Cream Blush 01 Nude Velvet £7.99

After seeing these beauties on the blogosphere I decided to go ahead and purchase 01 and 02 (the brighter coral) even though I love 02 I do have a few bright Coral's and it has been 01 that has been my go to cheek product. Its the perfect apricot shade for us lighter toned gals! if you have a warmer complexion then you would love 02! - It's packaging is fantastic, and the little mirror is very handy actually! I love applying this by tapping it onto the apples of my cheeks with my fingers. In my opinion this product is a lot better without a brush. 01 is quite a brightening blush, which helps to give you a summery peachy glow. It has a smooth velvety finish, which helps to make it look really natural and comfortable on the skin. It can also be used as a light peach lip colour, but make sure you have a really good lip balm on first, as it is quite drying on the lips. It is designed to have a cream-powder finish on the cheeks, but it looks just as lovely on the lips! so its a great little product for dual use. 

Two fantastic products that are well worth the money! - They have both honestly been my go to products, and I would really recommend checking them out, as well as the other lovely shades in both product lines. If you are looking for for a comfortable yet fun lip colour then Peach on the beach would be a great option. However, if you are looking for a nice brightening hint of apricot to bring out your inner glow then Nude Velvet would be a fantastic product ;) but to be honest I couldn't pick between them, and think they are both worthy of a purchase. I hope you have enjoyed this review beauties, and I hope to hear from you in the comments section below!

India X

24 July 2013

KORRES Lip Butter Guava Review

Hi Beauties!
I'm back with another post and I must admit I'm feeling very proud of myself for getting into a more regular blogging pattern. Even if I'm not posting I'm always active via twitter on my I phone so never feel like you can't talk to me just because I'm not posting as much. I'm there for every single one of my lovely followers and if you ever need to chat then just send me a tweet or a personal message via Twitter. If you don't already know I used to make and sell my own lip balms, and i was surprised at how well loved they became overtime. However, with my new job and uni I just didn't have the time to continue. So! that leads me onto the story that I had always fancied trying out a Korres lip balm, but had never really got around to it. I always see them popping up on my blogger feed, so the other day I decided it was about time I bit the bullet and so I invested in a new Korres lip balm. I decided on the shade Guava as I wanted something clear or something with a slight milky tint and that is exactly what Guava is. I have so many different shades in my collection and for once I fancied something a little more plain! so instead of having a good old ramble :D I will get into my review, which I hope you beauties will enjoy reading! - I also love hearing your thoughts, so make sure you leave them in the comments section below.
 photo 89391DBC-8095-4437-B489-3DBF5B6338BB-4080-000002A3F35FF980_zps1e76d42f.jpg
The Review - KORRES Guava Lip Butter £8.00
Before I get started I just noticed I missed out the A on the picture caption oops* I'm still trying to get used to my new keyboard cover for my Mac haha. Onto the review - Guava is a lovely rich lip butter that feels absolutely amazing in the pot and also on the lips. The application is fantastic and you really feel like you are going to achieve lovely supple lips. I must admit that this product doesn't last half as long on the lips as I expected, but I quite like applying lip products.. so pulling it out of my bag a few times a day isn't a biggie for me. However, if you are looking for long lasting moisture then this might not be the product for you. Don't get me wrong! because this product does really make your lips feel great, but you do have to apply it quite a few times for it to feel like its really working. I do really love the tropical scent and the way it adds a tiny milky tint to the lips without making them look ghostly.. Plus this lip balm is free of nasties such as parabens and sulphates (which is always a bonus) - The packaging is also super cute and really quite robust, which makes it great for traveling around with. I also like how the lid is colour coded to the shade, which I think is quite a thoughtful and cute touch from Korres. I'm sure that some of you will understand the frustration of having to turn your lipsticks upside down to see what shades they are! haha true beauty blogger style.

 photo 8A5A6EA9-B641-4123-A4B5-7411A14774AA-4080-000002A42AECEC25_zps332df28c.jpg

A really gorgeous lip butter with a lovely scent, luxurious texture and great packaging. The only down side is the fact that it maybe doesn't last as long as it should for its price point. However, If you don't mind a few applications a day then this lip balm would be a brilliant choice, as when its on the lips it feels so comfortable as well as adding a tint of colour to the lips. I couldn't be without this lip butter now and its definitely one of my go to products at the moment. I would also like to try some of the other butter's as they have lovely colour tints to them. I hope you have enjoyed this review lovelies and if there are any special request for reviews, then please leave them down below.

