30 August 2014

Skincare: Best of Origins!

Hi Lovelies!
Hope you are all doing really well? Tonight's post is going to be about some of my favourite skincare products of the moment. I have been super busy with a lot of major events happening both in and out of work, so my skin has started to suffer. However, the products mentioned in this post have all played their part in helping my skin get back to normal! So I hope you enjoy :) x

It's officially mine and Origins one year anniversary! I know that when I'm still using a skincare brand a year later that it has really had an amazing impact on me. The only other brand I have been truly consistent with has been Elemis, which is another skincare brand I love. I thought it would be a good idea to select a few of my favourite Origins products and just give you a brief overview of why I love them. Sadly, I couldn't mention all my products as I travel between houses a lot and didn't have my full collection to hand. 

Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask
This has to be one of my top three favourite products from the entire Origins range! I tend to apply this little miracle worker three times a week instead of my normal evening moisturiser. This product is definitely a cheat to amazing skin and I always tend to apply this after having a cheeky drink or two, as I know that my skin will dehydrate overnight. Once I have applied this mask I wake up in the morning with smooth, hydrated and visibly brighter looking skin (perfect right?) The intensive moisture from this mask deeply quenches the skin and creates a reservoir of moisture for the following day. If that doesn't sound good enough.. then it also smells good enough to eat. If you love light peachy/apricot scents and need a little skin sos, then this could just be for you!

Origins Ginzing Scrub Cleanser
The Ginzing Scrub Cleanser is my newest purchase from Origins and of course another hit! I'm not the biggest fan of exfoliators, but this one is definitely one of the better ones I have tried. I love the way it gently turns into a cleansing milk, whilst the jojoba and carabua wax gently exfoliate to help unclog pores.

Origins Clear Improvements Mask
This is another one of Origins highly coveted masks alongside "Drink up" I purchased this one shortly after convincing myself not only did I need a moisturising mask, but also a mask to help totally clear my skin out! I must admit I love this mask and tend to use it when my skin is really playing up or just feeling a bit dirty. It's easy to get a little lazy with cleansing, especially after busy days at work.. so this is a great way to quickly get rid of all the impurities in your skin. Clear improvements used activated charcoal and White china clay to draw out dirt and absorb pollutants. This mask is definitely here to stay in my collection and its literally like a "fresh start" for your skin in a tube!

Origins Make A Difference Plus +
This has been my most recent repurchase, as I fell in love with it after using the first pot. This treatment uses Rose, Lychee and Watermelon to deeply quench the skin... plus its oil free, which makes it great if you are worried about excess oil. I tend to use it as a moisturiser alone, as it gives me more than enough hydration. However, its also great under your normal moisturiser and its cream-gel consistency makes it a dream to apply.

Origins Super Spot Remover
I was absolutely gutted when I lost this little beauty and after a recent breakout, I realised how much I missed it! It might look small, but for me it definitely packs a punch. It really drys my spots out and reduces swelling super quick, its definitely my go to spot treatment.

Origins Eye Doctor
Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my Ginzing eye-cream... but Origins Eye Doctor is a fantastic all rounder and its a little more moisturising than Ginzing, which makes it great for both day and night use. I would 100% recommend this eye-treatment, as its a great way to take care of your under eye area without too much fuss! 

Hope you have enjoyed tonight's post lovelies! I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below and I would also love to know if you have tried or would like to try any products from this post. You can also click this link to find out more about the products mentioned from tonight's post!

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24 August 2014

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush "Dim Infusion"

Hi Lovelies!
Hope you are all doing well? I'm sure most of you are enjoying having a nice long weekend! #lovebankholidays I'm lucky to have them off in my new job, as at the spa I had to work every single one which wasn't much fun. I have been super busy again, but today it was nice to take some time out to visit the new property development. Its so nice to see the changes each time I visit and its great to just chill out amongst the beautiful landscape. Anyway, talking about beauty... I have been obsessed by Hourglass recently and their Ambient Lighting Blush in the shade "Dim Infusion"which has been my go to blush for about three months now. I thought I would go ahead and write a blog post about this little beauty and as always I love hearing from you so don't forget to leave your links and messages in the comments section down below.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the entries to my NEOM giveaway so far! I love being able to reward my amazing readers in one way or another. It sounds very cliche, but you all mean the world to me and knowing that you take the time to read my posts is such a rewarding feeling. You completely humble me and make me realise how enjoyable blogging really is. If you haven't entered my giveaway yet, then don't forget to check out the link at the bottom of the page. 
The Review
Described as a hybrid combining seamless soft-focus technology with a range of beautiful modern colors. The airy, lightweight powder delivers a truly lit within finish. I must admit it took me quite a while to jump on the bandwagon with hourglass, but I'm definitely not regretting it now!
The integration of Photoluminescent technology makes the Ambient Lighting Blush a great option for that fresh "glowy" look that we all covet. The shade "Dim Infusion" is a beautiful peachy shade, which isn't a million miles away from the likes of Benefit's "Coralista" blush. However, I find that dim infusion gives a much longer lasting finish that stays looking vibrant throughout the day. Not only is the blush great to wear, but its absolutely beautiful to look at and the packaging is very luxurious.

