26 August 2013

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Cleansing Balm - Initial Thoughts

Hi Beauties!
Today’s post is going to be a bit of a “show and tell” post as I’m super excited (big kid style) about this product, as it has been so hyped in the blogosphere.. But not only that! Some of my favourite Bloggers and You tuber’s have also been singing its praises. I have patiently been awaiting the arrival of this product, so as you can imagine I was literally jumping for joy when Mr. Postman (aka Derrick) finally brought me up the package. I have used it for just over a week now since receiving it in the post. However, I do plan on doing a more in-depth review in a few months. The Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm is described as being a luxurious cleansing balm with fantastic balancing properties. I hope you enjoy this post lovelies and as always feel free to leave your comments and links below, as I love nothing more than hearing from my lovely and loyal readers.
 photo 8cfa2ab7-e2d5-4b03-b3b2-50110279fbca_zps83b009ca.jpg

A bit about the product?
Emma Hardie's Moringa Cleansing Balm is so much more than an ordinary cleanser. With moringa seed extract, wild sea fennel and vitamin E, it helps minimise the appearance of open pores, while orange, neroli and mandarin oils work hard to rejuvenate and revitalise. Calming for sensitive skin, the balm offers perfectly balanced cleansing, morning and night, with jasmine, cedar wood and rose to recondition dehydrated, mature and troubled skin.

Why I decided to try it ?
If you read my blog you will know I am a complete skincare addict and have a huge collection from drugstore to high end. However, recently I have been loving “me” time and really making an effort to relax myself after work and uni. I have many cleansers, but the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm sounded like the perfect luxurious treat to pamper my skin and me. I also really liked the fact it was a rescue balm, which means it can be used on dry skin (elbows for example) and also chapped lips etc.

 photo E2CDCAEC-FC0F-47F0-B025-BDF97C345488-3144-000002C4A8074520_zps40acea71.jpg

Initial Thoughts Review ?
After using this product around a week now, I really feel like it is just as fabulous as people say it is. Every time I have used it I have felt totally pampered and my skin has been left in perfect condition. I have had no reactions to it yet *fingers crossed* but in all honesty I have a feeling this is going to turn into a staple part of my skincare regime. The scent is absolutely amazing and reminds me of the most beautiful flower garden, and the milky texture is a total treat. I love the fact it can be used everyday, and I have experienced no extra oily-ness on my T-zone since using this product, which is a huge bonus. I would honestly say this is one of the very few products that could genuinely work for all skin types. 

There is one MAJOR disappointment and that is the packaging. I was really impressed by the gorgeous Gold packaging, but I couldn’t believe that within a few days my pot has about 8 small cracks, and now the cracks are so big the oil is starting to leak. I am gutted about this, as I wanted to travel with it, but that is going to be a total no go. I am really confused, as I have never come across such an amazing product with such horrendous packaging. I suppose the main thing is that the product is fantastic, but at the same time i didn't pay £34.00 for my pot to be almost completely broken within a week. 

 photo 54525d65-49c6-44bf-a168-5f1c8ed38f0d_zpsee1074e7.jpg

Overall, I'm absolutely loving using this product and I seriously can't put it down at bath time. Despite loving it so much right now, I'm still going to give it a good test drive... as I don't think I'm 100% sold on it yet. I'm also pretty disappointed in the packaging and I know I'm not the first blogger to have this issue! - I would love to hear your thoughts lovelies :)

India X

23 August 2013

Hair Post - Enrapture Heated Curlers

Hi Beauties!
Hope you are all doing really well ? - I'm in such a happy/excitable mood at the moment as I have finalised the delivery date for my brand new car. I'm so excited!! but it has been a little stressful trying to co-ordinate it with my work... but it will definitely be worth the wait. However, with that aside today I am going to be posting about the Enrapture Heated Rollers* - I was really excited when Enrapture wanted to work with me again and jumped at the opportunity to get involved.. who doesn't love glamorous hair ?! - I loved the totem styler, but I have always loved the Babyliss Heated Rollers so I was excited to see how the Enrapture ones compared. I had this post planned a lot earlier, but I have been experiencing really bad problems with my broadband, so we are getting a new super fast system installed tomorrow. I'm also staying with my sister at the moment, so it has been quite hard to get the right lighting as she lives in a barn conversion! but finally I have been able to get all the pictures done so I hope you enjoy the post lovelies, and don't forget to leave your comments and links below.
 photo dd0d4aac-2d4c-4969-bfbe-6d290f5eef6c_zps8b580237.jpg