India x

20 July 2013

The Celtic Manor - Picture Post

Hi Beauties!
It feels so good to be finally getting back into a regular blogging routine and I hope you are all enjoying my latest posts :) - I have just come back from probably one of the best night stays I have ever had! - I had great company, amazing food and our room was absolutely stunning. I managed to get me and Daniel (The Boyf) an overnight stay in a deluxe suite room at The Celtic Manor Resort, which is a five star hotel that hosted the 2010 Ryder Cup! and I'm lucky to work there in the award winning Forum Spa! - It's hard work being part of such a large hotel, but I do really enjoy my job and my stay at the resort has made me love it even more. The stay was to celebrate mine and Daniel's five year anniversary and we couldn't have had a more enjoyable time! - This post is going to be VERY picture heavy, as I was taking loads of snaps with my I phone haha! - Hope you enjoy this post beauties, and I would love to hear from you in the comments section below, as it really makes my day seeing that I have had comments from my loyal supporters. PS! I'm sorry if some of the photo's are different sizes, but I forgot to tell Daniel to take them all the same way haha!
 photo dbc94061-48ed-4dcc-881d-643d02dfc0f6_zps6ad94eb6.jpg
Our lovely room! which had a cute sitting area just to the right hand side
 photo a4376295-46fc-45c6-bebc-e52869289409_zpse4accb4f.jpg
Before this tidy space was filled with my make-up!
 photo 25c93e53-d269-49d9-a8c9-fa90ee48ca92_zps16004e91.jpg
My daytime outfit :)
 photo df006780-0f6b-4486-a7b9-0c36c06fd2f8_zps526e4cb6.jpg
I matched the Lambo! - What a Car :O
 photo b270fc0c-aa34-4425-9be2-5f6aa35c0d30_zps4cc97e7a.jpg
Getting ready in my super comfy robe!
 photo 8553a231-bb1c-4262-862d-50628dd6ec43_zps08c1ab25.jpg
We had such a lovely view from our room!
 photo f1110eda-c0ec-48da-877a-4841ba322129_zps1042719a.jpg
My evening outfit - ft Missguided, H&M, Primark and LouisVuitton
 photo da75d5d8-3880-411b-b373-13f6f5eda5ae_zpsd1f2c2f0.jpg
Our beautiful A la Carte Meal from Le Patio!
 photo 915be315-19fd-4009-8468-cc5af9acc038_zps67906591.jpg
It was amazing to have our pancakes cooked right in front of us!
 photo 41df934a-ca3f-4d81-a6ea-b209c2569bd4_zpsa0044d37.jpg
Back to the room after Dinner and Cocktails to get super cozy in our robes!
 photo 32f1ef11-ad08-46a5-ab76-ca2ad3234cae_zpse6318bf5.jpg
A tasty full English Breakfast Buffet!

Well beauties that is just a few pictures from my lovely stay! I have many more though haha, so if you fancy taking a peak at what else I got up to then check out my Instagram account "indiarobyn" you can also see my Instagram Widget just to the right hand side. I hope you have enjoyed this post and I would love to hear your thoughts on this post below :)

