30 March 2014

Current Beauty & Skincare Favourites❤

Hi Lovelies!
Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday! and of course its not just any old Sunday.. It's Mothering Sunday :D so a huge Happy Mother's Day to all the lovely mums out there. I also just wanted to take the opportunity to wish my kind, caring and supportive mum a lovely mother's day. I'm lucky to have such a generous mum that would do absolutely anything for me and my two older sisters! Me and my mum have a fantastic relationship, and with our similar taste in designer goodies, I'm lucky that she always lets me use what I want, and vice versa! My dad is also whisking her away to our place in Spain this week, so I hope she will have a lovely time relaxing. Anyway, lovelies I thought I would post a Current Beauty & Skincare Favourites Post, as it seems like I haven't done one in forever. I think favourites posts are so fun to write, and also fun to read! so I hope you enjoy this relaxed "Sunday" inspired post. I have loads of posts planned for the coming weeks, so make sure you keep checking back... as there could be quite an interesting one for my lovely readers. As always, if you need to contact me for any reason you are more than welcome to contact me via my social media icons, or by leaving your thoughts, questions and links in the comments section down below. 
 photo 20bce74d-aa97-4e22-8f5d-9058a57341ff_zps07939735.jpgMy Current Beauty & Skincare Favourites 

Vita Liberata Rich Face Tinted Self Tan Lotion #light
The Vita Liberata Rich Face is a lovely face tan that helps you to achieve a subtle sun kissed glow. With the hope of some nice Spring weather in the UK I decided to make a conscious effort to start adding a glow to my complexion. I have fallen in love with this face tan for so many reasons! but I honestly can't stress enough how moisturising this lotion really is. Vita Liberata use Ultra hydrating Moisture Lock Technology with an array of organic botanical's to create a soothing lotion that adds an instant colour boost to the complexion. However, the colour does continue to develop into a light sun kissed glow throughout the day. Another fantastic thing about this face tan is the fact that it contains Odour Remove, which means that it does not smell in the slightest! I call that a tanning result haha. If you are looking for a streak free and buildable face tan.. then this is definitely worth checking out!

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation B30
I pretty much always profess my love for this foundation, and after 8 bottles I'm sure you lovelies will understand its a firm favourite for me haha. I have recently done an updated review, which you can check out here.

Origins No Puffery Roll On
My Origins No Puffery Roll On has pretty much been a life savour for me the past few months! I work in an environment where I always need to check a computer screen, and on top of that I'm a blogger and a business student. Half the time my eyes feel tired, puffy and irritated and No Puffery is the only thing that actually really works to help cool and de puff. A lot of  eye cooling treatments are only really good for de-puffing, but No Puffery uses Yeast Extract to brighten the look of dark circles as well.

Benefit Girl Meets Pearl Highlighter
I have tried all of the fabulous highlighters from Benefits impressive range, but Girl Meets Pearl is the highlighter that has really impressed me the most. I would describe this as being the baby of Benefit's Moonbeam and Sunbeam, as it combines both Gold and Pink pigments. I much prefer to work with liquid highlighters, as I feel they look more natural. I sometimes mix a hint of this with my foundation if I'm looking for a little extra luminosity! and I definitely think this would suit a lot of skin tones. 

Benefit They're Real
I tend to jump from this to my Chanel Le Volume Mascara, but the past few weeks this has been my favourite. I'm not on my fourth tube, and just feel this is a great mascara for spring! it really helps to awaken the look of my eye by giving my eyes a doll like appearance (but not in a scary doll way haha)

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask
This mask has definitely become one of those products you just cant praise enough.. kinda like my Vitalumiere Aqua haha! I love the way this mask makes my skin feel smoother and hydrated after using it. The mask builds a reservoir of moisture overnight, so regardless of how busy you are going to be the next day you can know that your skin wont suffer. If I have had a cheeky drink (which isn't often) then I always apply this after, as drinking can seriously dehydrate your skin and I know this lovely mask will add all the moisture I need back into my skin 

BOBBI BROWN Corrector #light/medium bisque
After my up and down relationship with Bobbi Brown products, I have finally found something that I can't be without. The BB Corrector is absolutely fabulous for correcting any pesky discolouration, but the most impressive part of this product is its amazing concealing properties. I do love the BB Creamy Concealer, but after using this I find half the time I don't even need it. I will definitely be re-purchasing this little lovely, and would definitely recommend it for anyone looking to cover up any discolouration.
 photo cf26b1a1-b6b3-4b6b-b999-3c5ecb94fd5f_zps960fe150.jpg
I hope you have enjoyed today's post lovelies, and I would love to know if you plan on trying or have already tried any of the products featured in this post. I really do love hearing from you, and I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that receiving a comment notification in your inbox is one of the best feelings ever for a blogger! 

