10 October 2013

Initial Thoughts - YSL Youth Liberator Foundation B30

Hi Lovelies!
Finally.. a nice couple of hours for me to get some blogging done! The other day I received a package from the postman and guess what it was the brand new YSL Youth Liberator Foundation!! Woohoo :D - I find buying new foundations fun, but quite scary at the same time as there is always that element of will it suit me, or will it break me out. However, I'm sure we all know how well known YSL are for their fabulous make-up line, and their amazing foundations and lipsticks. Last year we celebrated the launch of the YSL Touche Eclat Foundation and it quickly became a favourite of mine, it's literally like a light bulb in a bottle, as it makes you look so awake and perfected with quite a light coverage. However, the recent foundation release by YSL brings us a more skin care based foundation, with higher coverage than the YSL Touche Eclat Foundation. I hope you enjoy this initial thoughts post, which is just going to be me explaining a bit more about the foundation, and how I have found my first couple of uses. As always beauties, make sure you leave your questions, links and comments in the section below. I love hearing from all my fantastic followers, and don't forget I'm only a tweet away if you need me for any advice.
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YSL Youth Liberator Foundation - About

(YSL) The first serum-foundation by Yves Saint Laurent to use the unique Glycanactif complex. This foundation revives skins youthful brightness and creates a more uniform complexion. Skin looks firmer and wrinkles appear clearly diminished, while the creamy coverage makes your complexion look beautifully even and rejuvenated. The Foundation is based on the fantastic YSL Forever Youth Liberator Serum, which has won numerous awards for its amazing complex

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  • About the Youth Liberator Serum
  • 100 YEARS OF RESEARCH – 7 NOBEL PRIZES – 1 DISCOVERY : GLYCANS, YOUTH KEYSFOREVER YOUTH LIBERATOR is the first anti-ageing skincare by Yves Saint Laurent containing the Glycanactif™ complex, a combination of 3 glycans, to help stimulate skin's youthful capacities at the 3 levels of the skin.This elixir has the highest concentration of Glycanactif™ in the range to stimulate¹ regeneration deep within the skin and boost youth- promoting functions.
  • 2 out 3 women chose to give up their usual serum³.

  • The Shade B30
  • I actually chose the shade B30 in the Touche Eclat Foundation, and found it worked really well for my skin tone last winter, so that is why chose to stick with the same shade in this foundation. The Shade B30 leans quite Yellow, but that is the main reason why I like the shade so much. Foundations that are yellow toned always create a much fresher and healthy looking appearance in comparison to Pink toned foundations that actually oxidise a lot more than Yellow toned foundations, which means you are more likely to get make-up lines and a more orangey tone with Pink based foundations. Bobbi Brown also says that Yellow toned foundations are better, as believe it or not even if you are very pale or very dark, we all have Yellow tones to our skin. B30 would be a great shade for anyone with light to medium tones who range between B20-B30 (Chanel, YSL Shades) - You can always use the website Findation for more advice about foundation shades photo 26760fc2-fbae-4d39-a444-d69631d5d2e9_zps909e8192.jpg

  • Initial Thoughts 
  • Firstly, I absolutely love the packing it's quite a similar design to the serum, but it totally reminds me of a magical potion bottle, as its got quite a unique shape. It is a glass bottle, which makes it quite heavy and probably not the best to travel with, but it is very luxurious and a total "dressing table" kind of foundation. It also has a really good pump, which makes it super easy and very clean to use. Moving onto the foundation it is very different from the Le Touche Eclat Foundation, which has a lighter texture in comparison. The Youth Liberator Foundation is a thicker consistency, which makes it a definite mid-high coverage foundation. The finish is also more matte in comparison to the Touche Eclat Foundation which is very luminous. The Youth Liberator Foundation offers amazing coverage, as well as a satin finish. It kind of reminds me of a heavy coverage version of the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, as it still gives your skin a subtle glow without looking overly luminous. The texture is thicker, so it doesn't glide on quite like the Touche Eclat Foundation, which makes me think that this would be more suitable to normal/combination skin types. I would recommend it for dry skin types, as it might be a little harder to work with. However, this foundation does have amazing skincare benefits, which help your skin to look youthful and glowing from within. 

  • If you are stuck between what foundation to get then I would advise the YSL Le Touche Eclat Foundation if you feel that your skin is "dull" and in need of a boost. I would also recommend it if you prefer a lighter coverage, which glides on without having to work to hard with it. I wouldn't really recommend it for oily skin types as it is a luminous foundation, but I feel combination, normal and dry skin types would enjoy this foundation... it also has an amazing shade range. However, the YSL Youth Liberator Foundation would be better for someone who wanted a fuller but natural coverage that didn't take away the skins natural luminosity, but at the same time didn't make the skin appear too luminous. I also feel that this foundation would be suited to someone who needed something longer lasting. In terms of skin types I think normal, combination and oily would like this, but I think dryer types may find it a little harder to work with. The shade range isn't as good, but YSL have carefully selected the most universal shades to suit all skin types with this foundation.

  • Overall
  • It looks like this is another amazing foundation by YSL, but I have only used this foundation a few times.. So I will be sure to do another in depth review after a couple of weeks use. I really like the fact that this foundation offers a fuller coverage, as now YSL have foundations to suit all needs. I'm also really impressed by the packaging, and think that the bottle is really attractive, as well as being super easy and hygienic to use. I hope you have enjoyed this initial thoughts post, and I will be back with lots more beauty related posts soon :)



  1. Super helpful! So glad it's a yellow tone also I find it so hard finding good yellow toned foundations.
    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  2. Great review! The bottle is soo gorgeous!

  3. Fab post lovely. I never got the Touche Eclat Foundation cos I prefer higher coverage. This one sounds right up my street! xxx

    1. This would be ideal for you hun :) its got fab coverage xx

  4. This is such a helpful post. I love Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua but find myself wishing for better coverage with slightly subdued radiance at times. This one seems to be the answer.
    Oh, and though this is just the second or third time ive commented on ur blog, I do read each post coz I love ur blog and your detailed reviews :)

    1. Thank you so much for always checking out my posts lovely!x

  5. I've heard so much about this foundation, and I know it's about what's inside the bottle but the packaging is truly stunning! Xx

  6. I'm so tempted by this, I have a £5 off thing with my Debenhams beauty card so it's even more tempting but I'm gonna have to have a look in store and probably get matched up because I definitely daren't buy it online without looking first!

    Great, helpful post!

    Jade | Beauty Butterfly Blog

  7. Yes I think i'm going to by this. I never wanted to try the Touche Eclat and Vitalumiere because of the lighter coverage. This will help.

  8. Im so glad you posted this review. I've been eager to try it ever since I heard of it being released. I'm a massive fan of Touche Eclat and i'm on my 4th bottle of the stuff now - but im thinking of trying a slightly heavier coverage for winter time. Definitely going to treat myself :) I'm the shade B40 in Touche Eclat but can't seem to find it in the Youth Liberator? I might opt for B30 - seems very close to it :) x x

  9. I have been seeing this ever. It looks amazing!
    I have slightly cool toned skin, and yellow toned foundations looks awful on me. It's always completely obvious that I'm wearing foundation, even when it's a really natural finish.
    Lucky you that does suit yellow toned foundations though! :)
    I love my touché eclait so I don't really need this foundation, but I am definitely tempted!

  10. You've got to try their new one! It's so light, sheer, and gives nice amount of coverage without caking up when you use loads.


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