Lots of love
India X

17 July 2013

Avene Antirougeurs Jour Anti Redness/Combination Moisturiser //SPF20

Hello my lovelies!
WOW* Two posts tonight beauties! I finally have enough time to just concentrate on my blog and it feels amazing. Tonight I want to introduce to you a moisturiser that I have rediscovered from my vast skincare collection, as I have absolutely fallen in love with it and feel that this product is definitely due a review. I'm just going to refer to it as the Avene moisturising emulsion as the name is a bit of a handfull and would make this post huge if I kept writing it haha. For so many years I was wondering why my make-up was vanishing, even though my skin didn't actually feel that oily ?! - Finally, a few years ago now the penny dropped, and I realised that I was often mixing an oil based moisturiser with a water based foundation or vice versa. So now I have got into the habit of making sure that if I'm using an oil based foundation I also use an oil based moisturiser and the same for my water and silicone based products. Once I started doing this I noticed how much longer my make-up was lasting and that I actually didn't even need a primer. The reason why I am posting about this water based moisturiser today, is because I have fallen back in love with my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation which is also water based! and the results have been absolultey amazing.
 photo 257FB770-1938-4D5E-B3BA-B2845619956B-1297-00000167105B1C17_zps74c2ef72.jpg
About Avene
I have always been a huge fan of Avene and I have a serious love for the thermale water which is so incredibly soothing. The main talking point of the brand Avene is the Thermale Water, which is the main component of Avenes products. (Avene) Very low mineralised, rich in silica and trace elements, the Avène Thermal Spring Water has been clinically proven to be naturally soothing, anti-irritating and anti-free radical. The Avène Thermal Spring Water is bottled at source and manufactured in a sterile unit at the Avène Dermotological Hydrotherapy CentreThe water is tested every day and a specific laboratory has been created to do fundamental research on the properties of the water. You can also watch a short video about the Avene Thermale Water Here
 photo A0C32804-199F-42AE-8F7D-032AA3337917-1297-000001671A98CAB2_zps2e148871.jpg
What I like ?
Since combining the Avene Moisturising Emulsion with my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation I have had lovely hydrated skin, with a flawless finish that really has lasted all day. I love that this product has such a large concentrate of the Thermale Water, as it really does feel like your skin is being properly hydrated. This particular product is designed for normal/combo skin types, as even though its hydrating it isn't thick or heavy in its consistency. Products with a high water content are also the best kind for dealing with combination skin types, as it hydrates but doesn't put too much into the skin. The emulsion also has a Green tint which helps to combat Redness, but don't worry! it sinks straight into the skin without leaving any trace of Green. It also has an SPF 20 which is amazing, as I can just put some on really quickly and enjoy the sunshine.

What I don't like ?
Overall this is a nice and simple moisturiser for girls with normal/combination skin who also have slight Redness. It's really soothing and makes your skin feel extremely calm and relaxed. This product does have a slight fragrance which reminds me of baby wipes, which I find quite a calming/comforting smell, but if you are sensitive with scents then maybe you would be better opting for a fragrance free option like simple skincare. I actually find the Simple hydrating light moisturiser to be quite similar to this, so that could always be another option if you wanted an orderless and colourless moisturiser.
 photo B63FC01A-CB05-44BA-B6BE-B269555A6DED-1297-000001672AC16E8B_zpsbf4f4e91.jpg
I love this moisturiser and feel like it has become a real staple in my skincare. I often flit between products, but I have been loving the flawless effect of this product underneath my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. Avene is always on offer online and you can also get it in boots! I think the brand is well worth checking out and the Thermale Spray Water is a personal favourite of mine. If you suffer with combination skin and you are prone to slight Redness, then I couldn't recommend a nicer or soothing product that the Avene Moisturising Emulsion.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this beauties :) and I would love to know what moisturiser you are currently using ?

India X

☆ Summery OOTD ☆ - H&M & Louis Vuitton

Hi Beauties!
Pheww! I am so glad that I now have four whole day's off to enjoy this lovely sunshine. It feels like I haven't spoken to you beauties in a while, but I have been a busy bee once again! - I also went on my first Spa night out and had such a laugh, but lets say I was a bit of a mess when I got home haha. I actually have a post coming soon about how to create my party look and also it will feature some serious curls! - I thought today I would do a quick OOTD and chatty post, as I'm loving this gorgeous weather. I'm actually staying with my older sister at the moment, as my parents are in and out of the country with business, and I needed somewhere that I could base myself so that I can concentrate on my uni work! (plus I don't like staying on my own hahaha) I would probably jump at my own shadow.

