19 September 2013

Belated Birthday Post - 21st

Hi Beauties!
I literally forgot that I had even written this post, as I have been super busy with work and uni commitments. However, two weeks ago I was able to finally pick up my very belated birthday present with my dad and boyfriend. I was supposed to get my new car in June, but due to a new model coming out I decided to wait and get it, as it seemed silly not to wait a few months to get the new model. It was such an exciting day and I was greeted with Drinks and Flowers, and I felt like a million dollars. My birthday in May seems like SO long ago now, but I had such a lovely day and had some money, mullberry goodies and a gorgeous cake! - I'm absolutley loving my new car and I'm forever grateful to my amazing parents! - I even managed to take my roof down for a day or two, but with the chilly Autumn weather I can definitley say I think the roof will stay up till next spring now haha. 
  [Picking up my New Car from the showroom 2/09/13 - Sorry the pic quality isn't the best!]

Vest - Primark
Shirt - Ralph Lauren
Jeggings - F&F
Shoes - New Look
Bag - Chanel PST

My Actual Birthday 1st May 2013

[I spent my birthday morning with my precious little neice Honey!]
[My Cake was amazing! and tasted so so good]

Overall I have had an amazing birthday and year! and to top it off I'm flying out to Florida next week with my birthday money to do some serious shopping! So hopefully I will come back with loads of little goodies, as well as a cheeky USA themed giveaway!

Take care dolls!
India X


16 September 2013

NARS - Adult Content Limited Edition Palette & Turkish Delight -

Hi Lovelies! 
The other day I went on a bit of a pre holiday shopping spree! I ask myself why I spend so much money before holiday? And why don’t I just save up my money haha. Anyway, I actually made it my mission to make sure I popped into see my lovely friend Megan, who works at the NARS counter. I had spoken to Megan and she told me about a new palette they had in, which sounded right up my street! – It was super lovely to see Megan again, as we previously made friends when I visited NARS and found out we were both bloggers *yay* so it would be great if you could check out her blog link Phazestyle. Anyway, Megan was right the palette was beautiful and just what I needed to take on holiday with me! I also picked up a cheeky lipgloss, which I have been dying to get my hands on for ages. The gloss I picked up is actually Kim K’s favourite (love her or hate her) but her make-up is always flawless, and her lips are always a beautiful milky pink shade. Today’s post is going to be a bit of a show and tell, as I have not tried either of the products yet, but don’t worry! I will be back with a full review of both products after my trip to Florida. As always my lovelies, feel free to comment below and also to leave your blog links for me to have a look at! 
 photo be385120-0276-4564-87cf-a07b0476020b_zps2366379f.jpg
Adult Content Palette!  £30.00
WOW! This palette is total NARS overload and may I add a great way to try out some fabulous NARS blush/bronze/highlight shades if you haven’t tried anything from NARS before. Also a quick mention to the rather naughty name of this palette! But I’m sure we are all used to NARS and their cheeky product names by now haha. The palette consists of my FAVOURITE NARS blush “Deep Throat” so that was an instant bonus for me, as its such a versatile blush shade. I was also really impressed by the three other shades, which create the perfect palette for doing everything you need! Blush, Bronzing and Highlighting! 

ZENNARS ZEN is a natural Beige Blush, which can definitely be used as a bronzer, and I can imagine it will make a fantastic contour shade. 
MISS LIBERTY is a stunning shimmering Peach, which can be used to highlight the face 
DEEP THROAT An all round perfect blush shade with a perfect balance of shimmery Pink and Peach 
DESIRE A perfect pop of Cotton Candy Pink, which would be fantastic for creating a bolder look 

I have used quite a few NARS products now and I’m in love with the quality of all of their products, especially the textures of their blushes. I can’t wait to use this palette and let you all know what I think, this palette is actually limited edition, so if you are interested I would totally recommend you visiting your local NARS counter, or ordering it online.  
 photo 88b1ec13-fb74-421e-b4cd-7e7ac58ca9e6_zpsa3e8b7f8.jpg
NARS Turkish Delight Lipgloss  £17.00
This is a product that has been raved about for so long now, but as I have a large lip-gloss collection I never really felt like I needed to purchase it. However, now the autumn/winter is coming upon us (a little too quickly) I decided to treat myself to this lovely and highly rated lip-gloss from NARS. Turkish Delight is a beautiful Milky Baby Pink, which is a firm favourite of Kim Kardashian. It has slightly cool undertones, which means that it will suit quite a lot of skin tones. I go crazy for this kind of colour during the winter, as I think with flawless make-up it looks absolutely amazing in the cold crisp weather.  