Another great thing about Hourglass as a brand is that so far I have found that their products are true to pan, which is great as a lot of products can often change colour once applied to your skin. Dim Infusion is definitely a true shade, which is great as I'm sure you can see its a very beautiful colour. I would recommend this shade for light-medium skin tones, as its quite a light and bright when applied on the skin. 

Overall, this blush is just as gorgeous as it looks and with an impressive 8 hour lasting time (on me) I definitely think its worth its £28.00 price tag. I have literally been wearing this blush every single day for the past few months and I haven't come close to hitting pan. It just looks great with everything and can be built up for more impact! This blush is also paraben, talc fragrance, nano-particle and gluten free.

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10 August 2014

NEOM Organics - Instant De-Stress Regime GIVEAWAY!

Hi Lovelies!
I have a super exciting post for you today and its something that has been in the works for a little while now! I properly started "The Jewel Beauty" in 2012 and it has honestly been one of the best experiences ever. More importantly though, blogging for all my loyal readers has been a complete pleasure and I have always loved connecting with my readers and of course making new friends throughout my blogging journey. I have been working closely with NEOM to offer my lovely readers a fantastic giveaway, as you definitley deserve a treat!.. and after looking through the beautiful NEOM range I decided on the "De-Stress Regime" worth £70.00 as I thought that this would be a great prize to win, especially as by 2020 the top 4 diseases will be stress related! Not good right?! So that is why I decided to go with this particular regime for the giveaway... and hopefully I will be able to restore a little extra peace and calm into one of your lives! I have put more info about the De-Stress Regime down below, just in case you would like to know a little more about the products included :)

NEOM have become one of my favourite brands since last Christmas when I first purchased from their website. I was truly wowed by their exceptional service and I have been using their products ever since. Over the past year I have come to trust NEOM as a brand and it has been great to connect with a brand that really goes that extra mile. Not only do NEOM create beautiful home and lifestyle products, but they create them with different types of people and situations in mind. All NEOM products use a high grade of essential oils, which not only make them luxurious, but also fantastic therapies that can help to cure and alleviate a range of different issues.
 photo destress_regime_including_bath_foam-1_zps6f2735aa.jpg

What's Included ?
1 x Real Luxury Scented Candle (1 Wick) (185g)
1 x Real Luxury Room Spray (100ml)
1 x Real Luxury Bath Foam (200ml)

We’ve expertly twisted together 24 essential oils, all chosen for their ability to make you feel pampered, for this sophisticated and distinctive Neom signature blend. Jasmine is an oil long celebrated for its ability to lift the spirits and inspire optimism. For this unique blend we coupled it with rosewood, a comforting and warming oil with a balancing effect on the mind and body and ultra-relaxing lavender.

The Fragrance
Cashmere blankets and the flutter of the fireside warmth. A precious moment of utter luxury. Heady jasmine with a little French lavender and the soothing, spicy tones of Brazilian rosewood.

The Instant De-Stress Regime
By 2020 the top 4 diseases will be stress related. We all need to find extra ways to de-stress in our lives and we’ve created the perfect therapeutic de-stress regime using a complex blend of 24 ultra-relaxing and uplifting essential oils.

• Light the candle to release the oils into the air; allow 20 minutes for the calming effect to begin (this time will decrease the more often you use the regime, since your body and mind will recognise the essential oils, known to work quicker the more often they’re used) and burn for at least two hours to ensure the natural wax burns cleanly and evenly to the edge.