 PS I am now offering advertising from just £3 a month, So if you are interested make sure you check out my "advertising tab" :)

Lots of Love

26 March 2014

Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanning Review ❤

Hi Lovelies!
I hope you have had a great week so far ? I have been feeling quite unwell the past few weeks, so I have decided to go to the doctor's to get some blood tests sorted out. I have so much going on at the moment, and feeling so tired and lethargic all the time is making things so much harder. To be honest I just think I need some sunshine haha! but its better to be safe than sorry I suppose. Despite feeling a little under the weather, I have managed to create a file to keep all of my blog stuff organised! cute organisation is definitely the way forward haha. I'm also in the process of doing the same for my uni work, as I always feel so much happier in myself when I know whats going on with everything. Anyway lovelies! today's post is going to be about a product that I fell in love with a few months ago. I purchased the Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanning a few months ago, and even though I really enjoyed it.. for some reason it just slipped out of my everyday routine (Perhaps I just got lazy haha). So when I rediscovered this product from my collection it wasn't long before I fell in love with it again. I was actually looking to purchase another primer, and when I realised I had four already I decided to be good (for once) and carry on using one I already had. I hope you enjoy this review lovelies, and as always if you need me for anything then don't forget to leave your questions, thoughts and links in the comments section down below.
 photo 7b0c4598-d3d9-4193-94bf-9a2d5e4313bb_zps87977a21.jpgAbout
All the wonderful skin care benefits of our 'best-selling' Instant-Smooth Perfecting Touch, with one extra advantage. The silky, lightweight mousse melts into the skin for quick and easy application. Lines and enlarged pores are instantly smoothed away .The complexion is left looking radiant and later develops a subtle healthy glow. With regular application, the tan intensifies but always with a subtle, natural-looking colour result.

Review - The Good
A perfectly perfected, primed, tanned and cared for complexion ? sounds perfect right! well this is exactly what the Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanning offers. If you have used Benefit's POREfessional then this is the less drying version, with the added bonus of a little self tan too! - It has been highly recommended by the lovely Vivianna Does Makeup, and I'm also a huge fan. Firstly, it comes packaged in a beautiful luxe glass jar! a touch of luxury is always a nice thing haha. I also love the fragrance, it kind of has a really light a fresh caramel scent if that makes any sense at all (describing scents has never been my strongest point haha) The texture of this product is best described as being beautifully soft and lightweight. It seamlessly covers any enlarged pores and uneven areas to leave your skin feeling like you wish it always would! - It instantly gives your skin a lovely "glow from within" kind of look, and then it continues to develop throughout the day leaving you with a super healthy and lightly bronzed complexion. Moving onto its fantastic priming properties! where do I start ? It is basically the same product as the Clarins Smooth Touch Primer, which is a firm favourite in the blogosphere, as well as winning many awards. I didn't really pay attention to its priming properties when I first started using this in October, but after 5 hours of wearing my make-up yesterday I took a mirror and looked up close to my skin, and couldn't believe my eyes. My make up still appeared perfect, and I couldn't see any uneven areas or enlarged pores! usually towards to 5-6 hour mark I find my make-up starts to look a little tired. However, I can hand on my heart say I genuinely had a shock when I looked in the mirror to see a smooth and radiant looking complexion. If that isn't enough it also has skincare properties, and uses Acacia micro-pearls to trap in moisture which means you shouldn't experience any dryness with this product. This product will also be highly suited to lighter skinned ladies, as the end results are so natural and non scary! I also think this is good enough to even skip foundation on a "good skin day" I'm in love!
 photo 3fd44988-1649-4724-9150-19b8a71c1377_zps36f9690d.jpgReview - The Bad
There definitely isn't anything bad about this product! but I always try to make a few recommendations, just so my lovely readers know exactly where they stand with a product. Firstly, even though the scent is lovely it might not be to every ones taste, so its always worth checking it out at a counter before purchasing if you know you are a little sensitive to particular fragrances. Secondly, the tan this product gives is quite light, and simply might not be enough for some people. The shade does become deeper if you use it every single day, but I still find the colour to be a more healthy "glow from within" kind of shade opposed to a typical "tan" look.
 photo 3fce3d0f-eef4-4664-805f-b8e82c0bfc42_zpsb19fedcc.jpgOverall
If you are looking for a product to improve the overall look of your complexion then this could quite possibly be it. It perfects, primes, moisturises and adds a subtle glow to your skin all in one! don't be put off by the caramel colour, as the end result is truly natural. I would really recommend this product, and for £19.00 I think its quite well priced, as you only need a pea sized amount each time... plus it does so much to help improve the overall look of your skin. I hope you have enjoyed today's post, and I really love hearing from you all.. so don't forget to leave your questions, thoughts and links down below.