The Enrapture Heated Rollers are a fantastic way to get those coveted super model curls, and after trying them out on a few occasions I have to agree that these really do work fantastically. There is some super cool technology behind these beauties, as the rollers emit heat from the core and also the butterfly clips simultaneously to really ensure that the end results are fabulous curls. The content duo heat is also great to style long and thick hair, which is a bonus for me! previously to trying the Enrapture products I found it so hard to find a single styling tool that could really work with my long thick hair. If that isn't enough these beauties can fully work their magic within 10 minutes! which is great if you are a girl living a fast pased lifestyle, which most of us girls do!.
 photo 1666e8b8-5697-4544-a746-89c88c7a9155_zpsd5ebdee0.jpg

 photo 0213D8C1-4B6F-4DA5-9D12-5E70481ED181-4369-0000048A6400D3D5_zpsf3393bc1.jpg

The Results
As you can see in the first picture I brushed out my under section to show you how it looked before I started curling. I do have a natural wave to my hair, but as you can see the Enrapture rollers created a lovely glamorous curl. I love the way these rollers make my hair look and the fact they heat up within 2 minutes and set within 10 minutes is just amazing. The technology behind these rollers is really impressive and helps them to really live up to their expectations of totally glamorous looking hair. Previous to this occasion I used the rollers to style my hair for my first night out with my spa girlie's, and I had so many comments off them saying how lovely my hair looked, which was a huge confidence boost. 

The heated butterfly clips do a great job of holding the roller as well as adding an extra boost of heat to really create and set the curl. With previous rollers I have had the clips have been really bad at keeping the rollers from falling right back out which is really annoying and time consuming. With the Enrapture rollers everything is really hassle free, which makes using these rollers a pleasure for both day and nighttime use. There was just the right amount of rollers for the length and thickness of my hair, so if you have hair similar to mine then you won't have to worry about running out of rollers. The curls definitely stay around for a while as well, as after I styled my hair in the morning my sister come to see me that evening and she commented on how bouncy and full my hair looked.

Overall, I would totally recommend the heated rollers, as they do a fantastic job of creating glamorous and hassle free curls. I would have liked maybe some large sized barrels, as my hair is so so thick and I found my hair consumed even the largest barrels. However, that aside I found using the Enrapture Heated Rollers a lovely experience, and they will definitely be my go to styling product for glamour filled nights out with the girls.

You can find the heated rollers HERE for £39.99 at Boots - Plus I will be holding a fabulous Enrapture Giveaway next week! - I would LOVE to know what you think and have you used these ? I love hearing from my lovely/loyal followers and I appreciate every single one of you for taking the time to read my little old blog :)

India X


15 August 2013

Neil's Yard Beauty Sleep Concentrate - A Real Miracle

Hey Beauties!
Today's post is going to be about The Neal's Yard Beauty Sleep Concentrate. Neal's Yard is a skincare brand that specialises in cruelty free, ethical and safe skincare. Neal's Yard really are quite firm when it comes to their safe approach to skincare, which you can see for yourself here - I think its great when skincare brands really put effort into ensuring that their products are the very best they can be. Its very easy and tempting for brands to load their products with cheap "safe" Chemicals, but when a brand really goes that extra mile to ensure that the end product is really safe it gives me faith to use and trust the brand. Theres even a little story behind the Neal's Yard Blue Bottles, as they are made in the UK and fired from scottish sand and soda ash from Cheshire in line with the brands CarbonNeutral status. I honestly couldn't believe how interesting the Neal's Yard website was when I first started researching, and I can tell you its well worth the read.

My sister very kindly gave me the Neal's Yard Beauty Sleep Concentrate as a gift which retails for £31.50 and I have been really loving trying out a new brand with such good values. I'm a complete skincare geek and recently I have been really getting into trying new products, plus I work for one of the best skincare brands in the world Elemis who are another fantastic and ethical skincare brand, and I'm sure you have seen me rave about them before. However, I was so intrigued by the Beauty Sleep Concentrate, as it sounded right up my street.. I mean who doesn't want beauty sleep in a bottle haha ? - I hope you enjoy my review sweeties! and I'm always free for skincare advice, so you can either tweet me, or leave me a message in the comments section below.

 photo 3E9F9D7B-3744-483A-B5D1-9C0B2EFEE298-925-00000103B885BC7A_zps452cc3bf.jpg
PROVEN IN CLINICAL TRIALS TO INCREASE SKIN'S MOISTURE LEVELS BY UP TO 98% OVER 12 HOURS.Infused with naturally regenerative narcissus tazetta bulb extract, a smoothing tri-peptide and antioxidant-rich nourishing grape seed oil, for skin that looks and feels beautifully moisturised, replenished and recharged. With a delightful blend of aromatherapy essential oils renowned for their calming, relaxing properties.
 photo 9E8321A3-955E-4D8C-BF03-A94BB6AF4442-925-00000103C10EC2CC_zpsf619080c.jpg
The Review (Sit back and relax! its a long one haha)
I have been testing this out for just over a week now and I'm actually beyond amazed with this product.  It's a lovely thick (ish) serum that has a really unusal scent not like your typical lavander/camomile scent used for bed time serums/remedies. It actually smells quite spicey, but this might be down to the ylang ylang and patchouli within the ingredients. Ylang Ylang is also very well known for calming and balancing the mind, which really helps make it a soothing nightime remedy.  Patchouli is also fantastic for mood enhancing, as well as treating anxiety and depression.

