4 June 2014

May Favourites❤

Hi Lovelies! 
Hope you are all doing really well ? Today has been my day off from work, So I spent it shopping with my mum and dad. I'm very close to my parents so shopping and lunch is the perfect way to catch up and of course pick up some goodies. I definitely did some serious shopping today and you will probably be seeing a sneak peek of my purchases through my instagram account "indiarobyn" - I will be putting together a haul post this week as well, so I can show you my goodies in more detail. I'm back in work tomorrow, but I'm pretty excited about it. I'm really getting involved and there are so many exciting projects at the moment! I will definitely keep you updated on my progress, and I might even do a "Work Face" beauty tutorial, as I haven't done one on my blog in ages. I hope you enjoy today's May Favourites post (Where did May Go?) and if you need me for anything at all, then don't hesitate to contact me via my Social Media. I would also love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below :)

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A few weeks ago I decided it was time for a haircut and I decided to change things up a bit and visit my lovely friend from work Nathan who works at "Rhys Giles" an award winning hairdressers in Wales if you are ever visiting haha! - I have been loving this mask, as it enables the quality of your hair to stay consistent throughout the entire length. Personally, I find my long hair gets oily at the roots, but tends to look a lot more healthier in comparison to my dry ends :( I thought I would never find a solution, but I'm pretty impressed so far!

This is probably one of the few moisturisers I have actually fully used up! The Make A Difference + Rejuvenating treatment uses Rose or Jericho, Lychee and Watermelon hydra-sustain complex to deeply quench the skins thirst. The cream-gel texture makes it a dream to apply and it feels extremely cooling on the skin. I would completely recommend checking out the Make A Difference + range as they have many different products targeted at different skin types. I will 100% be repurchasing this moisturiser, once I have finished it completely.

This was my first product from Hourglass and since this purchase I have already made a few cheeky orders from Space NK! I honestly can't believe I haven't tried this brand sooner... Where have I been ? Dim infusion has very quickly become my favourite blush and I think it has even knocked Benefit's Coralista and NARS Deepthroat off my top spot! The Ambient Light Blushers definitely define the "lit from within" look. I will be posting a full review soon lovelies.

I have always been a "Brow-Zings" fan, but since trying Gimmie Brow I have definitely been swayed. Gimmie Brow is just a lot quicker, but it somehow gives the same structured look that Brow-Zings can give you. I also like that it uses tiny fibres to help make your brows look fuller! a huge thumbs up from me :)

I tend to sway between this and my Origins Ginzing eye cream, but there is something about this Eye Cream I just can't get over. Every single time I apply this before bed I wake up with a 100% improvement in the discolouration under my eye area. It's not the best for day use, as its quite buttery. However, as a night cream I find it truly amazing and a complete life saver. See my review here 

I actually think I have lost count of how many times I have raved about this toner haha! you are all probably sick of hearing about this, but its honestly that good. I have used so many bottles and I never get bored or want to change! it's fantastic at soothing, brightening and making sure all traces of cleanser have gone. I also love to use it as a refreshing mid day spritz!

When I think of planning a relaxing pamper evening for myself.. this is the first product that springs to mind! Complete Bliss is a beautiful blend consisting mainly of uplifting Moroccan Blush Rose. One tiny cap of this oil fills not only my bath but entire bathroom with the most beautiful fragrance ever. It's supposed to last around 40 baths, but I haven't even hit half way yet.. so I'm looking forward to many more pamper evenings. 

I actually purchased this ages ago, as now and then I go through Urban Decay phases haha! I forgot how much I loved this Primer Potion and it does a great job of correcting the whole eye area. I dab a tiny amount under my eyes and I find that it really brightens any darkness, but I always make sure I am using my eye cream in conjunction, as it can be quite drying.

I hope you have enjoyed tonight's post lovelies! I'm back in work tomorrow and I'm super excited to get to work on some great projects. I have plenty of posts planned and I'm definitely feeling like I'm starting to find a balance between my new job and my blogging :D

Take Care, Lots of Love!



  1. I love Kerastase products too :) your hair feels sooo lush after using them! xx


  2. Such wonderful favorites you have here! I've been wanting some of these products for awhile now, the Hourglass Blush, Benefit Brow Gel... so tempted to run out and buy them!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  3. Oh that hourglass blusher looks so pretty! I love the look of everything they sell (well, blushers, highlighters, ambient powders etc) :)


  4. Love that blusher - want to try :)


    Amy x


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