Hope you have enjoyed this show and tell post lovelies! I would love to know what you think about these products ? and is there any NARS products you would like to try ? or perhaps any you could recommend me! Don’t forget to leave your comments, links and questions below :) as I love hearing from all my loyal and supportive followers. 

Lots of love
India X

13 September 2013

Drugstore Gem Series - L'Oreal PARIS 3-IN-1 Micellar Soloution

Hi Lovelies!
I hope you are doing well ? - I have been enjoying a couple of days off, as well as getting used to my new car that I got just under a week ago. Today's post is going to be about the L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3-in-1 Micellar Solotuion. Recently, this product has been appearing all over the blogosphere, so I wanted to let you all know what I thought about it as well. I have tried quite a few Micellar Solutions now from Avene, Vichy and Bioderma, but in all honesty this is absolutely my favourite. I'm sure you lovelies all know about Bioderma and its cult following, but for me the Micellar was good! but it didn't leave a lasting effect on me like the L'oreal Skin Perfection did. I have been loving it in the evening as a pre cleanse, and then in the morning for a quick cleanse when I'm in a rush. I hope you enjoy this post lovelies, and as always I'm here to chat too if you need any help or advice.
 photo d6de45fb-40fe-49fa-804c-e1dcf10d72f8_zpsb623e393.jpg
L'Oréal Paris Skin Perfection Purifying Micellar Water, high performance cleansing for sensitive skin
Used by make-up artists, the 'micellar' solution swiftly removes all traces of make-up and acts like a purifying magnet on skin's surface to capture and draw out excess oil and impuritiesSo gentle, skin feels soothed and toned. Hypo-allergenic. No Alcohol. Dermatologically tested.

This is definitely a drugstore gem! It is fantastic at cleansing, toning and soothing the skin.. just like it claims on the bottle. It is one of the only products that I have ever used that has caused no irritation what so ever to the eye area, and in fact I use this to remove my eye-makeup over my actual eye-makeup remover. It removes make-up better than some of my expensive cleansers, and It does leave my skin feeling toned and soothed.

I use this every single day usually as a pre-cleanse at night and then a quick cleanse in the morning and my skin has been left feeling completely soothed and ready to go! I do tend to follow up with my Elemis Soothing Apricot Toner in the morning, as this acts as a second phase cleanser as well as insuring my PH levels are back to normal after cleansing. The packaging is super sleek and I love that its not a typical round bottle, as it just makes it look a little more interesting on my beauty table. I also like the White and Pink combination, as it makes it look nice and pretty :D ( I'm a sucker for cute things)

I will 100% be re-purchasing this product as it has already become a staple and even replaced my Clarins Peach Water Cleanser! the fact that it doesn't have scent is also amazing for girls/guys with sensitive skin, which makes this product even better. I would totally recommend this product in an instant, and I think this will be great to travel with when I go to Florida in two weeks time.

 photo b21a8591-00a2-4a48-8fa8-12fa31d3d2d9_zpsb1ad8247.jpg
Overall ?
For around £3.33 I think that this is an absolute bargain! especially for a product that works just as well as some high end products. In my opinion its better than the Bioderma Solotuion as it does a really similar job for a fraction of the price. When I was using Bioderma I found my skin didn't feel completely comfortable after use, in comparison to my skin feeling soft and settled after using the L'Oreal soloution. Thumbs up for L'Oreal! - I would love to hear your opinons about this product, as loads of people are talking about it right now :D - Take care dolls!

India X

12 September 2013

The Battle Of The Herbal Teas!

