30 January 2014

Yon Ka Hydration Absolute Gift Set Review

Hi Beauties!
After having a few lovely days off work I actually feel like I didn't even have them haha! I have been a busy bee with moving into the new place, and organising some new ventures for 2014! plus I have been doing quite a bit of retail therapy recently haha :D I think after being so stressed out with work and moving that I was in need of a few cheeky shopping trips with my dad and boyfriend. Anyway lovelies! today's post is going to be about some absolutely gorgeous skincare products that I have been loving. Yon-Ka is a Parisian spa brand that specialises in beautiful and luxurious aromatherapy based skincare products. Yon-Ka products are created through the best of nature and science, giving your skin the natural mean to re grain its balance and vital energy. With half a century of expertise Yon Ka is a lovely and very luxurious skincare brand to try out, and a brand that has made regular appearances in celebrity skincare routines. I have personally used Yon Ka in my skin care routine for around 8 months now, and I have really enjoyed venturing out and trying a brand that was new to me originally, and this gorgeous gift set is not exception! I hope you enjoy this post lovelies, and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below! 

Yon Ka Hydration Absolute Gift Set (£80.00)
I'm sure I'm not alone when it comes to suffering the effects of harsh wintry weather. Keeping my skin hydrated is definitely a priority, as I feel so much more confident when my skin feels smooth and hydrated. So what is included in this gorgeous gift set ?
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Yon Ka Hydralia Serum (£44.00) - I'm a huge fan of Serum's as they target the very base layers of your skin to deliver hydration on a much deeper level. The Yon Ka Hydralia Serum has been my favourite product from the gift set, as its effects seem almost instant. Studies of the serum show that there was a 33% increase in skin hydration after just two hours of applying Hydralia. The best thing about this serum is it can be mixed with whatever moisturiser you are using, so if your current moisturiser wasn't hydrating your skin enough then you could use this to give it a huge boost. Some of the key ingredients include Horse Chestnut, Blackcurrant and Vitamin C that enhance your skins natural hydrating properties. After going through quite a dry patch in December/ early January I found the Hydralia Serum to be the only product that vanished my dry skin especially around my nose and lips. I also find my skin to be a lot smoother and radiant in comparison when I don't use it. It's expensive, but I would say its really worth it for people who suffer with dehydrated skin.. it will last you ages too :)

Yon Ka Creme 28 - (£36.00)The Yon Ka Creme 28 is a moisturiser designed for dry/oily dehydrated skin! yes even oily skin can be dehydrated too (it took me a while to realise this haha) I find this cream to be very relaxing and I love using it just before bed, as it has true aromatherapy benefits. I do find the texture to be quite different, and it does take a while to sink in to my skin which means I prefer using at night. I find my skin to be a lot more supple and comfortable in the morning. The key ingredients include, Vitamin F/A/E, Lavender, Rosemary and Thyme which definitely give it a soothing aroma. I would really recommend this cream to someone who finds their skin to be quite tight and uncomfortable, as its amazing at soothing and making the skin feel more calm and relaxed.

Yon Ka Masque NO.1 - (£42.00) I have really become a face mask junkie, so as you can imagine I was really excited to try Yon Ka Masque NO.1! I find that most traditional masks go a little hard on your skin sometimes, but I have found some masks to be more creamy and easier to use or leave on overnight. It depends on my needs or how much time I have, but this mask has been a lovely little treat for my skin. The cream gel texture means that I can leave this on for like an hour without it becoming uncomfortable on my skin which I love. The key ingredients include, Vitamin A/C/E, Jojoba,
Barley,Rose and Jasmine which are fantastic for regenerating, repairing and soothing the skin.
Overall, this gift set is an absolute cracker! I'm not sure if this exact one is still for retail, but I have checked and Yon Ka do have some other gift sets available. I am a huge fan of gift sets, as they allow you to sample a few products at generally a better value. The only negatives I can think of for this gift set is the price, as it is on the more expensive side! and perhaps the scents if your not a lover of aromatherapy. However, I think this gift set and individual products are a great way to keep your skin deeply hydrated throughout the Winter and harsh weather. I hope you have enjoyed today's review lovelies, and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. There is nothing more I appreciate than hearing from my loyal readers, so don't be shy :) also leave your links for me to check out too!

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  1. These sound beautiful, I've never heard of the brand before... pretty pricey though!


  2. Yon Ka is a beautiful brand :) but I agree it is expensive! I think that the serum is worth it's price tag though x


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