30 October 2013

#BarcelonaGems - My Itinerary

Hi Lovelies!
Today's post is going to be a little different and will be inspired by one of my favourite City's ever. Beautiful Barcelona! The perfect way to sum up the City in just two words. I have actually been to this fantastic City a few times before, and it always keeps me coming back for more. Barcelona is all about the gorgeous architecture, but lets not forget how stylish Barcelona really is. There is so much I love about the City, as it has so much diversity. If your a lover of architecture and art then its the perfect place to visit, If your a lover of shopping then its the perfect place to visit! and if your a lover of sport then say no more, as Camp Nou is the pinnacle of football and sports stadiums. I visited the City last December for my boyfriends birthday, and we were super lucky to be able to watch a football match. Our seats were absolutely amazing, and the City in general was just full of life. I am going to be writing a four day itinerary about what I would do if I was lucky to go back to the Beautiful Barcelona. So I hope you enjoy this post lovelies, and if you have been to Barcelona or would like to go, then make sure you leave your thoughts in the comments section below.
Day 1 - Explore
Lets forget about the time consuming packing, travelling and checking into hotels! I always want to get right out into the City and explore what it has to offer even if I'm tired haha (there is no time like the present) I would head straight for the beautiful streets of Barcelona and take some first day holiday snaps. La Pedrera (below) is an example of the stunning architecture in Barcelona, as well as La Sagrada Familia which is a beautiful church and architecture at its best. In the night I would head out for some casual drinks and check out the Magic Fountain, as it looks absolutely beautiful when it changes colour in the evening. 
 photo 32ea55e8-0ec5-4ca4-90a9-c6ef02209fb2_zps15331a07.jpg

 photo 19daf0a2-8e44-4cd7-9892-de9aae0e1b9d_zps439bd41a.jpg
Day 2 - Shopping
Everybody loves to shop and Barcelona is a City which offers some of the very best shopping. I love my designers, but Barcelona offers shopping options for everyone. I would head for the gorgeous boutiques to see what other gorgeous goodies I could add to my collection. However, If you are beauty mad like me, then make sure you head for Sephora to check out an amazing selection of beauty brands, some of which you can't buy in the UK. If your a big kid like myself then the Imaginarium Toy Shop is defiantly a must! I honestly wanted to buy everything for my baby niece haha, as you can see I tried to go through the small door! After a busy day shopping I would then head out in the night for a lovely meal! I always love checking out different Hard Rock Cafe's in the City's that I am lucky to travel to, and the one in Barcelona was definitely full of atmosphere as well as having great food.
 photo 05e925ce-794d-4a78-a249-80c46fced2bb_zpse43a7b78.jpg
Day 3 - Football
The Camp Nou is a total experience and 100% worth a visit even if its just for the Stadium Tour. Even for a super shopper like myself, I would have to go and check out the Stadium Tour and even get tickets if there was a game. Seeing Messi Score was a definite highlight of my trip, and something I will always remember and hopefully do again. The atmosphere is just something else, and the sheer size of the stadium is a real eye opener.
 photo f43825ac-a188-48fb-a2db-e2f71f05a0ec_zpsf5ec3fe0.jpg
Day 4 - Have Fun
The last day should be about ending your trip on a high note! I always make fun plans for the last day, so that I can look back and remember what an amazing time I have had in the city. In the day I would definitely take a general stroll around the city, as well as going for a coffee in Jingles to look over the breathtaking view of the city, and to look back on my trip. In the night I would then head to the ice bar (down by the seafront), and have a cocktail as its a really fun experience and not something most of us get a chance to do very often.

So lovelies! that is my little travel guide to Barcelona and all the things I love and would love to do whilst in Barcelona. If you haven't been before then it is definitely worth a visit, as it is such a beautiful and diverse City to visit. As always I love hearing from my lovely readers, so make sure you leave your links in the comments section and I will try and check as many of them out as I can.

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29 October 2013

Evening Skincare Routine - Elemis, Emma Hardie, L'Oreal, Origins & Estee Lauder

Hi Lovelies!
Tonight’s post is going to be a follow up from my recent “Morning Skincare Routine” Post. I am really happy with both of my skincare routines at the moment, and thought It would be a great idea to share what I’m loving with my lovely readers. I must admit I do prefer my Evening Routine, as it feels a lot more relaxing. The products I use at night tend to be heavier, as I like to make sure my skin is properly cleansed from the days dirt and makeup, as well as preparing my skin for the next day. I have been really focusing on skincare recently, but my next few posts are going to be devoted to my favourite make-up products at the moment. I was also thinking of doing my "Spa Face Tutorial" as it would be a great way to share with you what products I love to use for work. Well lovelies! I will stop with my rambling now and get straight into my "Evening Skincare Routine" Enjoy! 