Hi Lovelies!
I'm finally home for a few days now after being at work over the weekend and early part of the week. I have SO many beauty products I want to write about, but after sitting down at my laptop and drinking my Twinings Purify, I decided that is what I wanted to blog about today. I do so much beauty and skincare, and occasionally I like to talk about other stuff I like to keep it nice and interesting for you beauties. I must admit working at a spa has totally turned me into a herbal tea junkie.. and they actually don't taste half as bad as you might think. However, they can take some getting use to if your a traditional tea kinda gal! and Pure Green Tea is quite hard to get used to, but at the same time herbal tea's are so good for your insides. There is so much choice of teas these days, which makes it a little easier to find one to your taste! - I hope you enjoy this slightly different review, I will be talking about my three favourite teas out of all the ones I have tried! - let me know if you have ever tried any herbal teas lovelies, as it would be great to hear your thoughts! also don't forget to leave your links in the comments section below :)
 photo fe4d6b48-497c-4c6c-a4ed-f67274d6b413_zpse6cd659c.jpg
Twinings - Purify 1st Place
Purify is a great place to start as this blend is so light and airy and really enjoyable to drink. The main ingredients are Aloe, Nettle and Cucumber which makes it fantastic for clearing out your system, as Nettle is one of the best ingredients for herbal tea as it contains so many vital vitamins/minerals, as well as rejuvenating your system. It's also great for problem skin, as nettle detoxifies your kidneys.. which then means that your skin appears clearer. Cucumber and Aloe also both have fantastic properties, but I find they help to make this herbal tea so nice to drink. It somehow makes you feel relaxed, but rejuvenated at the same time!

Pukka Night Time - 2nd Place
Pukka is another really lovely herbal tea brand and offers loads of variety, which is one of the reasons why I wanted to give Pukka a try. Pukka Night Time features Oat Flower, Lavender and Lime Flower. Oat Flower and Lavender is known for being calming and nourishing, and Lime Flower helps to settle the mind. I have been loving this tea before bed and I would defiantly say  that this helps to relax me just before bed. I also like that its not just the traditional Lavender and Chamomile, as it makes this tea different from all the other ones that you can buy.

Pukka Mint Green Tea 3rd Place
I'm sure most of you have heard the endless benefits of Green Tea, but its also in my opinion one of the less nicer tasting ones. Green Tea is fantastic for weight loss, improving you immune system and much more. I find that the infusion of mint from the Pukka Mint Green Tea really helps to make this easier to drink, but at the same time you are getting Green Tea Benefits and an uplift from the mint. If you are a bit scared of Green Tea or just don't like the taste, then the Pukka Mint Green Tea would be a great option.
 photo c0fe1820-6869-49c8-bf4a-c8a23c70b18e_zps32e9f52d.jpg
Herbal Teas are a much better option than normal tea! as they have so many benefit and also perfect to combine with your fitness routine. However, they aren't to everybody's taste haha! but I would definitely recommend just stopping by when your at the supermarket, and seeing if any take your fancy. Twinings and Pukka tend to range anywhere from the £2-£3 mark, but there are occasionally offers at the supermarket.

Hope you have enjoyed this slightly different post lovelies! feel free to leave your links below

India X

6 September 2013

❤ORIGINS❤ Clear Improvements & Drink Up Intensive Mini Reviews

Hi Beauties!
Tonight's post is going to be a complete rave about two amazing face masks... yep you guessed it ;) Origins Clear Improvements & Drink Up Intensive! Both masks have certainly got themselves a fantastic name throughout the beauty industry and blogosphere. Origins are well know for their amazing skincare, but even more so for their super duper amazing face masks. I wanted to feature these products together with mini reviews first of all, as I have been using them for a few weeks now. However, I will also be doing more in-depth single reviews in a few months time, so make sure you keep and eye out for them lovelies. Firstly, I purchased the Clear Improvements mask purely on blogger's recommendations, and then I purchased Drink Up Intensive, as I totally fell in love with a sample I got with my Origins order. I have been using my Clear Improvements mask on a Sunday night to completely clear out my skin from the previous week, and then I have been using my Drink Up Intensive to give me that much needed mid-week boost. Since using these masks in conjunction I have honestly noticed such a big big difference in my skin, and I'm just annoyed with myself that I didn't get around to trying them both sooner. However, I will quit with my rambling! because I'm sure you would much rather me get into the review haha! Hope you enjoy lovelies, and I would love for you to leave your comments/links in the comments section below. 
 photo c39f3f00-de50-47dd-89f3-49481f0b9d70_zps57650c2d.jpg
Origins Clear Improvements Mask £22.00
The Origins Clear Improvements Mask is designed to completely clean up the skin. The active Charcoal within this Mask acts as a dirt magnet to completely de-clog your pores, which leaves your skin totally clear. The White China Clay also helps to absorb pollutants, and lecithin dissolves impurities. If you are looking to clarify your skin, then this mask is an absolutely the right one to go with. I have been loving using this mask on a Sunday night to completely cleanse my skin from the previous week, and to make sure that any build up has been completely removed for the week ahead.