PS Lovelies - I have also introduced three simple advertising packages to my blog, which you can check out here prices start from £3.00 If you are interested and you can e-mail india504@hotmail for more info and special offers.

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23 March 2014

Holy Grail Foundation - Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua❤

Hi Lovelies!
I hope you are all doing really well ? - Today I have been working at the spa with my lovely spa girls, and I managed to get half a day due to some commitments. I'm actually starting back my uni work soon, and I'm kinda stressing about how I'm going to balance university, blogging, work, working for my dad and also my personal life! I will do it, but I'm a natural worrier.. so sometimes I can work myself up way more than I need to. I have been thinking about what to post this weekend, but after a recent blog comment it suddenly come to me! I haven't done an updated review post on my beloved Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation since like 2012 when i first started blogging properly. I have had a few requests to do an updated post on this foundation, especially as I spend half my time rambling on about how much I love it and how many bottles I have used haha. I hope this post is informative for you lovelies, and as always if you have any questions then don't forget to leave them in the comments section down below. If you are looking for a quicker and more direct response you can always use my social media icons to get in touch, just under my picture!
 photo dc54733b-89b9-4a59-87aa-94059521dac8_zps5960f83e.jpg
You know that friend or person in your life that you know in and out and have such a great relationship with... well thats me and my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation! ( I can't believe I'm comparing this foundation to a friend haha) I am just starting my 8th bottle, and I love it just as much as I did when I first tried it. Don't get me wrong I do go in and out of using this foundation, especially when I find other great foundations like the NARS Sheer Glow for example. However, nothing keeps me coming back for more like this one does! I have decided to try and do a more organised review for this product, as I could ramble on about this foundation and tell you stories about it for days haha. 

About the foundation
The Chanel Vitlumiere Aqua foundation is a water based foundation that offers a incomparable second skiing result. It has a semi-matte finish, with an SPF of 15 to help protect from damaging sun rays.

This is definitely a "skin perfecting" light coverage foundation, but it still has enough coverage to cover up redness and minor marks. I love this foundation all year round, but in the summer it gives you just the right "breathable" coverage (with the added bonus of a little SPF too!) - I would also say its suitable more the majority of skin types... but perhaps not for majorly oily or majorly dry.

For a light weight foundation the longevity is amazing! it lasts a good 6 hours without a powder and that extra bit longer with the help of a setting powder! it doesn't last as long as my NARS Sheer Glow, but the NARS SG is a medium coverage foundation which explains its longer lasting time :)

Chanel are quite famous for their "fresh floral scent" that they add to a lot of their formulations. I am used to it now, but if you are really sensitive to scents then I would 100% recommend checking it out at a counter first. The good thing is the floral scent vanishes not long after applying the foundation, which is good if you are a little worried about being sensitive to the fragrance.

I go between B20/B30 and I have included both swatches in the image below. They are both very similar actually, but B20 is a lot lighter than it appears in this swatch until it oxidises, and then it almost turns into B30! - I have found that B30 doesn't really oxidise in comparison to B20 (on my skin anyway) I use B20 in the winter as its a fraction lighter, and then B30 in the summer. The "B" range is the neutral shade range that Chanel offer, which I think is suitable for all undertones as it helps to even out your tone overall. I have added some of my other foundation shades, just in case you are having trouble deciding.