About My Routine
My evening routine is always more thorough! I love making it into my own little spa time. I always tend to light a candle, run a bath and make myself a herbal tea before bed! So my evening skincare turns into my own little relaxing ritual. It’s so important to try and fit in some “me time” into your day and I find my evening skincare routine is the perfect time to do that. photo 2446cd15-ddc7-433e-aca6-760e672e85bb_zpsb2c6519a.jpg

 photo 53fca878-2bbe-4f17-9900-81e196db305c_zps8ee29cc8.jpg
Pre Cleanse
To star my routine I always use my L’Oreal Micellar Water to remove any surface dirt, as well as using it to remove my eye makeup.

I then use my beloved Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm to thoroughly remove the day’s makeup and dirt. I love the fact that this is an oil-based cleanser, as it does an amazing job of melting away the dirt and leaving the skin perfectly balanced. It can also be used as a mask, so I tend to leave this on for a few minutes before I remove it with a warm face cloth. Despite this being the best cleanser I have tried.. it actually has the worst packaging ever!! (as you can see) and this pot got in this state after very light use within about two weeks :(

I follow my double cleanse with my Elemis Soothing Apricot Toner as my evening toner. It smells absolutely amazing and really finishes off the cleansing part of my routine without leaving my skin irritated.
 photo 7ddc6bc4-db9f-4a19-b485-91d150cd06cb_zpsfdadfd3e.jpg
I received the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair II as a sample, and have been loving using this as my evening Serum. It’s actually a really generous sample and can see it lasting me another two weeks. I will 100% be purchasing the larger size of this, as I have already seen an improvement in the texture of my skin. It’s never to early to start anti ageing, and this product is a great place to start.

I love using my Origins Make A Difference + Treatment as my nightly moisturiser, as it really focuses on building an intense level of hydration for your skin overnight. It is oil free, which makes it great for my combination skin! And I always wake up with lovely plump and hydrated skin in the morning.

Eye Care
In the night I swap my Ginzing Eye Cream for the Origins Eye Doctor. I love this at night because it’s quite thick, and it does a great job at moisturising the area surrounding your eyes. It doesn’t have any dramatic claims, which I really like, as it’s just a great product for generally looking after the eye area. 
 photo 22696c50-30fe-4554-968f-fe2a11bc703f_zpsfba79e58.jpg
I usually exfoliate around twice a week, and I have never used a better exfoliator than the Origins Modern Friction, which is described as "natures natural dermabrasion". It does an amazing job of removing dead skin without being to harsh on the face! plus it leaves your face feeling super smooth and squeaky clean.

Face Treats
I always swap around my face treats all the time! and two of my favourites are my Elemis Herbal Lavender Mask, and my Elemis Fruit Rejuvenating Mask! However, I'm currently using my Origins Masks, which are also totally amazing.

Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask
This mask is amazing, and well worth the hype! As you don’t need to wash it off, and my skin always looks amazing in the morning (plus the apricot/peach scent is yummy)

Origins Clear Improvements Mask
I use this mask on a Sunday to completely clear out my skin! The charcoal acts as a magnet to clear out all of the week’s dirt. My skin is left without a blackhead or clogged pore in sight. 

So Lovelies! that is my evening skincare routine done and dusted. I hope you have enjoyed reading my skincare posts, and as always I love hearing from my lovely readers. If you have any skincare questions, or would just like to comment about something in this post, then please just leave it in the comments section below.


25 October 2013

Morning Skincare Routine - Elemis, Hydraluron, L'Oreal & Origins!

