17 July 2013

☆ Summery OOTD ☆ - H&M & Louis Vuitton

Hi Beauties!
Pheww! I am so glad that I now have four whole day's off to enjoy this lovely sunshine. It feels like I haven't spoken to you beauties in a while, but I have been a busy bee once again! - I also went on my first Spa night out and had such a laugh, but lets say I was a bit of a mess when I got home haha. I actually have a post coming soon about how to create my party look and also it will feature some serious curls! - I thought today I would do a quick OOTD and chatty post, as I'm loving this gorgeous weather. I'm actually staying with my older sister at the moment, as my parents are in and out of the country with business, and I needed somewhere that I could base myself so that I can concentrate on my uni work! (plus I don't like staying on my own hahaha) I would probably jump at my own shadow.

 I am in a super up beat mood today, as I just recieved some BEAUTIFUL Roses and Swiss chocolates   (which you can see on my instagram indiarobyn) via courier from my lovely boyfriend Daniel! I'm feeling a bit spoilt today ;) - We also have a luxury night booked at the 5* resort where I work, so I'm really excited for that as well. I hope you have all been keeping well and I hope you like my quick OOTD post! - Excuse my hair, as its feeling a little bit fluffy today haha. My make-up is also extremely minimal today with just a base, some mascara and a bit of lippie. I will stop rambling now my lovelies and I would love to hear from you below!

 photo 9932c396-27bb-4530-bf5b-526b06c47819_zpse6a4118e.jpg

Top - H&M
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - Primark
Handbag- Louis Vuitton

Face - NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Punjab
Eyes - Chanel Le Volume De Chanel Mascara
Lips - Dior Addict in Exotique

I would love to hear from you beauties below - and if you have any summer OOTD's make sure you place your link below!

Lots of Love
India X



  1. I love how you mix primark, h&m & louis Vuitton. The skirt is so pretty too! I posted a summer ottd from when I was on holiday here:http://lifeandlipsticks.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/my-first-ottd-ibiza.html x

    1. Thanks Megan :) I love mixing high st with my designer items! - I think you can achieve great looks x

  2. Super cute outfit! I love the top, graphic prints are my favorite at the moment. The color of you skirt is amazing, perfect for summer!

    1. Thanks lovely :) I love the super bright colour as well x

  3. I need that shirt and your skirt is super cute. I'm heading to H&M now. c:

    xo.Janiecy.xo|A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    xo, Janiecy

    1. I'm sure they still have them :) hope you find one! xx

  4. Love the color of your skirt, so fun for summer!

    Jordan | Boho Vanity

  5. Loving the neon green!


  6. I love that colour skirt, but more importantly i LOVE your hair! I'm so jealous, trying to get my hair to grow is a nightmare! Beautiful:)

    PS - new follower on bloglovin :D

  7. Love the outfit! Really nice combination :) x.

  8. Looking super fabulous! :) Lovely Outfit.. Also loved your choice for flat shoes for women.. :) XoXo


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