• Secondly run a warm bath - 40 degrees is the optimum stress-reducing temperature to work with our oils - and pour in a capful of bath foam, thus layering up the therapeutic benefits of the Real Luxury oils which are both inhaled (try at this point breathing in for 8 from the stomach and out for 4) and absorbed by your skin.

• Finally spritz the air, your loungewear, a blanket, with the calming room spray - by now the oils will take instant effect - to complete your scent to instantly de-stress regime.

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Good luck lovelies and I hope you like this giveaway!

Don't forget to check out NEOM for more information on their full product range!

Lots of love

6 August 2014

Origins Eye Doctor Review ❤

Hi Lovelies!
Hope you are all doing really well? I am super tired and its only Wednesday! I have been really forgetful lately and even left my car window open last night. I'm not sure if its stress related or if its because I'm juggling too much at the moment. Talking of being tired, today's post is going to be about a fantastic eye cream that I have really come to love and trust over the past six months. Origins is one of my favourite brands simply because my skin loves the stuff! I haven't met an Origins product that my skin has disliked so far (touch wood) So, I thought it was about time I shared one of my favourite Origins products with you. I hope you enjoy today's post lovelies and as always don't hesitate to leave your thoughts and links in the comments section down below. I love hearing from you all and each e-mail notification I get sticks a huge smile on my face! I don't care what anyone says a blog comment notification beats any other e-mail! even a Debenhams beauty sale haha!
Origins Eye Doctor
I know I'm not alone with the battle to find a really good eye-cream that does everything it promises. I feel like I would almost pay the world to be able to find a miracle to remove puffiness and circles and even a little anti ageing too! However, I have spent ridiculous amounts of money on eye-creams that have not delivered at all. Since becoming a little more savvy with beauty I have come to realise that my under eye darkness is hereditary and follows through my family. I have also realised that the wonders of a cool eye mask and a few slices of cucumber can do the world of good for puffiness haha. However, there is one eye cream that has really impressed me and it happens to be the "Origins Eye Doctor" 

The thing I love about Origins Eye Doctor is the fact that it doesn't have any wild claims to banish all of your eye problems within three weeks. Eye Doctor is sold as your everyday eye cream that will help to keep your under eye area moisturised and generally in good condition. Eye Doctor contains an impressive dose of botanics to help your eyes feel fresh and comfortable throughout the day and night. Ingredients include cucumber, rosemary and ginseng which all offer relief for all eye concerns!

Overall, Eye Doctor is a fantastic all round eye cream that really does a good job at keeping your eye area calm, moisturised and de-puffed. It does retail for £28.50 which is quite a splurge, but in comparison to other brands its actually a lot more reasonable (and it works) I would really recommend this product if you are a little fed-up of trying to find a miracle working eye cream like myself and just want a simple solution to keep your under eye area in good condition. I have used this eye cream for around six months now and its the one I go for every morning and night, it really is lovely! I would totally recommend you check it out in the link I have left below.

You can check out Origins Eye Doctor Here, and you can also check out some other reviews!

Hope to hear from you lovelies below and I would love to hear your recommendations

Lots of Love


2 August 2014

Guest Post - Hyped Skincare Products Which Are Worth It!

Hi Lovelies!
Happy Saturday :) Hope you are all doing well? I have been super busy in work today, but now I am looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend, which for me is going to be Sunday/Monday. Today, I'm back with another fantastic guest post from the lovely Kal from Cluttered Closet. I have really got into guest posts recently and I'm so glad, as there is nothing more I love than helping other bloggers by supporting their work! Kal is a fantastic blogger and her post below is amazing, so share the love and check out her links below! If you would like to guest post for me in the future, then please leave your comments down below. Hope you enjoy today's post lovelies and have a fabulous weekend!
If you are a beauty lover, you will know how easy it is to get sucked into buying a hyped up product. It usually takes a few reviews from bigger beauty bloggers, supplemented by some smaller bloggers who you trust, to get you to pop those usually expensive skincare products into your shopping baskets. I have had several experiences where those products have not lived up to the hype, which I will save for another time. My name is Kal and I write a beauty blog called Cluttered Closet. India has given me the opportunity to guest post on her blog, so I'm going to give you a quick guide to the hyped skincare products which I think are worth trying out. For your reference, I have combination skin which is prone to the odd breakout or two.