 I am in a super up beat mood today, as I just recieved some BEAUTIFUL Roses and Swiss chocolates   (which you can see on my instagram indiarobyn) via courier from my lovely boyfriend Daniel! I'm feeling a bit spoilt today ;) - We also have a luxury night booked at the 5* resort where I work, so I'm really excited for that as well. I hope you have all been keeping well and I hope you like my quick OOTD post! - Excuse my hair, as its feeling a little bit fluffy today haha. My make-up is also extremely minimal today with just a base, some mascara and a bit of lippie. I will stop rambling now my lovelies and I would love to hear from you below!

 photo 9932c396-27bb-4530-bf5b-526b06c47819_zpse6a4118e.jpg

Top - H&M
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - Primark
Handbag- Louis Vuitton

Face - NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Punjab
Eyes - Chanel Le Volume De Chanel Mascara
Lips - Dior Addict in Exotique

I would love to hear from you beauties below - and if you have any summer OOTD's make sure you place your link below!

Lots of Love
India X


10 July 2013

NARS SHEER GLOW - Punjab - Initial Thoughts!

Hi Beauties!
Oh my god! how nice has this UK weather been ?! I'm sure I can speak for most of us as we are totally not used to heat waves haha. I'm so sorry that I have been a little distant, but I have had total drama with uni, as i'm approaching the final year now in my Business and Management Degree, plus work has been demanding as ever! who thought spa life would be so hectic haha. I also just wanted to say congratulations to all my lovely blogger girlies and guys that got through to the COSMO blog awards. I wish that I had of been able to get a bit more involved with the blog awards, but at the time I was so busy with a uni final and I was really struggling to blog, travel, work and do uni at the same time - So I'm going to be voting for my favourite blogs and routing for you all!

Anyway, today I'm going to do an initial thoughts post on my first ever NARS foundation! Considering i'm a make-up junkie I only have a few NARS products (Blushers) as NARS are extremely well known for them. I decided to take a trip to John Lewis in Cardiff and I met a lovely girl who I found out was also a blogger!! I was so happy and I love meeting new bloggers. She matched me up to the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Punjab and so far I have been really impressed. I love my Chanel and YSL foundations to bits, but after I broke out after using Laura Mercier I felt like I needed to try something new and NARS was my next mission! 

Pretty Please check out http://phazestyle.blogspot.co.uk her blog is gorgeous! and she is just getting back into blogging, and I think it would be great to show some true blogger support!  photo 353630F9-DE39-4A96-9B02-910AF912BE61-11612-00000C9938C38F75_zps4dab3e2d.jpg

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation
The night before I visited the NARS counter I was checking out the NARS website doing my research true BBlogger style haha! and I was so so impressed with how NARS give details of the tones and shades of their products and I found it so helpful to know whether the products were pink, neutral, golden or peach toned. When I made my lovely new blogger friend we talked about what foundation would suit my normal to combination skin, and I was super happy when I found out that the Sheer Glow foundation was perfect for normal/combo skin - but sadly when I come to buy it my shade "Punjab" was sold out :( boo! so as you can imagine it was straight on order when i got home haha.

I have worn the foundation twice so far and I am really enjoying it! my older sister said that it was the best match she had ever seen on my skin. The shade I was matched too was Punjab which is a light/medium shade with gold/peach undertones. Even though I'm quite pale I have neutral undertones opposed to pink! - plus I always opt for more yellowy/golden tones as it helps combat the slight redness on my cheeks. I love the silky fluid texture and I find it extremely easy to apply, as well as feeling super hydrating and comfortable on the skin. I love weightless foundations, but I feel that this foundation is going to be great to also build into a more medium coverage, which is great for events or going out!