NARS Sheer Glow - Punjab
YSL Le Touche Eclat/ Youth Liberator - B30/40 ( I prefer 30 though, as it was a more Yellow undertone, which helps to cancel out my redness )
L'Oreal True Match - W3
 photo 9dc2fcd9-7237-489d-bf13-fd03b02b4638_zps8805182f.jpg
This is a beautiful foundation! and the only one I have ever found that has offered such a fresh and breathable finish, with the added bonus of good coverage. It literally defines "second skin" in foundation talk, and I think it is suited to a lot of skin types. It is on the lighter side of the coverage scale, but it still covers up redness and minor imperfections with a good 6 hour staying power. If you are sensitive to fragrance then I would recommend you visiting your local counter. Also if you are a fan of the "make up" look then I would probably give this one a miss, and opt for something with a more medium/full coverage. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post my lovelies, and I look forward to speaking to you soon! don't forget to leave your thoughts and links in the comments section down below.

PS - A massive welcome to my blog if you are visiting from tonights #bbloggers chat!

Lots of love

19 March 2014

The Jewel Beauty - Mother's Day Treats

Hi Lovelies!
Hope your doing well ? I'm enjoying a few days off before I work all weekend (boohoo) but I suppose I can't complain after having quite a few days off haha. I start back uni next week, so I'm trying to write lots of posts so that I don't get stressed about not posting enough. I'm a natural worrier so I pretty much find anything to worry about haha! anyway.. I have spent this morning looking for some great gifts for this mother's day. I have tried to pick products that I have either used or know a little about, so hopefully this post will be helpful to you! especially if you are still searching for the perfect gift. I don't really do posts like these normally, but i'm trying really hard to make my blog as diverse as possible. I would really appreciate your feedback, and would love to know what other posts you would like to see on my blog in the coming weeks ? - as always lovelies, feel free to leave your thoughts and links in the comments section down below and if there is anything you need help with just use my social media icons on the right hand side to contact me :)
 photo b804cdcf-aca4-4656-960d-8e28cc0b3cb7_zpsbe0e3f6f.jpg

A perfectly packaged skincare gift that would make a gorgeous present for Mother's Day! I have personally tried some of the products from this collection and they are fantastic for enhancing your natural radiance. All of the products also have fantastic natural anti aging, and skin plumping properties. 

NEOM are well known for being a luxury home and lifestyle brand, and that is what makes this gift a perfect option for any mum looking to relax and unwind. The Happiness Pack allows you to choose two NEOM travel candles of your choice, as well as including beautiful packaging! I think this gift is a really thoughtful option, as your not just choosing a gift set off the shelf. This gift set allows you to choose two scents that you know your mum will really love! Each candle burns for 20 hours, and you save £5.00 off the RRP

A fun and very luxurious gift for any makeup loving mum! The Guerlain Meteorites Bubble blush comes in two shades perfect for spring, as well as having a gorgeous and comfortable cream texture.

WOW! when I found this I knew I just had to include it. The Zodiac Compact is a translucent pressed powder, which helps to give the skin a luminous finish that minimises the look of lines and wrinkles. This is such a unique and special product that would be great for mums that like to collect, and especially for mums that love their star signs. 

I can definitely recommend this product, as I work at an Elemis spa and this new release is just beautiful. Elemis use the finest and most exquisite ingredients from around the world to replicate your own exotic spa experience. Key ingredients include Jasmine, White Lotus Flower, Argan Oil and Vitamin E! your skin will be left feeling soft and smooth making this another perfect option for this coming mother's day.

Another for the makeup loving mums out there! The new Estee Lauder Double Wear BB is a fantastic way to get all the skincare benefits of a BB, but with the added coverage we wish all BB's had!

A beautifully presented gift set and a perfect way to make your eyes pop. This would make a great gift, especially with the addition of the full size iconic Touche Eclat Forever Youth Liberator eye cream and a sample of the well loved baby doll mascara! This is also a great gift set to help hide pesky dark circles.

A lovely little treat with some of Ted's favourite treats from his Orchind collection. I think this gift set would make a luxurious little treat that any mum would indulge in come bath time.

For just £10.00 I think this gift is gorgeous! I have used the Rose hand cream before and I can honestly say it has such a beautiful and very delicate rose scent, plus its not greasy at all. The kit also includes cuticle cream and a file, which is perfect for mums that like to keep their hands in tip top condition.

I hope this post has been useful for you lovelies, and if you have done a similar post then make sure you leave it down below for me to check out!

Take Care!

18 March 2014

The Jewel Beauty Blog - Spring Clean!