The mask has a thick consistency and is very Dark in colour (Might be something to do with the Charcoal haha) - Once applied it does set quite hard on the skin, but I quite like this as it feels like it really is pulling the dirt right out of your pores. Despite it being quite a heavy mask I find that it washes off quite easily, and its best to open the pores with a warm flannel..then close the pores with a cold splash after applying the mask. Overall, this mask is absolutely amazing and does exactly what it says on the tube! 
 photo 52d92c05-78a4-4d35-a1a6-eb90f17040a5_zpsd4e694ee.jpg
Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask £22.00
After using up a free sample of this mask I can definitely see why it is one of Origins all time best sellers. I was instantly sold on the gorgeous peachy scent, but after a few uses I realised it had much more to offer than just a pleasant smell. Japanese Seaweed helps to repair the skins barriers to help prevent dehydration, as well as creating a moisture reservoir for the next day.

I tend to use this maximum of twice a week to really give my skin a much needed mid-week boost, so this is usually my Wednesday mask haha! I use a thin layer just before bed, and its creamy formula makes it a luxurious bed time treat. Even though this mask is quite thick and creamy it does sink in to the skin really nicely, without leaving any residue at all. I wake up the next morning with plump, radiant and beautifully moisturised skin. I would recommend this mask for all skin types as even oily skin needs to be kept moisturised. I think that together these masks are (expensive) but an amazing way to give your skin exactly what it needs... a good clear out, but also a good treat.

 photo c81635e7-53b3-440e-b513-df94047e951c_zpsb5765dd8.jpg
Overall ?
Without a doubt two of the best face masks I have ever used! they are expensive at £22.00 but I would say 100% worth it. They both have something to offer, but more importantly they deliver exactly what they say they do. Origins now do smaller sizes of these masks, so you can get 50ml for £11.00 plus some free samples on the website. If you are more oily then I would definitely go for the Clear Improvements, and I would honestly recommend the Drink Up Intensive for all skin types. If you are combination like me, then you will definitely appreciate both masks. I honestly couldn't pick a favourite, as they are both so amazing! - My skincare routine has never been better thanks to these beauties.

Hope you have enjoyed this review lovelies! I absolutely love hearing from my loyal readers, and don't forget to leave your links below

India X

Disclaimer - Both products were purchased with my own money, and have not been recieved for PR reasons.

3 September 2013

HAUL POST - ❤Benefit && ORIGINS❤

Hi Lovelies! 
I had such an amazing day last Saturday with my lovely girlie Hannah. Me and Hannah both work at the spa, and have literally become such good friends! We have loads in common. Firstly, we were both very brave and ventured to the cinema to watch the conjuring!! Or should I say we hid under my jumper throughout most of the film, coming out for an occasional nibble on our popcorn and a quick sip of our tango blasts hahaAnyway, we decided on something a little more light hearted this time, so we headed to the city for cocktails and shopping! Totally a sex in the city moment haha. It was literally such a fun day and we enjoyed a couple of cheeky cocktails, a nice lunch and on my behalf some tipsy beauty shopping oops haha. However, at least my cheeky splurge will hopefully be a good read for all my lovely followers’ hehe. My little haul from the other day was definitely cocktail induced, as I can just remember picking up everything on a whim and just handing my card over haha. I then come back to go out for a lovely steak at Miller & Carter followed by the cinema with my boyfriend, so as you can imagine yesterday was quite an expensive one haha. 
First stop... Benefit’s Beauty Counter! 
Prior to checking out the Benefit beauty counter I had actually instructed Hannah not to allow me to buy anything... Hmm that did not work haha. I ended up coming back with a few goodies two of which I have used before.. So I was just stocking up ;) haha 
Benefit Girl Meets Pearl  £24.50
I have used this product once before, as I brought it in Florida a few years ago. It’s definitely a product I regret waiting so long to re-purchase, as I really loved it and literally used every last drop of my first tube. I don’t actually know why I didn’t re purchase it, but I think it was down to me getting more into make-up and blogging, which meant I wanted to experiment and try more than just one product. Since this product I have had other highlighters from Benefit, NARS, Chanel and YSL to name a few, but this is still the highlighter that comes to mind, as being my #1.  