The only thing is I haven't used a foundation without a pump since using Chanel's Teint Innocence and a Bobbi Brown foundation a few years ago, so it might take me a while to get used to using a foundation without a pump, but apart from that I really love the NARS packaging and think its sleek but also edgy at the same time. I'm really looking forward to using this foundation more and I can't wait to do a full review for you lovelies in a few weeks time. I am actually going shopping tomorrow and can't wait to pick up some more NARS goodies :D

 photo F919EE12-E706-4144-8F69-3BD789B9D8F0-11612-00000C995883CB46_zpsc3774c33.jpg

Have you used this foundation ? I would love to know your thoughts and any advice!
India x

4 July 2013

Exotic Bliss With The Elemis Spa@home Frangipani Range!

Hello Beauties!
Do you ever imagine or just close your eyes and wish you were somewhere lovely and exotic ?! If so then I honestly believe that The Elemis Frangipani range is the best way to make that dream seem even more realistic. The Frangipani Flower (Hawaiian Lei Flower) is also known as the Flower of Gods because its so beautiful and distinctively scented. The Elemis Spa@home range uses Frangipani flowers in combination with Coconut Oil to really create a luxurious moisturising range. I have actually been given the nickname "Frangi Queen" (weird i know) in work because even though I have the products at home I'm always picking up the testers and smelling and using them in work. It's such a temptation working at an Elemis Spa, so as you can imagine I do make a few cheeky purchases at work haha. So my lovelies..If you love sweet/floral fragrances then you might just become addicted to Frangipani too!
About the Brand
Winner of Best British Brand at the 2010 CEW (UK) Beauty Awards, Elemis is the leading luxury British spa and skincare brand chosen by over 6.5 million spa-goers every year. Elemis do not use harmful ingredients within their products, and also do not test on animals.
Frangipani Shower/Bath Cream £22.00
This was the first product I purchased from the range and I absolutely love it. It doesn't really lather that much, but instead its creamy and so luxurious to wash in. I love using it with a mesh bath scrubber to really give my body an exotic cleanse. I would recommend this product for travelling as well, as its hugely popular in the spa for when people are looking for a nice body wash to take away with them.
Frangipani Salt Scrub* £36.50
This is honestly the most indulgent and beautiful body product that I have ever used truly a Spa in a Jar!!. The consistency is quite moist, but the salt lightly buffs at your skin and then dissolves into the bath leaving a beautiful aroma. It also has a high concentrate of the original Frangipani oil, which means that once you have use this you can get away without using an additional body moisturiser unless you wanted to opt for the oil as well. My skin feels absolutely amazing after using this product and its honestly so good I wish I could just use the whole pot at once *slightly obsessed with this product*
Frangipani Monoi Oil £31.50
The original Frangipani Oil is probably the most versatile product out of the range, as it can be used as a body, hair and nail conditioner. I am yet to try it in my hair (but I have heard good things about it as a hair treatment), I tend to use this after my bath for even more moisture. I never used to moisturise my body, but now I'm obsessed with having beautifully nourished skin. The Oil absorbs really quickly and I can promise you that this won't leave you feeling oily in the slightest. This oil also solidifies in cooler temperatures, but just a quick dip in the bath and it turns back to an oil.
Overall ?
I must admit I have become pretty obsessed with the Frangipani Range! its just delicious and makes me feel pampered every single time I use it. If your not into sweet/floral scents then this may not be for you as it does have quite a strong aroma. However, if you love exotic scents then you will probably love Frangipani just as much as me! - Elemis is a high end skincare brand which means that their prices are higher than what you would see with the drugstore, but actually Elemis are one of the most reasonably priced high end brands on the market. I love supporting British Brands and besides that Elemis have fantastic brand values and really go that extra mile to ensure that their products are safe and not tested on animals. If you don't fancy something as sweet/floral as Frangipani then you could always try the Elemis Skin Nourish range, which has a more soft and comforting scent.

I would love to know what you think of this post and are there any products on your wish list from Elemis ?

India X

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