Hi Beauties!
Today's post is going to be about my current morning skincare routine. I'm sure you are all aware of my HUGE obsession with skincare haha, but its something I'm so so passionate about. There is nothing more I love than being at work and being able help recommend products for clients who aren't sure what they need to make their skin look fantastic. My personal skincare routine is like my own little "spa" time and I really take a lot of time and consideration when doing my routine morning and evening. However, I haven't always been this religious with skincare! so I totally understand make-up wipe moments haha.. I always carry them even though I don't use them, as they are super hand for other beauty mishaps :D. I also decided to get a little creative, and pick some autumn flower and leaves to make my pictures look a little prettier, which I hope you like. I love recommending skincare, and working at a spa has really helped me to learn all about the skin, and what exactly it needs to function properly. If you lovelies ever need any help or advice, then leave me a message in the comments section below!
 photo 6e8022e7-6426-4126-8e26-866b56b48b96_zpscc57c45c.jpg
About My Routine
My skincare routine tends to change around twice, maybe three times a year at most. It's really important to get a routine that works for your skin, and its not always easy to get it right first time. I find skincare completely trial and error, but I'm so pleased with my current skincare routine. This routine isn't the same as the first half of 2013, but it's not because I didn't like what I was using.. but actually its really good to give your skin something new to try, as your skin does get used to products after a while. I'm especially loving experimenting with Hydraluron by Indeed Labs, as its been really hyped recently.

Step 1 - Cleanse
I always like to opt for quite a hassle free cleanser in the morning, as I like to save my balm cleansers for my evening routine. I have been loving the "Elemis Lime Blossom Cleasing Milk", which has a luxurious milky, and easy to remove texture. I like to take this cleanser off  with a warm face cloth, as I find this helps to completely remove all traces of the cleanser from my face. 

Step 2 - Tone
My absolute favourite Toner is the "Elemis Soothing Apricot Toner" it helps that is smells absolutely ahhmazing! but at the same time it genuinely is the best toner I have used so far. It helps to remove any left over cleanser residue, as well as restoring the PH level within your skin. I find that it really soothes my skin, and does not aggravate my slight redness like some toners can do. 

Step 3 - Serum
In terms of skincare guru's I absolutely adore watching Lily Pebbles and Viviana does makeup's video's on skincare. I noticed that both of them had been using the latest craze "Hydraluron" and I just couldn't resist trying it myself. Hydraluron isn't designed to be the kind of product to instantly wow you with amazing results. It instead targets your skin at a much deeper level, and work to build a reservoir of water in the top layers of skin. I am really liking it so far, and can't wait to give you a more in depth review.

Step 4 - Moisturise 
I have been loving using "Origin's Ginzing Moisturiser"! It smells like fresh Orange Juice, but gives your skin the energy of drinking a fresh Coffee. It works so well for my normal/combination skin, and It leaves me feeling hydrated all day.

Step 5 - Eye Care
I then finish my routine by applying my Origin's Ginzing Eye Cream which leaves your eye area feeling super perky! It's a fantastic eye cream, and I find its great for day use as it isn't too thick.

 photo feeaca67-f55b-4253-85d4-6ad5fe855728_zpse9595032.jpg
So my lovelies, that is my current daily cleansing routine! All the products in my morning routine are designed to really hydrate the skin, especially with Winter looming. I hope you have enjoyed this post, and I will be following up very shortly with my evening skincare routine. I'm nowhere near an expert, but I'm always willing to try my best to recommend products to help your skin, so if you would like some advice then please just comment below or send me a direct tweet :)


17 October 2013

❤Recent Origins Purchases❤ "Modern Friction" & "Ginzing Energy Boosing Moisturiser"

Hi Beauties!
Today’s post is going to be about two cheeky Origins purchases! I have honestly asked myself how much more skincare do I need haha?!. Over a month ago I made quite a large Origins Order and received “modern friction” as a sample, and since using it I haven’t looked back.. its ahh mazing stuff :) So I knew that as soon as my sample had run out that I was going to need to purchase the larger size. I then decided to check out the Ginzing Moisturiser, as it has been raved about all over the blogosphere recently, so that also made its way into my shopping basket. I have been using “modern friction” for well over a month now at around twice a week, and I have been using the Ginzing Moisturiser for around two weeks now, so I thought it would be a good time to let you know how I’m getting along with both of these products. I hope you enjoy this post lovelies, and as always if you have any questions or would just like to leave your links, then go ahead and put them in the comments section for me to check out. I absolutely love hearing from all my loyal readers, so don’t be shy! – You can always tweet me as well, if you have any specific questions or requests for me to answer.
 photo 5debec65-2b57-497e-b4fc-19e9760fccc5_zps0b7b7f37.jpg
Origins Modern Friction Exfoliator £33.00 (125ml)
Firstly, I would like to thank Origins for making such an amazing exfoliator that I actually like. I always seem to have niggles with exfoliator's as I'm never 100% happy with either the consistency or result. However, since using Modern Friction my opinion on exfoliator's has done a complete 360!