Hi Lovelies!
Honestly, I can't even begin to explain how excited I am about today's post. I have mentioned on and off the past few months about a planned spring clean for my blog, and finally it has taken place woohoo. I have been working with the lovely Felicity from "Pursuit Of Felicity Designs" who I must say is absolutely amazing. She has previously worked on my blog and my business, which is in the process of being re branded. If you are looking for a blog or business design, I would really recommend Felicity as she works so closely with you to ensure that the final product is perfect. Her prices are also fantastic in comparison to other designers, so I will leave all of her details at the bottom of the post. Anyway! here is to the unveiling of my new blog design, which has been inspired for my love of the classic Chanel quilting. I have made a few other changes like the colour palette, a new signature and a few more bits and bobs just to tidy up my blog a little for 2014. I did debate changing my header, but after having it hand drawn for me I have decided to keep it as it is really personal to me. Jewel is my middle name, and of course I love Jewels ;) and my header features two of my handbags, and lots of makeup! I just couldn't bare to get rid of it haha. I hope you like my blog "spring clean" and I would really love to hear your thoughts down below. I have decided to include a short "Get to know me & my blog" style TAG for my readers old and new. I have been lucky enough to gain lots of new readers, and its really important to me that all my readers have a little personal connection with me and my blog. 
Get to know me and my blog questions

why did you start blogging ?
I started blogging because I have always known that I have had a creative streak of some sort, but I couldn't do the typical things like singing or drawing ( I can't even draw a straight stick man)haha! and don't even get me started on singing! So when I realised I was good at writing I think blogging came naturally to me. Then when I fell madly in love with makeup I started looking at reviews on the Internet, and realised I could do this too! - I originally started a tumblr blog called "the price of beauty" but after getting quite a few negative "anon" comments it really affected my confidence, as I was around 15/16 at the time. In 2012 I realised how miserable I was without a blog, and I started the Jewel Beauty Blog. It has been a completely positive experience, and again I have made friends for life. There will always be ups and downs, but i'm wiser now and will never give up  something I love again. 

Where did your blog name come from ?
Jewel is my middle name and I love beauty! I really wanted to add a personal touch to my blog, so adding my middle name was the perfect way to do that. 

What can your readers expect from your blog ?
Plenty of in-depth reviews haha!! I get so many personal messages and blog comments about how in depth my reviews are. I always make sure I write about the good and bad, as I like my reviews to be as honest and reliable as possible. For example even if I like the scent of a product, I will try to explain it in as much detail as I know some of my readers might not have the same taste as me. I am trying to make my blog more diverse as well so expect more FOTD, OOTDS'S and Lifestyle inspired posts. 

A message to your readers old and new ?
A massive thank you to my readers who have been with me from the very start. When bloggers message me with positive feedback, it honestly makes me feel so happy inside.  I also want to say a massive hello to my new readers, and I hope you enjoy reading my blog. I always try my best to help out new bloggers, as I remember the days when I wasn't sure of what I was  doing.. and all I wanted was a blog comment haha! I will always help and give advice, as well as trying to RT links and help out where and when I can. 
 photo 9628adc4-c64e-43f9-84d3-b788537236c3_zps0565a4ab.jpg

Wow! that was a long post haha :) I hope you enjoyed it though lovelies, and I hope you like my new layout. Don't forget to leave your thoughts and links in the comments section down below.

Find out more about Felicity and her design business here - Pursuit of Felicity Designs



16 March 2014

The Beauty Tag 2014

 photo 977bd32d-9e09-4b91-a120-81e5245c3164_zps42826db3.jpg
[Weheartit - Edited by The Jewel Beauty]
Hi Lovelies! just a quick intro today haha, I found this beauty TAG from Jennie at Sailboat a UK fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog and thought I would give it a go. I really like the questions, and I thought it would be a nice relaxed Sunday post for you lovelies. I hope you enjoy it, and let me know if you get around to doing it yourselves! I will definitely check it out. 

Do you remember your first makeup item ?
Haha I sure do! It was a Bourjois 3D Effet Lip gloss. I was obsessed with them in school, and pretty much had one in every colour haha.

What kind coverage do you prefer for your foundation ?
I'm definitely a light to medium kind of girl. For my everyday foundation I love the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, and for a more medium coverage option I love to use the NARS Sheer Glow foundation.

Favourite high end brands ?
I would have to say Chanel, Benefit and NARS

Favourite drugstore/high street brands ?
Probably Revlon and Bourjois! I also like the L'Oreal True Match foundation.