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask (£20.00) : When I first started getting into skincare, this was one of the products I instantly purchased. There's something about the words "charcoal" and "mask" being in the same sentence that I love. Probably because I love the thought of my pores quivering at the thought of being clarified to within an inch of their lives. This mask is expensive in comparison to some of the drugstore alternatives but is a must have for pamper evenings. I have found that the ingredients in it work well to give a thorough cleanse and leave your skin feeling clean. The Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask does all of this without leaving your skin feeling tight. I would say that if you are on the more drier side, this is probably a little too much for your skin- a good alternative would be the REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask which is also a good 'un. A full review of the Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask can be found in this post: but be aware that it was one of my first ever posts so forgive my poor photo!

Kiehls Ultra Light Daily Defense SPF50 (£31.00) : This is probably the most hyped up, and expensive, SPF 50 product out there. Last year saw a surge in the bigger bloggers promoting this. Having been victim to a few dud hyped purchases before, I was hesitant to pay the money for this at that time. When I did some research into hyper pigmentation, which I suffer from, I found out the importance of using an SPF all year round. I am the most risk averse person out there so, to me, it has now become imperative to wear factor 50 all year round. If you suffer from oily skin, you will know how hard it is to find a facial SPF that does not clog up your pores and break you out. This offering from Kiehls is light and does not block up my pores. It is perfect under makeup and does not leave a horrible white cast. It is always refreshing to know that a product does exactly what its long winded name is telling you it will do- this one is definitely light and does give full sun protection. If you are still hesitant about purchasing this practical but amazing product, then I have done a comparison post with the SPF that is branded its "high street dupe" here.

HealGel Eye (£32.00) : Hands up if you suffer from dark circles or fine lines? This eye cream may expensive but it is by far the best eye cream I have used to date. The reason being that it does something towards fixing up those dark circles of mine. My under eye luggage, unfortunately for me, is hereditary and linked to my iron deficiency. This means that there will probably never be anything that clears them up completely. I have tried numerous eye cream in the past that claim to address concerns such as dark under eye areas, fine lines and puffiness- but they have not delivered. HealGel Eye, formulated by plastic surgeons and scientists, helps hydrate the area under your eyes and I have been using a little less concealer than I would usually. Again, it sits beautifully under the skin as it has a lightweight texture. If mild under eye darkness is a concern for you, or you are looking for something to really plump up your under eye area, then this one is a definite must try. If you need more convincing to part with your money my HealGel Eye Review may just sway you.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair (£43.00) : If you like beauty, and have not heard about this then you've been reading all the wrong things. Again one of my first ever blogger induced purchases, and it is a good one. I have the original version- since I have purchased this the ANR has been reformulated so I shall be trying that one when the last drops of this get used. The Advanced Night Repair is a night time serum with lots of anti ageing properties in it. I like to call it a miracle in a bottle- I tend to use this on the evenings where I can see my skin is crying out for some love. It hydrates my skin, making it look a lot fresher and plumper the next morning. It comes with a dropper applicator which allows you to use just the right amount of product. I have found that the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair has also helped even out my skin tone. Whilst the price is likely to make your jaw drop, it is worth every penny- if you are a little hesitant then I know that around sale time Debenhams usually have it discounted a slight amount. I purchased mine when I had a voucher code for Boots to muffle up some of the crying sounds from my purse. It now needs to prepare itself for round two...

Nuxe Reve De Miel Lip Balm (£9.50) : Lip balm has always been a staple for me since school. I've been around a bit when it comes to brands- Blistex, Carmex, Vaseline, RAW, Chapstick, Palmers...you name it and I've used it. Since trying the Nuxe Reve De Miel I have never looked back. This lip balm, whilst it may seem expensive, is a night time saviour. With its fresh citrus smell and matte texture, the Nuxe Reve De Miel is the perfect lip mask to use at night time and a winter must have. As I have slightly bigger lips, I find they get easily chapped and can become very dry. This helps moisturise and nourish my lips well and is worth investing in. As you only need a little amount, it also lasts you ages. You can read more about the Nuxe Reve De Miel in my post here where you can find out where I got mine for a little less than the RRP.

I hope you have enjoyed my whistle stop tour of skincare products worth the hype. This month is going to see my blog go absolutely skincare crazy so feel free to pop on over. As a little taster, read up on my Morning Skincare Routine to find out which products I have been using to keep my skin fresh and clean for the summer. A massive thanks to India for letting me Guest Post on her wonderful blog! x

Which products do you think are worth the hype? Have you tried any of these products- what do you think? Comment below or tweet me: @clutteredc
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