Described as Nature's Gentle Dermabrasion, Modern Friction is a rice starch exfoliator cushioned in cream to make the exfoliation a lot more gentle. Lemon Oil kick starts the process of beautiful illuminated skin, and Vitamin C works hard to get rid of skin menacing free radicals. Modern Friction also contains aloe to help soothe the skin during the exfoliation process, as well as peppermint oil to help protect the skins surface from breaking out. 

I have absolutely loved using this product twice a week and have found my skin to be a lot more even and generally brighter since using it. The texture is quite thick as you can see from the picture below, and kind of reminds me of rice pudding haha! but don't let that put you off as it's such an amazing product. It doesn't make my skin go red, and it can be used wet or dry depending on how strong you like to exfoliate your skin. It's become a product I actually really look forward to using, and I can see it staying in my routine for a very long time. The only one niggle I have is that if you get it in your eyes boy do you know it!! but that's probably something to do with the lemon and peppermint oils haha, but if you can get a sample first then I would always recommend doing so first, especially as this product is £33.00 (125ml)

 photo 2a165ddd-63c5-4713-9746-61100b2ee94d_zpsded12856.jpg

Origins Ginzing Moisturiser £23.00 (50ml)
A brand new addition to the Origins moisturiser family, and a very good addition at that. I have used the Origins Ginzing Eye Cream, and was so excited that there was another Ginzing on the block! - However, I resisted buying it for a while as I literally have only just purchased the Origins "Make A Difference+" but being a true beauty blogger I knew it wasn't going to be long before I added this to my skincare collection.

The Ginzing Moisturiser is described as being an energy boosting moisturiser that instantly perks up your skin in the morning. Light weight and oil free this moisturiser uses caffeine and panax ginseng to really rev your skins hydration levels. We all know that Coffee is famous for waking us up, and giving us a bit of ooomph! and this is exactly what this moisturiser does for the complexion. 

Overall, I have been loving this moisturiser for the morning as it really does make my skin feel "ready to go" The scent is also absolutely amazing and It smells like fresh Orange Juice, which makes it even better to put on in the morning yummy!. It brightens your complexion, but at the same time it doesn't add too much illumination which makes it great to put under make-up. I also love the fact that it has such a light weight gel/cream consistency, which makes it perfect for my normal/combination skin. I wouldn't use this in the night (even though it would be fine to do so) as I find it such an invigorating moisturiser, and I'm a pretty bad sleeper! so I will be keeping this little baby for the morning times, and using my Make A Difference + treatment in the evening. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post lovelies, and as always if you need any help and advice then make sure you leave your questions in the comments section below. I am planning some exciting posts on my blog and even a cheeky giveaway, so make sure you keep checking back to find out more :)



11 October 2013

What's In My NEW Makeup Bag ? - Kiss and Makeup ❤

Hi Lovelies!
I'm still totally having withdrawal symptoms from Florida! I just can't get over how much fun I had and how much better life seems when your days are full of family, fun and sunshine. Anyway, amongst my other shopping I purchased a lovely make-up bag from Victoria's Secret, which may I add is such a beautiful shop. I'm always changing up "What's In My Makeup Bag" but I decided that it was a good time to do a new post, especially with my pretty new makeup bag. I haven't added or taken away any products, so these are exactly the products I'm using right now. I hope you enjoy this post beauties, and as always if you need any help and advice then make sure you leave your comments in the section below.
 photo DSC00186_zpsb3955585.jpg
What's In My Makeup Bag ?

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation B20
This has to be my most raved about foundation of all time and unless something dramatically changes, then I can see this being in my collection forever :) - It really does create a flawless finish without being heavy in the slightest.

Benefit Fakeup Concealer #1
This concealer is absolutely amazing at covering dark circles, as well as keeping the eye area hydrated. It also doesn't crease, which makes it look super natural all day long.

Origins No Puffery Eye Roll On
I always like to keep this handy, as it is an instant pick me up and helps to soothe tired eyes. It also doesn't affect your concealer, which makes it even better to have in your make-up bag.

Clarins Lip Perfecter
The perfect lip product for any girls make up bag! It plumps, hydrates and adds colour with its super comfortable formula.. It also smells absolutely amazing (If you like sweet scents)

Benefit They're Real
This is such an amazing mascara and gives your lashes an instant boost, which is great for awakening they eye area. I'm loving using it at the moment, and as it doesn't clump at all its a great option to keep in your make-up bag.