What cosmetics brands have you always wanted to try but still haven't ?
I really want to try some products from Charlotte Tilbury and Kevyn Aucoin, some of their products look amazing!

Do you wear fake eyelashes ?
I was obsessed with them when I was like 16! but now I only wear them for special events. I love my Benefit "They're Real" Mascara for a doll like lash look.

Is there any kind of make up you can't leave the house without ?
Haha this might sound terrible! but I don't leave the house without having at least 3-5 lipsticks rolling around in my bag. I just feel like lipstick really reflects how I'm feeling that day.

What is your most cherished beauty product ?
My Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation is seriously my HG! I'm just starting my 8th bottle now, so I would definitely say its my most cherished beauty product haha.

How often do you shop for make up? Do you pick out a lot of products at once.
I do shop quite a lot for make up, but not as much as I did last year haha. I have tried to become a little more disciplined, but I can't resist new collections! they are my weakness. 

Do you have a beauty budget ?
I wish I did haha! - However, I have gotten a lot better recently and I try to use products I already have, instead of going out to buy similar products just because they are new releases. 

What type of product do you buy the most ?
Definitely lipsticks! I just can't help myself with all the beautiful shades haha. I also sometimes use my lipstick as a blush if I'm in a rush and want to keep my makeup look coordinated.

Do you have a favourite place to shop for make up ?
Definitely Debenhams! I am a beauty club card holder, and love getting the points and free delivery!

If you could only buy from one brand, which brand would you choose ?
I would probably say Chanel! (expensive option I know haha) I have used it since I was 16 and could definitely buy all my make up from there. I love loads of brands but find I only shop MAC for their lipsticks .. Benefit for their highlighters and blushers etc! However, I love all Chanel makeup. I would probably choose Revlon as my drugstore choice, as you just can't beat their lip products and their foundations are pretty good too.

Which brand has the best packaging ?
That's a toughie! I would say YSL or Chanel packaging. Chanel is so simple and classy, but the YSL Rouge Volupte Packaging is just beautiful.

Which do you apply first, concealer or foundation ?
I always apply foundation first, and then go back with my concealer to the area's I think need a Little extra coverage.

Do you like multifunctional products like lip and cheek stains ?
I do sometimes, I really like Benefit's Fine One One that can be used as a cheek colour, highlighter and lip stain.

Do you apply your foundation with a brush, sponge of fingers?
I always use a brush, but sometimes I do use my fingers for a more natural finish. I have never been able to get along with the beauty blender, so I don't tend do use a sponge at all really.

Which foundation do you use the most?
I can't get enough of the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua! I think I mentioned above that I'm just starting my 8th bottle. I try and love loads of foundations, but this is the one I always go back to.

Do you use a make up base or primer for the eyes?
I don't tend to do to much eye make up on a day to day basis, but when I do I normally opt for my Urban Decay Primer Potion.

I hope you enjoyed this TAG lovelies! I really liked the questions, and therefore I TAG ALL of my lovely readers to do this. Make sure you leave your thoughts and links in the comments section down below, as I really do love hearing from you all. 


12 March 2014

Balance Me - Moisture Rich Face Cream & Radiance facial Oil Review

Hi Beauties!
Hope you are all doing really well, and that you are enjoying the week so far? I have been a busy bee again, as I'm preparing to start back my studying, after taking a break for a month. Today's post is going to be back to skincare! and you know how much I love my skincare haha. I have been enjoying these two products for quite a while now, but I wanted to make sure I had given them both a proper test drive before reviewing them on my blog. I'm sure most of you are familiar with the brand "Balance Me" who are well known for their passionate approach to natural skincare. The thing I love about Balance Me is the way that they create their products to be so luxurious, but at a much more affordable price in comparison to other luxury skincare brands. The two products I have been testing recently are the Radiance Facial Oil and the (moisturiser) I have previously used the eye cream and lip balm, which are also fantastic. Balance Me have also won a wide range of awards for their skincare, so if you fancy checking that out just click here. I hope you enjoy this post lovelies, and as always don't forget to leave your thoughts and links in the comments section down below. You can also contact me via my social media icons located just to the right hand side :)
 photo cf2c811a-ee89-487b-8ff8-e4dab5c829ba_zps8b1be2b2.jpg
Moisture Rich Face Cream
For quite a while I starved my skin of nourishing products, as I was convinced that if I used thicker products that my t-zone would become oily ( I was so wrong ) by starving your skin of vital nourishing ingredients, you can actually make your skin more combination/oily than if you were to just use a normal moisturising cream. The Moisture Rich Face Cream is absolutely beautiful, and it makes my skin feel so comfortable, nourished and bright. I also love the lightly floral scent, which makes it even nicer to use! some of the key ingredients Artic cloudberry (anti oxidant) and a selection of exquisite rose oils that leave the skin smooth and supple. The cream is quite thick, but is spreads evenly on the skin leaving a lovely silky soft base for your makeup. I'm fine with thick creams as long as they disappear relatively quickly without leaving any residue, and this cream does exactly that. I have been loving this cream for the transition from Winter to Spring, as it has kept my skin intensely hydrated throughout the varying weather we have had in the UK .. one minute its floods.. one minute its sunny haha! - I would recommend this for normal, combination and dry skin types, but if you are quite oily I would opt for the Balancing option, which I have previously used and liked too.  

