11 May 2014

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Breast Scare 
I have debated whether or not to talk about this, but I have decided to because I think raising awareness is the most important part of this topic. I'm sure if you are a regular reader you would have seen a few tweets that maybe made you think what was going on... about two months ago now I found a lump in my right breast. I honestly can't explain the fear that rushed through my body when I found it, as well as a huge feeling of guilt.  I do check my boobs, but I must admit I don't do it half as much as I should... considering there is breast cancer in my distant family, so as you can imagine it made me feel very foolish. I was alone when I found the lump, and was actually getting ready to go out and do a spot of shopping. I noticed that my right breast looked a lot fuller, so I randomly decided to check.. and found the lump. 
Finding a lump instantly puts everything into perspective, and makes you realise how important life is. I'm sure you all know I like my make-up, handbags and a few other things, but these things become completely irrelevant, and the only thing that matters is your health and your close family and friends. My doctor referred me for an emergency scan, as she was quite worried about the lump. I had to wait two weeks for the letter, and when it came the appointment was quite far away. I actually wanted to stay with the NHS, but shortly after I started having terrible dreams about my lump, as well as hot sweats throughout the night. I do suffer on and off with anxiety, and if you know me well then you will know how much of a worrier I really am. I got to the stage where I couldn't cope with work, uni and the stress of not knowing what was going on, so I decided to go private. After my initial chat and examination with my consultant he told me that he thought it was a tumour. A tumour!! I couldn't believe it, but luckily he told me it would be very unlikely at my age to be cancer. I decided to go for an ultra sound, which revealed my tumour... but also another mass of tissue. Being led on the bed and being told that there was more just made me feel physically sick. The doctor recommended that I have an immediate needle core biopsy.
 I decided to go ahead with the needle core biopsy right there and then, and even though it was pretty scary I'm glad I went through with it. I don't think I was quite prepared for it, and my boob is still heavily bruised and sore... but its a very small price to pay in the grand scale of things. I have had my results back now, and I actually have three complex non cancerous tumours which might need to be operated on within the next few months. Most women only have one, but as I have three there is an increased chance of developing breast cancer, but as long as I'm more cautious everything should be fine. I really didn't know whether or not to talk about this on my blog, but I felt that I had to raise awareness. Even though breast cancer in young girls is uncommon its still very possible, and finding a lump in your breast/armpit early could be a life saver. I feel I was quite naive and never thought it would happen to me, but finding a lump has put a whole lot of things into perspective. The past two months have been like hell, and I have been plauged daily with worry, and this is something I would hate someone else to go through. I have been lucky to have fantastic support, so If you have any questions about seeing your doctor, needle core biopsies or anything else related to breast lumps make sure you message me. I'm by no means an expert, but I feel that my experience could at least help someone and if not.. then at least raise some awareness. So get checking lovelies!

I got the job!!
Phew! now I have got that over and done with I can finally announce "I got the job" woohoo! - I work at an Elemis Spa situated within a beautiful five star resort. I love working there (even though spa life can get stressful) haha! - I applied for a "Digital Media Assistant Role" at the hotel, at the same time as everything was going on with my breast scare. I was very scared, but knew I had to give this a go even if I wasn't feeling in a good place. I managed to get myself together and get prepared for my interview, and to my complete and utter surprise I got the job! It seems surreal that I have my dream job waiting for me, and I'm so excited about working with all the fantastic events at the hotel. The girls at the marketing office are absolutely fantastic, and have already made me feel a part of their team. I feel this is really the start of a great future for me, but firstly I have to say thank you to some fantastic people who have helped me on my way! I really appreciate everyone who has supported me through this tough time, as well as the lovely people who have helped and supported me in getting this job (thanks to everyone who filled out my questionnaire too) I might have forgotten a few people, but I'm hugely thankful to anyone who has supported me and my blog :)

Thank you to every single person who has supported me and my blog! - Leave your link down below, and I will add you to the list above :)

I hope you have enjoyed this post lovelies.. it's a lot more personal than I tend to post, but its good to have a chit chat now and then! I just wanted to get a few things off my chest, and I feel like now I can get back into my blogging routine. I have plenty of beauty related things to post about ;) and you can always check out my Instagram and Twitter for regular updates. 

Lots of love!

PS - Thank You to everyone who wished me a happy 22nd Birthday on the 1st May! x


  1. I'm so glad you're ok, and so happy for you in getting the job, it's the start of a new, positive and exciting chapter in your life x x x


  2. I felt for you so much reading this - my mum recently had a similar sort of scare and i completely know what you mean when you say all material things suddently become irrelevant. All you can think of is the result - waiting for the date when it will come around. Not knowing is the worst! I'm so glad that everything turned out to be ok and that you're getting sorted - and i think its great that you're speaking out about it. I'm a massive worrier like you and I can only imagine how horrible it must have been to discover it when you were on your own! Congrats on getting the job - hopefully it is onwards and upwards from here! <3 lots of love xx

  3. I had a scare a few years ago but luckily was nothing, can imagine what you are going through and so glad it's nothing serious. Congratulations on the new job, some good news to lift your spirits xxx

  4. I had a scare a couple of months a go too but mine turned out to be nothing. My mum has just finished treatment for her breast cancer back in February so I completely understand how scared you must have been. I'm so glad it turned out to be nothing sinister for you and hope you get well soon. And a huge congratulations on getting the job, well done!!

