16 September 2013

NARS - Adult Content Limited Edition Palette & Turkish Delight -

Hi Lovelies! 
The other day I went on a bit of a pre holiday shopping spree! I ask myself why I spend so much money before holiday? And why don’t I just save up my money haha. Anyway, I actually made it my mission to make sure I popped into see my lovely friend Megan, who works at the NARS counter. I had spoken to Megan and she told me about a new palette they had in, which sounded right up my street! – It was super lovely to see Megan again, as we previously made friends when I visited NARS and found out we were both bloggers *yay* so it would be great if you could check out her blog link Phazestyle. Anyway, Megan was right the palette was beautiful and just what I needed to take on holiday with me! I also picked up a cheeky lipgloss, which I have been dying to get my hands on for ages. The gloss I picked up is actually Kim K’s favourite (love her or hate her) but her make-up is always flawless, and her lips are always a beautiful milky pink shade. Today’s post is going to be a bit of a show and tell, as I have not tried either of the products yet, but don’t worry! I will be back with a full review of both products after my trip to Florida. As always my lovelies, feel free to comment below and also to leave your blog links for me to have a look at! 
 photo be385120-0276-4564-87cf-a07b0476020b_zps2366379f.jpg
Adult Content Palette!  £30.00
WOW! This palette is total NARS overload and may I add a great way to try out some fabulous NARS blush/bronze/highlight shades if you haven’t tried anything from NARS before. Also a quick mention to the rather naughty name of this palette! But I’m sure we are all used to NARS and their cheeky product names by now haha. The palette consists of my FAVOURITE NARS blush “Deep Throat” so that was an instant bonus for me, as its such a versatile blush shade. I was also really impressed by the three other shades, which create the perfect palette for doing everything you need! Blush, Bronzing and Highlighting! 

ZENNARS ZEN is a natural Beige Blush, which can definitely be used as a bronzer, and I can imagine it will make a fantastic contour shade. 
MISS LIBERTY is a stunning shimmering Peach, which can be used to highlight the face 
DEEP THROAT An all round perfect blush shade with a perfect balance of shimmery Pink and Peach 
DESIRE A perfect pop of Cotton Candy Pink, which would be fantastic for creating a bolder look 

I have used quite a few NARS products now and I’m in love with the quality of all of their products, especially the textures of their blushes. I can’t wait to use this palette and let you all know what I think, this palette is actually limited edition, so if you are interested I would totally recommend you visiting your local NARS counter, or ordering it online.  
 photo 88b1ec13-fb74-421e-b4cd-7e7ac58ca9e6_zpsa3e8b7f8.jpg
NARS Turkish Delight Lipgloss  £17.00
This is a product that has been raved about for so long now, but as I have a large lip-gloss collection I never really felt like I needed to purchase it. However, now the autumn/winter is coming upon us (a little too quickly) I decided to treat myself to this lovely and highly rated lip-gloss from NARS. Turkish Delight is a beautiful Milky Baby Pink, which is a firm favourite of Kim Kardashian. It has slightly cool undertones, which means that it will suit quite a lot of skin tones. I go crazy for this kind of colour during the winter, as I think with flawless make-up it looks absolutely amazing in the cold crisp weather.  

Hope you have enjoyed this show and tell post lovelies! I would love to know what you think about these products ? and is there any NARS products you would like to try ? or perhaps any you could recommend me! Don’t forget to leave your comments, links and questions below :) as I love hearing from all my loyal and supportive followers. 

Lots of love
India X


  1. I have recently purchased my fist products from NARS, sooo excited to try them. One of them was the Deep Throat blusher, it is stunning :)

    Amy x
    A Little Boat Sailing

  2. Oh damn you India, I will be passing my local Nars counter tomorrow and now I just need to have that palette in my life!!! Turkish Delight is fab, I love the Nars lipglosses! Strip tease is also another nice nude!! xxx

  3. I love NARS beauty products, that palette looks fabulous and great value for money too!

    Elizabeth x


  4. I really want some NARS products too!! That palette looks gorgeous :) Nice blog, I just found you. Already following on Twitter and Bloglovin'! xx Romy


  5. Oh my god that palette looks incredible, I love NARS I'm gonna go treat myself soon eeeek!

    Lots of love, Em xxx

  6. Wow they look amazing! Never bought anything from NARS so I think these lovely products may be at the top of my wish list! Xx

  7. Thanks so much for the mention, you little sweetie! Glad you love the products! :)
    I want to hear all about your trip to Florida!

    Phaze x

  8. i want that cheek palette! deep throat is such a beautiful blush! turkish delight is my all time favourite lip gloss, i use it all the time!

    -ariel* xoxo

  9. wow, such a great palette. Will have to take a look at it next time im at a Nars counter x

  10. That palette looks lovely and I really want it now. Hope you enjoy both of your Nars products!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin'

  11. Turkish delight is such a classic isn't it :) I wish I could wear it, but I always looks a bit hookerish with too light a lip and my blond hair!


  12. So we need to go shopping together because you buy the most amazing things!!!!! xxoxo

  13. I'm a sucker for a nude lip and Turkish Delight looks perfect.. I've never tried a Nars lipgloss before, it's definitely on my wishlist! :)


  14. Lovely palette, the color palette is so nice.

  15. Wonderful product review!


  16. I've heard so much about Nars products and I'm so bummed they don't sell it in Portugal (where I live), I would love to buy the Laguna bronzer to try it ouw =D

    The Austrian Rose

  17. these look gorgeous



  18. Oooh what a gorgeous palette, I love my The Happening Palette, Nars products are always such amazing quality :-)

  19. Ohh i do love a good makeup haul! Absolutely love everything you picked up - i actually picked up Turkish Delight whilst in LA and it's such a beautiful lipsgloss! Also, that palette is stunning, might need to give it a cheeky looksy when i got to Sephora in Barcelona :D

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  20. turkish delight looks so pretty, definitely a purchase I must make! xxx


  21. Amazing palette! Added to my wishlist now! :)

    Claudia xx

    Beauty and the Chic

  22. I was looking for a review on this palette and as soon as I read yours I instantly bought it! So thank you haha! I also love your blog by the way, cant believe I have only just found it!?

    Check out mine too if you like? www.myprettyapparel.blogspot.co.uk

    Megan xxx


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