Dior Addict Lipstick (Summer 2013) 751 Exotique
This lipstick is a total show stopper and it is a beautiful Bright Pink, which can be dressed down to be a pretty pop of day time colour, or dressed up to create a statement look. It's also really comfortable on the lips, as well as lasting well before having to be re applied. 

YSL Le Touché Éclat #1
The quickest solution to perfection :D It highlights and banishes dark circles within seconds, and it looks super gorgeous as well.

NARS Adult Content Palette (LE)
This was totally my best friend in Florida, as it has two gorgeous blush shades, a highlighter and a bronzer! - It's also fab to travel with in general, and its great to have everything under one roof!

Benefit Browzings Medium
Having structured eyebrows totally transforms my face, so this is a must have for me :D - It's also super easy to use and comes with mini tweezers to solve any brow dilemma's quickly!

NARS Turkish Delight
After lusting over this product it's finally made its way into my make-up bag, and the milky pink shade is great for the up and coming a/w season where Milky Pinks are currently on trend :D
 photo DSC00192_zps46694d54.jpg
So lovelies :) This is exactly what is in my make-up bag right now & as I travel back and forth to my boyfriends house, I like to make sure I have my current favourites with me in my make-up bag. I love hearing from my lovely readers, so if you have any questions then make sure you leave them below with your links for me to check out :)



10 October 2013

Initial Thoughts - YSL Youth Liberator Foundation B30

Hi Lovelies!
Finally.. a nice couple of hours for me to get some blogging done! The other day I received a package from the postman and guess what it was the brand new YSL Youth Liberator Foundation!! Woohoo :D - I find buying new foundations fun, but quite scary at the same time as there is always that element of will it suit me, or will it break me out. However, I'm sure we all know how well known YSL are for their fabulous make-up line, and their amazing foundations and lipsticks. Last year we celebrated the launch of the YSL Touche Eclat Foundation and it quickly became a favourite of mine, it's literally like a light bulb in a bottle, as it makes you look so awake and perfected with quite a light coverage. However, the recent foundation release by YSL brings us a more skin care based foundation, with higher coverage than the YSL Touche Eclat Foundation. I hope you enjoy this initial thoughts post, which is just going to be me explaining a bit more about the foundation, and how I have found my first couple of uses. As always beauties, make sure you leave your questions, links and comments in the section below. I love hearing from all my fantastic followers, and don't forget I'm only a tweet away if you need me for any advice.
 photo 97214f7d-e34e-46ff-8ab9-7d2cd44074b6_zps68366e84.jpg
YSL Youth Liberator Foundation - About

(YSL) The first serum-foundation by Yves Saint Laurent to use the unique Glycanactif complex. This foundation revives skins youthful brightness and creates a more uniform complexion. Skin looks firmer and wrinkles appear clearly diminished, while the creamy coverage makes your complexion look beautifully even and rejuvenated. The Foundation is based on the fantastic YSL Forever Youth Liberator Serum, which has won numerous awards for its amazing complex

 photo 06904eb9-0889-4f91-b43c-6466f1e89665_zps59d14b5c.jpg
  • About the Youth Liberator Serum
  • 100 YEARS OF RESEARCH – 7 NOBEL PRIZES – 1 DISCOVERY : GLYCANS, YOUTH KEYSFOREVER YOUTH LIBERATOR is the first anti-ageing skincare by Yves Saint Laurent containing the Glycanactif™ complex, a combination of 3 glycans, to help stimulate skin's youthful capacities at the 3 levels of the skin.This elixir has the highest concentration of Glycanactif™ in the range to stimulate¹ regeneration deep within the skin and boost youth- promoting functions.
  • 2 out 3 women chose to give up their usual serum³.

