4 July 2013

Exotic Bliss With The Elemis Spa@home Frangipani Range!

Hello Beauties!
Do you ever imagine or just close your eyes and wish you were somewhere lovely and exotic ?! If so then I honestly believe that The Elemis Frangipani range is the best way to make that dream seem even more realistic. The Frangipani Flower (Hawaiian Lei Flower) is also known as the Flower of Gods because its so beautiful and distinctively scented. The Elemis Spa@home range uses Frangipani flowers in combination with Coconut Oil to really create a luxurious moisturising range. I have actually been given the nickname "Frangi Queen" (weird i know) in work because even though I have the products at home I'm always picking up the testers and smelling and using them in work. It's such a temptation working at an Elemis Spa, so as you can imagine I do make a few cheeky purchases at work haha. So my lovelies..If you love sweet/floral fragrances then you might just become addicted to Frangipani too!
About the Brand
Winner of Best British Brand at the 2010 CEW (UK) Beauty Awards, Elemis is the leading luxury British spa and skincare brand chosen by over 6.5 million spa-goers every year. Elemis do not use harmful ingredients within their products, and also do not test on animals.
Frangipani Shower/Bath Cream £22.00
This was the first product I purchased from the range and I absolutely love it. It doesn't really lather that much, but instead its creamy and so luxurious to wash in. I love using it with a mesh bath scrubber to really give my body an exotic cleanse. I would recommend this product for travelling as well, as its hugely popular in the spa for when people are looking for a nice body wash to take away with them.
Frangipani Salt Scrub* £36.50
This is honestly the most indulgent and beautiful body product that I have ever used truly a Spa in a Jar!!. The consistency is quite moist, but the salt lightly buffs at your skin and then dissolves into the bath leaving a beautiful aroma. It also has a high concentrate of the original Frangipani oil, which means that once you have use this you can get away without using an additional body moisturiser unless you wanted to opt for the oil as well. My skin feels absolutely amazing after using this product and its honestly so good I wish I could just use the whole pot at once *slightly obsessed with this product*
Frangipani Monoi Oil £31.50
The original Frangipani Oil is probably the most versatile product out of the range, as it can be used as a body, hair and nail conditioner. I am yet to try it in my hair (but I have heard good things about it as a hair treatment), I tend to use this after my bath for even more moisture. I never used to moisturise my body, but now I'm obsessed with having beautifully nourished skin. The Oil absorbs really quickly and I can promise you that this won't leave you feeling oily in the slightest. This oil also solidifies in cooler temperatures, but just a quick dip in the bath and it turns back to an oil.
Overall ?
I must admit I have become pretty obsessed with the Frangipani Range! its just delicious and makes me feel pampered every single time I use it. If your not into sweet/floral scents then this may not be for you as it does have quite a strong aroma. However, if you love exotic scents then you will probably love Frangipani just as much as me! - Elemis is a high end skincare brand which means that their prices are higher than what you would see with the drugstore, but actually Elemis are one of the most reasonably priced high end brands on the market. I love supporting British Brands and besides that Elemis have fantastic brand values and really go that extra mile to ensure that their products are safe and not tested on animals. If you don't fancy something as sweet/floral as Frangipani then you could always try the Elemis Skin Nourish range, which has a more soft and comforting scent.

I would love to know what you think of this post and are there any products on your wish list from Elemis ?

India X



  1. They sound lovely. I love flowery smells and if the products are good too them I'm completely sold! Haha


  2. Sounds amazing. I love anything with a good scent for the body. A product used in spas gives it such a green lifht cos spa treatment are such luxurious treat! Great post :)

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    1. spa products are just the best :) I love creating my own little spa environment ! x

  3. I have the monoi oil and I absolutely love it, it smells so lovely you feel like you have your own spa!


  4. i've been obsessed with this range for years! The monoi melt has to be one of the most luxurious things in the entire world in my opinion, and as soon as I have some spare dash that body scrub will be mine!

  5. my elemis wishlist is huge! xx


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