3 September 2013

HAUL POST - ❤Benefit && ORIGINS❤

Hi Lovelies! 
I had such an amazing day last Saturday with my lovely girlie Hannah. Me and Hannah both work at the spa, and have literally become such good friends! We have loads in common. Firstly, we were both very brave and ventured to the cinema to watch the conjuring!! Or should I say we hid under my jumper throughout most of the film, coming out for an occasional nibble on our popcorn and a quick sip of our tango blasts hahaAnyway, we decided on something a little more light hearted this time, so we headed to the city for cocktails and shopping! Totally a sex in the city moment haha. It was literally such a fun day and we enjoyed a couple of cheeky cocktails, a nice lunch and on my behalf some tipsy beauty shopping oops haha. However, at least my cheeky splurge will hopefully be a good read for all my lovely followers’ hehe. My little haul from the other day was definitely cocktail induced, as I can just remember picking up everything on a whim and just handing my card over haha. I then come back to go out for a lovely steak at Miller & Carter followed by the cinema with my boyfriend, so as you can imagine yesterday was quite an expensive one haha. 
First stop... Benefit’s Beauty Counter! 
Prior to checking out the Benefit beauty counter I had actually instructed Hannah not to allow me to buy anything... Hmm that did not work haha. I ended up coming back with a few goodies two of which I have used before.. So I was just stocking up ;) haha 
Benefit Girl Meets Pearl  £24.50
I have used this product once before, as I brought it in Florida a few years ago. It’s definitely a product I regret waiting so long to re-purchase, as I really loved it and literally used every last drop of my first tube. I don’t actually know why I didn’t re purchase it, but I think it was down to me getting more into make-up and blogging, which meant I wanted to experiment and try more than just one product. Since this product I have had other highlighters from Benefit, NARS, Chanel and YSL to name a few, but this is still the highlighter that comes to mind, as being my #1.  

This highlighter does it all for me! It’s like the baby of Moon Beam & High Beam. It has a Pink tint, with Golden shimmer which makes it so versatile for an array of skin tones. It definitely gives the skin a WOW factor, but without being glittery like a disco ball. The shimmer is very finely milled, and a touch of this product can also be added to your daily foundation to give you more of a fresh and radiant complexion. I’m literally so excited to be the owner of Girl Meets Pearl once again! Let me know if you would like a detailed review sweetie’s? 

Benefit They’re Real £19.50
They’re Real has fast become one of the most popular and best selling mascara’s in the world, and rightly so as it really is a fantastic mascara. This is my third tube now, as I tend to dip in and out of Chanel, YSL & Benefit when it comes to mascaras. However, They’re Real is a mascara I always really look forward to using again. It’s genuinely one of the only products that really does what it says on the box. I purchased the two pack, as it was fantastic value! But I gave the little one to my friend Hannah, as she really wanted to try it out. 

Benefit Brow Zing £23.50
OMG! This has been on my wish list for the longest time ever. I actually ordered it on Debenhams a few months ago, but they totally messed up my order and didn’t actually send it. To save hassle I just got a refund, but never actually went back to buy it. However, when I was at the Benefit Counter I decided that I needed to try it out and see if I really wanted it. I also made a lovely new friend at the counter, and I’m super excited as she is showing her manager my blog! – Anyway, I ended up getting Medium as the Dark was just a little too dark and a little fake looking on me. My make-up is always very natural in the day, and it’s on really on special occasions that I will go the extra mile to stand out! – I was so impressed with Browzings, and I loved all the little tools it came with! I can’t wait to try this little beauty out and review it fully. 
Moving onto Origins!  
I’m sure if you have seen my instagram lately you would have seen the amount of skin care I have been investing in, which include – Emma Hardie, Clarins, Elemis and Origins. Anyway! I had a small sample of The Drink up Intensive mask and I loved it so much that I knew I was in need of a full size! + I really fancied trying out the spot treatment! 

Origins Drink Up Intense Overnight Mask £22.00 
I made a cheeky Origins purchase a few weeks ago, which included the famous Clear Improvements Mask, Eye Doctor and a few other little goodies. I was also lucky to get an Origins Drink Up Intense Sample and after three uses I knew that I was sold! And totally in love with this overnight treatment. The scent is to die for, and reminds me of a delicate fruity peach. It also leaves my skin perfectly conditioned, as well as radiant and plump in the morning. 
Origins Super Spot Remover £14.00
I had to buy this purely based on how loved it is my so many in the blogger community. Luckily my skin is quite well behaved with just a few combination issues. However, spots have never really been a biggie for me. However, when I do get one it’s usually quite a nasty boil type spot which hurt! Ouch :( and they are so hard to get rid of. I’m really excited to use this treatment, and see if it really is worth the hype. 
Origins Samples 
The lovely lady at Origins was very informative, and also very kindly offered me some samples. Firstly, she put some of the Origins Modern Friction Exfoliator into two little pots for me to try, and then she also gave me a generous 15ml make a difference plus, which is supposed to be great for combination skin. I’m super excited about trying out these two products, as well as the other products within my haul! So I will keep you updated on my progress lovelies. 

Thank-You so much for checking out my latest post! I really hope you enjoyed this cheeky little haul of mine. I have a very exciting giveaway coming up soon, as well as some exciting collab posts. I love hearing from my loyal followers and would love for you to leave your thoughts on this post and links In the comments section below. 
India X 



  1. Origins drink-up is amazing! Great haul.

    Katie | and-katie.com

  2. Benefit Brow Zings is just so good, can't believe I never touched my brows beforehand. I often mix the two sections together though to get a more natural look. Their mascara deal is fantastic too, two mascaras?! Yes please, even if one is tiny!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  3. I need to try the origins intensive mask. It looks amazing x


  4. Ohhhh I adore and/or want everything in this post.
    I'd love to see in-depth reviews on all these products after you've used them for a while. I would love to see an in-depth review of Girl Meets Pearl, as it's been a product that I've been interested in for quite a while. :)

  5. Ooh la la, you really got some great stuff :-) I can't wait to hear more in the reviews.

  6. I have definitely been eying that mascara and brow palette for a while. I might have to pick it up and great post!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin'

  7. Lovely haul beaut! Loving Origins so much at the moment, every single one of their products I've tried is amazing x

  8. Loveeee the Benefit They're Real Mascara! xx



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