This highlighter does it all for me! It’s like the baby of Moon Beam & High Beam. It has a Pink tint, with Golden shimmer which makes it so versatile for an array of skin tones. It definitely gives the skin a WOW factor, but without being glittery like a disco ball. The shimmer is very finely milled, and a touch of this product can also be added to your daily foundation to give you more of a fresh and radiant complexion. I’m literally so excited to be the owner of Girl Meets Pearl once again! Let me know if you would like a detailed review sweetie’s? 

Benefit They’re Real £19.50
They’re Real has fast become one of the most popular and best selling mascara’s in the world, and rightly so as it really is a fantastic mascara. This is my third tube now, as I tend to dip in and out of Chanel, YSL & Benefit when it comes to mascaras. However, They’re Real is a mascara I always really look forward to using again. It’s genuinely one of the only products that really does what it says on the box. I purchased the two pack, as it was fantastic value! But I gave the little one to my friend Hannah, as she really wanted to try it out. 

Benefit Brow Zing £23.50
OMG! This has been on my wish list for the longest time ever. I actually ordered it on Debenhams a few months ago, but they totally messed up my order and didn’t actually send it. To save hassle I just got a refund, but never actually went back to buy it. However, when I was at the Benefit Counter I decided that I needed to try it out and see if I really wanted it. I also made a lovely new friend at the counter, and I’m super excited as she is showing her manager my blog! – Anyway, I ended up getting Medium as the Dark was just a little too dark and a little fake looking on me. My make-up is always very natural in the day, and it’s on really on special occasions that I will go the extra mile to stand out! – I was so impressed with Browzings, and I loved all the little tools it came with! I can’t wait to try this little beauty out and review it fully. 
Moving onto Origins!  
I’m sure if you have seen my instagram lately you would have seen the amount of skin care I have been investing in, which include – Emma Hardie, Clarins, Elemis and Origins. Anyway! I had a small sample of The Drink up Intensive mask and I loved it so much that I knew I was in need of a full size! + I really fancied trying out the spot treatment! 

Origins Drink Up Intense Overnight Mask £22.00 
I made a cheeky Origins purchase a few weeks ago, which included the famous Clear Improvements Mask, Eye Doctor and a few other little goodies. I was also lucky to get an Origins Drink Up Intense Sample and after three uses I knew that I was sold! And totally in love with this overnight treatment. The scent is to die for, and reminds me of a delicate fruity peach. It also leaves my skin perfectly conditioned, as well as radiant and plump in the morning. 
Origins Super Spot Remover £14.00
I had to buy this purely based on how loved it is my so many in the blogger community. Luckily my skin is quite well behaved with just a few combination issues. However, spots have never really been a biggie for me. However, when I do get one it’s usually quite a nasty boil type spot which hurt! Ouch :( and they are so hard to get rid of. I’m really excited to use this treatment, and see if it really is worth the hype. 
Origins Samples 
The lovely lady at Origins was very informative, and also very kindly offered me some samples. Firstly, she put some of the Origins Modern Friction Exfoliator into two little pots for me to try, and then she also gave me a generous 15ml make a difference plus, which is supposed to be great for combination skin. I’m super excited about trying out these two products, as well as the other products within my haul! So I will keep you updated on my progress lovelies. 

Thank-You so much for checking out my latest post! I really hope you enjoyed this cheeky little haul of mine. I have a very exciting giveaway coming up soon, as well as some exciting collab posts. I love hearing from my loyal followers and would love for you to leave your thoughts on this post and links In the comments section below. 
India X 

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