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

  5. I am glad your okay. My mums friend has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and i can't imagine what she and her family are going through, its a horrible disease that needs to be stopped. I am glad its nothing big with you, but its still so important to check your breasts for any women and congratulations on the new job!! so exciting!!!

    zoebowx.com xxx

  6. Such a touching post! I m so glad you are okay now, and i can understand all that you went through. I just wish the best things for your future dear! Congrats on the job :)

    - Chaitra | PinkPot

  7. I am so glad to hear you are ok, what are horrible thing to have to wait and worry each day. You see these things on the telly and never think they will happen to you.
    And congratulations on your new Job, working with Elemis, thats amazing I would love a change of career and to work in a spa I'm sure you will love it


  8. Wow, that's quite scary - I've just turned 22 too, I think you've really put it in perspective for me! I have a little boy and I'm 7 months pregnant, I must admit I never really worried about cancer before. Hope everything goes OK, can't imagine how scared you must have been. Thankyou for sharing, you've done a hell of a lot of good posting this, and congratulations on the job! x

  9. Ooh my gosh Hun, I saw your tweets but didn't realise what was going on. My mum got breast cancer last year, and best it, but the worst part was the waiting around for tests and appointments it was torture, so can't imagine what it's like being the one going through it. Glad you have got it all sorted and hope your starting to feel better. Huge congratulations on the job especially to get it when you were going through all this, you should be so proud of yourself :)
    Big fan of your blog it's one of the first I ever read, good luck with everything stay strong you were really brave to post this and raise awareness. Xx


  10. Aww love - you are so brave! Well done for handling all that and still managing to live your lfe and get your dream job! So proud and happy for you!

  11. God I'm glad you're okay lovely! I can only imagine what a complete and utter shock that must have been. Well done for being so open about it on your blog, raising awareness is so important when it comes to things like this! You should be proud of yourself. And while we're at it, congrats again on getting the job :) I'm so happy for you and remember, I'm always here if you need a chat xxx

  12. It is so brave of you to share all the things you've been through... I couldn't even imagine that someone implies me about cancer... Last year I've found also a lump and went to see the doctor and checked it and they were just hard tissues so phew! I'm so glad that you're okay ! Hope you will get all the support that you need from your lovelies :) I have a blog but now you've said that you're going to write I don't want you to understand I'm writing you for that so no need to drop names :) You're really really really brave and strong don't you ever forget that, be happy....

    XxX from Turkey (:

  13. Thanks for sharing your story with us hun! My Mum had breast cancer 5 years ago, and I even I forget to check my breasts for months on end.. so it's always great to have a reminder. I hope everything turns out ok, and congrats on your new job! That's awesome news. :D xxx

  14. So sorry to hear you've had such a tough time India, I hope everything turns out to be ok for you and you've got so many people supporting you. This reminded me that I need to check my breasts often because I will admit I'm not the best and often forget.
    Congratulations on the job too, well done :)

    Love Beth | BethBlogsBeauty

  15. Hey Hun,
    I hope you are alright and that you are being looked after. I recently went for scans myself after noticing swelling and having pain, with the history in my family (my mum, nan and gran all died from the disease, my mum was only 30 when she got it) I was very stressed, and worried. Thankfully the Dr's couldn't find anything in my scans. So I really feel for you, and if you ever need to talk or anything please do let me know!
    Hope your on the mend,
    Hannah :) x

  16. Finding a lump is a God damn scary thing! I can't say I have experienced it but last autumn my mother was diagnosed with beast cancer. My world smashed and I couldn't focus on the blog, school etc. The first thing I did after I got the news was going to the doctor to get checked. There weren't anything but just the feeling of going to the doctor to get checked was horrifying.
    They luckily found my mothers lump at the right time and she just got out of the surgery a few days ago <3

    This post really moved me, and I'm glad you posted it!
    PS congrats on the new jump :)

    Mint, Laugh & Lipstick // Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle

  17. I didn't realise that you were going through so much, you must have been so scared.
    Congratulations on the new job, and hopefully an exciting new chapter. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  18. Just read this post, so I'm a bit late, but just thought you might like to read about my friend's breast lump story and about having hers removed - thought it might reassure you a bit! (This is our joint lingerie blog :))
    Hope that might help a bit :)
    Rebel Angel


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