Radiance Facial Oil
Described as being Highly emollient yet super-absorbent this miracle oil has firmly embedded itself in my daily skincare routine. Key ingredients include Amazonian buriti nut oil, Roman chamomile, yarrow and benxoin which help to feed the skin with a replenishing blend of skin boosting and smoothing ingredients. If your skin is quite troublesome then the use of oil on oil is actually really balancing (it took me ages to get my head around this) but after trying it for myself, I must admit its true. The radiance facial oil is designed to be an extra boost of hydration, which can be applied before your day/night moisturiser or as a nourishing treatment by itself. Within a week I noticed my skin was a lot more even, smooth and brighter looking. It also sinks in really quickly, and I actually struggled to get a good swatch of it, as it starts sinking in straight away. The scent is very sophisticated and really quite relaxing, which makes it lovely to use as an overnight treatment, as well as an everyday boost.

 photo 34aaeae3-64ff-4ac7-90ca-5dd47e464fe1_zps11bdb119.jpg
Balance me has proven itself to be a very impressive brand, as it offers the same high quality and luxury formulations of brands that cost over £30.00 per product. Balance me also offer three different sizes per product, which is great as obviously that alters the price you pay :) - I have really enjoyed using the two products mentioned in this post, and I'm pretty excited to try some more products from the brand. 

I would love to know what you thought of this post lovelies! and if you have any recommendations for me then don't forget to leave them in the comments section down below.

Check out the Balance Me website here


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8 March 2014

FOTD - Simple Eyes... Striking Lips ❤

Hi Lovelies!
I hope you are doing well! I am finally back to my normal happy self as all the problems I have been having are slowly getting resolved. I actually feel so proud that I have come out of the last few weeks with such a positive mind set. I also think this little bit of sunshine we are having in the UK has helped to make me feel a little more chirpy haha. It's also the first time I have been able to drive home with my roof off on my car since I got it last September, so that was pretty fun too. Anyway, I have decided to do a face of the day post for you lovelies, as I haven't done one in so long! I feel like I'm little miss reviewer haha. I'm not actually doing or going anywhere that exciting today apart from food shopping at Sainsbury's, so I haven't made too much effort with my hair or outfit. However, I fancied showing you the kind of makeup look I'm going for at the moment, which is typically natural on the eye and striking on the lip. I actually used my Ipad to take these pictures today, as my camera was in the car (naughty blogger) but I hope they are okay enough to give you the general gist of today's look. I hope you will enjoy today's more relaxed and chatty post, and if you would like to see more then make sure you let me know in the comments section down below. 
 photo a14f9293-d26c-4a13-a009-8c91c095b2f8_zps1ba69ec0.jpg
Firstly I applied my new foundation L'Oreal True Match W3 with my Real Techniques expert face brush. I then applied my Benefit Erase Paste #1 concealer under my eye are to create a bright and dark circle free look. To give my complexion a little extra oomph I used my NARS Laguna Bronzer to very lightly contour my face, as well as using my Benefit Watts Up Highlighter on the high points of my face to help give my complexion a glowy appearance. The L'Oreal True Match Foundation is fantastic, but its a little more matte than I'm used to, so I always make sure I highlight when using it. On my cheeks I added some Benefit Sugarbomb Blush, as this blush just looks amazing with everything. Moving onto my eyes I kept it very simple with just a few flicks of Benefit's They're Real Mascara, which is definitely one of my favourites and I think I might even be just be starting my forth tube today.  I didn't do much with my brows today apart from using the gel from my Benefit Brow Zings to just tidy them up. On my lips I used my new Revlon Colorburst Matte Lipbalm in the shade Unapologetic which is a striking Coral/Pink even though it looks like a true Pink in the pictures (full review coming soon) then to finish off my look I used my Chanel Loose Powder to set my makeup for the day
 photo 072266af-d957-4872-b482-386cfe9a5ca2_zpsb70e4746.jpg
After writing this post its safe to say I'm having quite a Benefit Makeup Day haha! I hope you have enjoyed this post lovelies! I am actually in the process of planning some exciting changes for my blog.. so make sure you keep checking back to see how its progressing. I absolutely love hearing from you, and each comment sticks a smile on my face from ear to ear!