  • The Shade B30
  • I actually chose the shade B30 in the Touche Eclat Foundation, and found it worked really well for my skin tone last winter, so that is why chose to stick with the same shade in this foundation. The Shade B30 leans quite Yellow, but that is the main reason why I like the shade so much. Foundations that are yellow toned always create a much fresher and healthy looking appearance in comparison to Pink toned foundations that actually oxidise a lot more than Yellow toned foundations, which means you are more likely to get make-up lines and a more orangey tone with Pink based foundations. Bobbi Brown also says that Yellow toned foundations are better, as believe it or not even if you are very pale or very dark, we all have Yellow tones to our skin. B30 would be a great shade for anyone with light to medium tones who range between B20-B30 (Chanel, YSL Shades) - You can always use the website Findation for more advice about foundation shades photo 26760fc2-fbae-4d39-a444-d69631d5d2e9_zps909e8192.jpg

  • Initial Thoughts 
  • Firstly, I absolutely love the packing it's quite a similar design to the serum, but it totally reminds me of a magical potion bottle, as its got quite a unique shape. It is a glass bottle, which makes it quite heavy and probably not the best to travel with, but it is very luxurious and a total "dressing table" kind of foundation. It also has a really good pump, which makes it super easy and very clean to use. Moving onto the foundation it is very different from the Le Touche Eclat Foundation, which has a lighter texture in comparison. The Youth Liberator Foundation is a thicker consistency, which makes it a definite mid-high coverage foundation. The finish is also more matte in comparison to the Touche Eclat Foundation which is very luminous. The Youth Liberator Foundation offers amazing coverage, as well as a satin finish. It kind of reminds me of a heavy coverage version of the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, as it still gives your skin a subtle glow without looking overly luminous. The texture is thicker, so it doesn't glide on quite like the Touche Eclat Foundation, which makes me think that this would be more suitable to normal/combination skin types. I would recommend it for dry skin types, as it might be a little harder to work with. However, this foundation does have amazing skincare benefits, which help your skin to look youthful and glowing from within. 

  • If you are stuck between what foundation to get then I would advise the YSL Le Touche Eclat Foundation if you feel that your skin is "dull" and in need of a boost. I would also recommend it if you prefer a lighter coverage, which glides on without having to work to hard with it. I wouldn't really recommend it for oily skin types as it is a luminous foundation, but I feel combination, normal and dry skin types would enjoy this foundation... it also has an amazing shade range. However, the YSL Youth Liberator Foundation would be better for someone who wanted a fuller but natural coverage that didn't take away the skins natural luminosity, but at the same time didn't make the skin appear too luminous. I also feel that this foundation would be suited to someone who needed something longer lasting. In terms of skin types I think normal, combination and oily would like this, but I think dryer types may find it a little harder to work with. The shade range isn't as good, but YSL have carefully selected the most universal shades to suit all skin types with this foundation.

  • Overall
  • It looks like this is another amazing foundation by YSL, but I have only used this foundation a few times.. So I will be sure to do another in depth review after a couple of weeks use. I really like the fact that this foundation offers a fuller coverage, as now YSL have foundations to suit all needs. I'm also really impressed by the packaging, and think that the bottle is really attractive, as well as being super easy and hygienic to use. I hope you have enjoyed this initial thoughts post, and I will be back with lots more beauty related posts soon :)


4 October 2013

REVEAL - Exclusive Chanel Classic Jumbo Flap GHW

Hi Beauties!
I have literally just come back from Florida and OMG I'm already having withdrawal symptoms. I feel absolutley horrible and quite depressed after leaving gorgeous sunshine, shopping and loads of fun behind. Today's post is going to be one of the most exciting posts I have ever written, and I can definitely say that Disneyland does make dreams come true! I have a feeling this is going to be quite a lengthy post, as I have been itching to write this exciting post for you lovelies, so hopefully you can share my excitement haha. If you don't already know I am a total beauty, lifestyle and handbag addict. Me my mum and two sisters have our own individual collections, which is amazing as we often swap them around. I have also been very lucky to receive some vintage pieces from my mums collection, which I have added to my growing handbag collection. 

Anyway! There has been one bag on my mind for the longest time, and it is a bag that has become so sought after that even celebrities are going on wait lists. The Chanel Classic Jumbo Handbag is probably one of the if not the most classic handbag of all time. The "Flap" bag comes in different variations, but it was the first successful design that Coco Chanel ever released. The original version was constructed of jersey or leather, the outside featuring a hand-stitched quilted design influenced by the jackets worn by jockeys. The chain strap was a nod to her orphanage years, reminiscent to Chanel of the abbey caretakers who wore such waist chains to hold keys. The burgundy red uniform worn by the convent girls was transmuted into the bag's interior lining.