I thought maybe 1 or 2 nights of good sleep could be a co-incidence, but over a week of deep sleep since using this product ?! surely it has something to do with it. I come from a family with sleeping problems and most nights it takes me a minimum of 1-2 hours to drop off, and then I wake up throughout the night a few times as well. However since using this product I have slept right through the night! its amazing :D -

However, I don't want to promise these kind of results for everyone, as we are all different... but in terms of its claims of being a sleep enhancing night serum I would 100% agree. It leaves your skin looking completely rejuvenated in the morning, which is amazing! I have been waking up looking half alive! so thats a huge bonus haha.

It's also really suitable for all skin-types and it hasn't left my combination skin oily in the slightest. It's still early days with this product but just over a week of perfect sleep and rejuvenated has left me feeling pretty good. The combination of aromatherapy and skincare benefits makes this product the perfect night time treat, and I really look forward to using it at night.

 photo ceb40eb0-469d-42f6-bd02-0b4164024412_zps19cd4415.jpg

I hope you have enjoyed this review lovelies! I would really love to know what you think about this? - Would you give it a try ? - I appreciate every single one of my followers and really love hearing from you! also feel free to leave your links in the comments section below.

India X

11 August 2013

Initial Thoughts - Maybelline Baby Lips - Peach Kiss

Hi Lovelies!
So it seems that Sunday has become my "Boots" day, as I like to take a relaxed stroll around boots having a look at whatever takes my fancy. I say relaxed! but its not really, as I usually have my boyfriend nagging me to hurry up and also saying "you don't need this" "you don't need that" but do you think I listen ? noway haha! - I picked up some random goodies today which included some more Vita Liberata Tan a Yankee Candle some shower gel and a breast cancer support pen! and not to forget a Maybelline Baby Lips woohoo! I keep forgetting that they are in boots, but today I managed to spot some, but sadly there was only two flavours left.. I guess they must be popular haha. Anyway, I decided just to pick up "Peach Kiss"which is right up my street as I love anything remotely peachy. I also quite liked the fact it looked like a good shimmery nude, which is something I like for summer and holidays. I did want the Cherry flavour :( better luck next Sunday I hope haha. Anyway beauties! I will get into my initial thoughts post now, which I hope you will all like!

 photo 9b94e837-0446-4b96-992d-4307e2c10672_zpsc31debcb.jpg 

Maybelline Baby Lips Peach Kiss

New Baby Lips lip balm from Maybelline New York gives intense care and 8 hour hydration, and is nourishing for baby soft lips. Its clinically tested formula has a hint of colour and leaves lips feeling soft and smooth.
 photo 4c5b4330-6459-4dc9-9a7d-385e18f89108_zps40d14369.jpg

The Review
I think what stands out to me initially is the fun packaging! as much as I like my classy Chanel Rouge Coco's I still like to inject a bit of colour into my make-up bag. I love the different coloured packaging and the bold writing and think it makes the product look cute, summery and not too serious. Moving onto the shade "Peach Kiss" its a bronze peachy nude with some shimmer.
I decided on Peach Kiss because I love anything with a Peach scent or shade, but I also liked the fact it would probably be a no fuss kind of lip product, and that is definitely what it is. The colour pay off is very little with this particular shade, but it does give a hint of a peachy glow, which I thought would be nice for my up and coming holiday to Florida. I wanted something quick to apply with a slight hint of colour, so this product ticks those boxes quite nicely.
They do feel quite moisturising at first, but I think these products are more of a quick fix and won't help with damaged lips. I think at the most they will give some moisture and shine for a few hours. They do have some great moisturising ingredients like aloe and honey, but they do have a large proportion of petroleum, which usually only masks dry lips.
Overall, I think that for £2.99 you get a fun product, which will add moisture and some colour to your lips. If you are looking for a long term fix then I would probably look elsewhere and for a product with more natural ingredients within it. I'm pretty excited about purchasing some more shades though, as they are a really nice little product for the price.
 photo dd9bb3f6-de85-40b4-85a7-0f2cee635a08_zps80f65f60.jpg

I hope you enjoyed this review lovelies! I am currently planning some new posts, so I hope you will keep checking back to see them :) - I just wanted to say how much each comment means to me! I really appreciate you as my followers and friends and if you ever need me I'm just a tweet away!

India x
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