25 October 2013

Morning Skincare Routine - Elemis, Hydraluron, L'Oreal & Origins!

Hi Beauties!
Today's post is going to be about my current morning skincare routine. I'm sure you are all aware of my HUGE obsession with skincare haha, but its something I'm so so passionate about. There is nothing more I love than being at work and being able help recommend products for clients who aren't sure what they need to make their skin look fantastic. My personal skincare routine is like my own little "spa" time and I really take a lot of time and consideration when doing my routine morning and evening. However, I haven't always been this religious with skincare! so I totally understand make-up wipe moments haha.. I always carry them even though I don't use them, as they are super hand for other beauty mishaps :D. I also decided to get a little creative, and pick some autumn flower and leaves to make my pictures look a little prettier, which I hope you like. I love recommending skincare, and working at a spa has really helped me to learn all about the skin, and what exactly it needs to function properly. If you lovelies ever need any help or advice, then leave me a message in the comments section below!
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About My Routine
My skincare routine tends to change around twice, maybe three times a year at most. It's really important to get a routine that works for your skin, and its not always easy to get it right first time. I find skincare completely trial and error, but I'm so pleased with my current skincare routine. This routine isn't the same as the first half of 2013, but it's not because I didn't like what I was using.. but actually its really good to give your skin something new to try, as your skin does get used to products after a while. I'm especially loving experimenting with Hydraluron by Indeed Labs, as its been really hyped recently.

Step 1 - Cleanse
I always like to opt for quite a hassle free cleanser in the morning, as I like to save my balm cleansers for my evening routine. I have been loving the "Elemis Lime Blossom Cleasing Milk", which has a luxurious milky, and easy to remove texture. I like to take this cleanser off  with a warm face cloth, as I find this helps to completely remove all traces of the cleanser from my face. 

Step 2 - Tone
My absolute favourite Toner is the "Elemis Soothing Apricot Toner" it helps that is smells absolutely ahhmazing! but at the same time it genuinely is the best toner I have used so far. It helps to remove any left over cleanser residue, as well as restoring the PH level within your skin. I find that it really soothes my skin, and does not aggravate my slight redness like some toners can do. 

Step 3 - Serum
In terms of skincare guru's I absolutely adore watching Lily Pebbles and Viviana does makeup's video's on skincare. I noticed that both of them had been using the latest craze "Hydraluron" and I just couldn't resist trying it myself. Hydraluron isn't designed to be the kind of product to instantly wow you with amazing results. It instead targets your skin at a much deeper level, and work to build a reservoir of water in the top layers of skin. I am really liking it so far, and can't wait to give you a more in depth review.

Step 4 - Moisturise 
I have been loving using "Origin's Ginzing Moisturiser"! It smells like fresh Orange Juice, but gives your skin the energy of drinking a fresh Coffee. It works so well for my normal/combination skin, and It leaves me feeling hydrated all day.

Step 5 - Eye Care
I then finish my routine by applying my Origin's Ginzing Eye Cream which leaves your eye area feeling super perky! It's a fantastic eye cream, and I find its great for day use as it isn't too thick.

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So my lovelies, that is my current daily cleansing routine! All the products in my morning routine are designed to really hydrate the skin, especially with Winter looming. I hope you have enjoyed this post, and I will be following up very shortly with my evening skincare routine. I'm nowhere near an expert, but I'm always willing to try my best to recommend products to help your skin, so if you would like some advice then please just comment below or send me a direct tweet :)



  1. I love Origins Ginzing as well it just has this feeling of making you feel instantly more awake!
    Genna xxx

  2. Looks like you have a great routine sorted out :). It's such a great feeling to be completely happy with your routine.

  3. I've just started using the Origins Ginzing and love it! x


  4. Sounds like a lovely routine :) I really want to try the GinZing moisturiser...



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