27 April 2014

Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick - Pink Voltage❤

Hi Beauties!
Hope you have all had a lovely weekend so far ? I must admit I have had a bit of an up and down week! I'm sure a few of you might already know that I haven't been very well recently. I attended a consultation the other day, and the results wernt quite as good as I was expecting. I haven't fully disclosed what is going on with me at the moment on my social media, but once things have calmed down I am thinking about maybe writing a post to explain, and of course raise awareness. However, on a brighter note I have been given an interview for an amazing job! I'm so excited, and I will keep you updated on my progress with that. Today's post is going to be about a lipstick that I have been loving recently! I actually mentioned it in a previous post, but I wanted to get a full review of this product on my blog for all my lovely readers. I have always admired Estee Lauder as a brand, and have started investing a little more in their skin care and beauty products. On the subject of beauty.. I placed a very cheeky Selfridges and Space NK order today, so I'm really excited to get those goodies in the post so I can do an initial thoughts/haul type of post. I hope you enjoy today's post lovelies, and if you need me for anything just use my social media icons to contact me. I would also love to see your thoughts, links and questions in the comments section down below. I also want to take the chance to apologise for being a little quiet on the blogging front, and I might be for the next week whilst I'm getting a few things sorted in my personal life. However, I just want to thank you all for you support! I don't know where I would be without my little blogging community!
I really like Estee Lauder as a brand and I do have a small collection, but I don’t tend to stop by the EL counter quite as much as say Chanel, Benefit or NARS. However, there were a few bits that I wanted to pick up, which I have posted, about here. I happened to stumble across Pink Voltage whilst waiting for the sales assistant to finish with another customer.. What beauty blogger doesn’t love a good swatch? Haha. When I swatched Pink Voltage I genuinely couldn’t believe how beautiful it was! If you like Pink and you like shimmer/glitter then you honestly need this lipstick in your life. Anyway, I decided to purchase it as I couldn’t leave it behind! I have been wearing it quite a lot, and thought it would be a good idea to tell you what I think about it.

Firstly, the packaging is beautiful! I feel like YSL & Chanel get all the praise (and rightly so) but I do think this particular Estee Lauder packaging is pretty beautiful too. I love the fact you can see the lipstick colour, and its much easier to find it in comparison to searching your collection for a MAC lipstick where you have to turn them all upside down haha. The shade “Pink Voltage” isn’t anywhere as crazy as it sounds haha! When I think of that name I think of a super bright neon. However, the shade is a lovely middle toned Pink with the most beautiful shimmer, its such a gorgeous spring/summer shade. I must admit it’s a tiny bit gritty, but nothing a lip balm can’t sort out! I know that might be a turn off for some people, but it’s not an uncomfortable formula at all. It does have a pretty impressive stay time as well, and it easily lasts 5 hours! Even when it does finally vanish it definitely leaves a lovely Pink stain to the lips. 

I also wanted to mention the lovely lip conditioner that the Sales Assistant kindly gave me. I told her about my "dry lips" and she gave me this lip balm to wear under #Pink Voltage to make it more comfortable to wear. I can't actually find it on the website to tell you more, but if you ever stop by the EL counter and purchase a lipstick.. its definitely worth asking if they have any lip conditioner's to go with your purchase :) I use mine every single day, and it makes wearing all my lipsticks so much easier.
 photo 84b82d90-f760-49f4-baad-af31bc8c97e3_zps89c9a93b.jpg
For me it has to be one of my favourite lipstick purchases for a long time! I tend to buy a lot of light pinks and coral’s but this is something different for me. Pink Voltage is totally wearable, but the shimmer does give it a little something extra! I think shimmer scares a lot of people, but the shimmer in this lipstick is perfectly classy, and not at all disco ball Esq haha. The formula is surprisingly creamy, which makes it very comfortable to wear despite the shimmer. If you are looking for a pretty new addition to you Summery lipstick collection, then this lovely little number is worth checking out!

Lots of love


  1. This sounds really good ! I never actually used a high end lipstick before except for the YSL glossy stain; Im way too reluctant to spend so much on a lipstick as I do not wear them often. But I will defo buy one soon and perhaps may try this as I do like pink :)

    Good review xx


  2. I was just browsing by and came upon your gorgeous blog - it is so amazing with interesting posts! I had to follow through GFC :) x keep in touch !


  3. The colour looks beautiful!!!! and the packaging looks so expensive too! Love your blog! <3 xxx Look forward to reading more posts! :)


  4. Is it long lasting? I like lippies which are creamy and long lasting.
    ~Pauline @Kallony

  5. I cannot seem to find this lipstick anymore I adore it. Typical.

  6. I cannot seem to find this lipstick anymore I adore it. Typical.


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