Take Care!

7 March 2014

Laurens Way Darker Than Dark Glam Tan

Hi Beauties!
Hope you are all doing well! I have been enjoying a couple of days off work, as well as attending some quite exciting meetings and a spot of retail therapy yesterday. I'm pretty excited at the thought of a new property development project, as I am going to be doing a lot of work for it which will give me some amazing work experience. I will definitely keep you lovelies updated, and I'm currently preparing a little haul post for you lovelies to see, so make sure you check back for that. Today’s post is going to be about a fabulous new tanning product that I have discovered, and I can assure you it’s a little gem haha. The beauty and tanning brand Laurens Way was created by Lauren Goodger who you probably recognise from the Only Way Is Essex (Aka TOWIE) I think Lauren has done so well and used her time in TOWIE as a positive experience to help create a business and future for herself outside of the hit TV show. I’m very supportive of women making their way in the world of business, as I’m also an aspiring businesswoman myself. Not only has Lauren created a beauty and tanning brand, but she has created a brand that has become very successful in a short space of time, which is really inspiring. 
 photo 5dc03172-1552-4af3-999a-8706c0fd7456_zps39c0376a.jpg
The New Darker Than Dark Glam Tan is a long lasting/quick drying spray formula that can be used on both the face and body. The spray bottle allows for a easy and even application, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a spray tan from the comfort of your own home. The Darker Than Dark formula provides a gorgeous, deeply bronzed colour in just one application.

The Review
I have been using this tan for just over two weeks now, and I am genuinely so impressed. It has completely kicked my Vita Liberata Tan to the curb, and has been my tan of choice since first using it. I tan around twice a week, and top up my face around three times a week, and this tan has seriously ticked all the boxes. The colour it gives is quite deep and reminds me of a beautiful Caribbean holiday (could totally do with one about now haha)

I have previously used brands including, Xen-Tan, St Tropez, Vita Liberata, NIP+FAB and few more, and the LW Darker Than Dark Glam Tan definitely rivals if not betters them in my opinion. It does give quite a deep bronze colour, as you can see from the swatches below. However, because it applies so evenly it does look a lot more natural and wearable than you might think. I also love the fact that it doesn't smell at all! my boyfriend hasn't complained once about this time (and that's a first haha) another great thing about this tan is that it has a great guide colour, which helps to stop any cheeky little tanning mistakes.

The only disadvantage is the packaging, as the logo and writing on the bottle easily rubs off. Whilst testing this tan out, I was actually travelling a lot between my boyfriends house and my house, so when I was able to get the time to take pictures the bottle looked a little well loved haha! However, I honestly wouldn't let this get in the way of buying the tan again, especially for just under £20.00 its a bargain in comparison to some Vita Liberata and Xen Tan. If your a fan of the spray tan effect which I am, then you will love this tan as it really does give you a deep, even and smooth looking tan.
 photo 0e1028b7-c380-42d2-85e3-740a97ca3ad7_zps193344ae.jpg
After trying out this tan it has definitely become my tan of choice, and the fact I can tan without my boyfriend moaning at me is a huge bonus haha. It offers the same high quality results that you would associate with more expensive tanning products from Vita Liberata and Xen-Tan for around £8-10 cheaper. I would recommend this more for people who have had some practise with tanning and the techniques to achieve the best results. If you are a little unsure with tanning then Laurens Way also has some other alternatives that will offer a more subtle colour. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post beauties! and I would love to hear your thoughts about this tan! - You can also check out the LW website and tan here

Take care beauties!

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