I first started properly pursuing this handbag in July this year, as my parents wanted to get it for me as a 21st Birthday Present, but it had become so rare that it was impossible to find at the time of my birthday. I decided to get in contact with my Chanel SA Bettina in Florida, who had previously sold me and my mum a few Chanel goodies including my PST. Bettina made me aware of how exclusive these handbags were especially with the Gold Hardware, which is exactly what I wanted. However, I kept in regular contact with Chanel, and Bettina assured me she would do her very best to get me my dream jumbo. Anyway, it came to the time to finally get on the plane to Florida and see if I had been lucky enough to get the handbag. The day before I had been given some not so great news, as it seemed that the bags might have become unavailable for purchase. As you can imagine I was quite upset, but at the same time I was so so grateful to be having such an amazing time in Florida with my family and boyfriend.

The next day I decided to venture into Chanel anyway to see Bettina and also to have a look around the boutique. I can honestly say that when Bettina revealed she did have a Jumbo for me I was actually speechless and I was totally surprised. However! the drama didn't end there as Bettina told me that they had maxed out the amount of Gold Hardware Jumbo's that they could sell, but they still had a Silver Hardware Jumbo available (which was lovely) but I had my heart set on the Gold Hardware as it is truly classic and goes with everything in my wadrobe haha. The next thing I knew another SA come over and said that she hadn't actually received the official paperwork to say that they weren't allowed to sell me the last GHW Jumbo. So as you can imagine we rushed the payment through and moments after the paper work came down to say that they weren't allowed to sell another handbag! OMG talk about having luck on my side :O - I was already feeling totally spoilt at this time, but then my parents also knew how much I wanted some Chanel Ballet Flats and let me choose a pair which I will do a separate post about soon. If that wasn't enough two girls came into the store asking about a Black Caviar Jumbo with GHW and I had just brought it.. so I felt totally blessed to actually own such an exclusive handbag. 

As you can imagine I am extremely grateful to receive such beautiful gifts from my parents, and I can't wait to do some Autumn/Winter inspired fashion posts for you. I know this has been one hell of a lengthy post, but I'm sure you understand how excited I am haha! literally like a big kid right now and I still can't believe that I own such an amazing handbag. I just realised that the bag was actually more expensive in Florida due to tax, which made it the same price as the Maxi which is a size above, but the  jumbo is my perfect size :D  It still feels unreal to actually have been lucky enough to get this bag when there are celebrities waiting for them - Being a true handbag addict I do have some other purchases in mind so keep your eyes out for them in the future. I am going to stop with my rambling now and get into a picture post :D

[Please note these pictures were taken with my Iphone and not my camera, so the quality might not be amazing, but I wanted to capture me officially opening my bag]
 photo F4F7F1EC-ED27-4496-86EA-F031D4055FC9-434-0000002660A0CA0C_zps9a356d44.jpg
[Walking towards the Chanel Boutique hoping I was going to find my gorgeous Jumbo] photo 04096311-9AE5-442E-BCD0-9A60B3786876-582-0000003300520DA8_zps3af54d93.jpg
[OMG!! I found my Jumbo & Having my picture taken with my amazing Chanel SA Bettina]
 photo 609AB602-7A0B-4FEB-AF99-F5C7F7C0C08A-614-0000003580CC285E_zps552d0d68.jpg
[Me and my dad having a picture #bestfriends]

 photo e9bfa34f-d655-439e-8330-73f924392a23_zps332a7a53.jpg
[My Chanel Purchases]
 photo f464aeb9-cca5-4fdc-9274-1de3b7b7d8fd_zps561937fc.jpg
[My Paperwork & Authenticity Card & A beautiful Camellia Flower]
 photo 3254381e-b37e-499b-9196-68ee5d5f7c4b_zpsab8f36df.jpg
[The beautiful dust bag that represents the classic Chanel quilting]
 photo d758f260-3d92-4e55-a4f1-b30fd107eef8_zps11d28c2b.jpg
[Getting ready to finally reveal my beautiful new purchase!]
 photo 3405422b-f4bd-47eb-9c8c-840e46f96bae_zps5df2bc9c.jpg
[OMG :D after so long of waiting and wondering it is officially mine!!]

So that is the reveal post done for now! The chain is still in its protective wrapping and as I have only just got back from Florida. I haven't actually fully unwrapped it yet, as soon as I got back I had to pack it away safely for my flight home. I am yet to properly unpack my purchases, so if you would like to see my next Chanel purchase and also my other shopping purchases, make sure you check back soon. I absolutely adore all of my readers, and would love for you to share your links and comments down below! and thank you for reading this mammoth post ;) haha!

India X

Disclaimer - This post is in no way intended to brag, but instead to share something I have a genuine passion about :)
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