28 September 2014

Benefit Majorette && #CHEEK2CHEEK TAG!❤

Hi Lovelies! Hope you are all doing well and have had a great weekend? If you didn't know Benefit is one of my ALL time favourite brands then I must warn you now (as I could squeal with excitement about this post) and its not just because I have a snazzy new mug either haha. When I first received this package I was totally puzzled.. I even had myself thinking what on earth have I been ordering now! but when I opened the package to see a glittering box of Benefit goodness I was over the moon, especially after a long old day at the marketing office! Benefit really know how to get you going and this package was full of surprises!

Surprise 1
"A pretty cheeky personalised mug"
I love tea! but this mug was seriously such a cool surprise. I had jokes with my sister and boyfriend who were convinced the steam would disappear the reveal the cheeks of that hunk! once my cup was hot (dirty minds obviously) as I knew that my mug wasn't quite that cheeky haha. I also loved the fact it was personalised, especially with a name like mine.. which I can never find on personalised things #goodonebenefit!

Surpise 2
"Benefit Sugarbomb Box Blush"
I have previously used this blush before and loved it! So when I seen I had another it was definitely an exciting treat. I also love that Benefit always give so much detail on how to use their products, so when I start on this blush I'm looking forward to perhaps using it in a slightly different way... lets see what Benefit recommend!

Suprise 3
" A Majorette Surprise"
I hope you like what I did there haha! I hadn't previously heard of this product, as recently I haven't been able to invest in as much beauty shopping and product researching as I would have liked haha! which obviously works out better for my bank balance, but on the other hand I have been super surprised and please with Majorette

How do you apply Majorette?
I'm normally a brush kinda gal, but I do quite like like applying this with my fingertips and dabbing on the apples of my cheek. It gives such a truly gorgeous finish alone, but it also works great as a "blush base" to make your regular blush stand out a little more and last longer too!

What Box O'Powder do you wear Majorette with?
I was kindly sent "Sugarbomb" by Benefit which I have also used before! This blush works great over the top of Majorette and you are left with what is probably the perfect pinky/peach shade!

What's Your Top Tip For Beautiful Cheeks?
Never do the cheesy grin thing when applying blush, as when you stop smiling your natural cheek structure drops and your blush becomes misplaced. I tend to feel my cheek bones with my fingers and apply my blush with gentle uplifting movements, which helps to naturally sculpt my cheeks!

What's Your Cheekiest Nail Colour?
I'm not much of a nail gal sadly! So it would have to be my OPI "Get Cherried Away" Colour which is a lovely Purple Autumn shade.

What's The Cheekiest Thing You've Done?
This is putting me on the spot haha! Sitting having a cuppa today, whilst my boyfriend cleaned my car?... Hey he did offer though! 

Who's The Cheekiest Person You Know?
(My Niece Honey-Bea) Need I say anymore ? 

Who's Cheeks Would You Sneak A Peak At If You Could?
I'm guessing this is a naughty question haha! Hmm David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo.. I'm guessing footballers have nice toned cheeks ha!

What Cheeky Movie Character Do You Like Most?
Hmm Anyone from The Hangover Series haha!

Have You Ever Rubbed Cheeks With A Celebrity?
A few! I was actually very close to Michael Jackson when we were staying in the same hotel in S.Africa! I also recently came very close to a major world leader whilst at work, but I'm not allowed to say anymore than that sadly! 

Your Favourite Cheeky Song (Guilty Pleasure) ?
This TAG has been so cheeky... I can't help humming "The Cheeky Girls" to myself! Cheeky Cheeky.

Who Do You Pass The Baton Too (TAG)?
YOU! :)

Majorette has been such a lovely surprise and I'm so glad that I was lucky enough to receive this from Benefit. I must admit I probably wouldn't have purchased it based on it being a "Blush Booster" as it sounds like a bit of a splurge product and not a necessity, but I have been so surprised at how much I have fallen in love with this product. It really does boost my blush, but I actually adore it by itself! It's so long lasting and it smells divine and I mean seriously fruity diviness (Is that even a word haha!)

I hope you enjoyed this post lovelies! Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section down below and don't forget to do the TAG and send me your links!

Check out Majorette here!

Lots of Love
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18 September 2014

Flamingo Candles - Parma Violets ❤

Hi Lovelies,
Hope you are all doing well? It feels like I haven't spoken to you all in ages and I have been meaning to post the last few nights, but with another major event going on at work.. it has been so hard to keep on top of my uni work, personal life and my blog. Not to worry though lovelies, as I'm planning a few exciting developments for me and my blog over the coming months! I know for a fact that blogging is one of my main passions in life and for that reason I know I will always be devoted to it. I also love talking to my reader's and seeing your comments and messages on Social Media makes me love what I do even more. Anyway, enough of my rambles haha! I hope you enjoy today's post lovelies and I would love to hear from you in the comments section down below :)

Sweet and floral, Parma Violets is a gorgeous powdery blend of violets and roses. Overflowing with nostalgia, its warm fragrance comforts and relaxes without having to unwrap the sweetie packaging.

My Nana's name was Violet and since a young age I have been obsessed with Parma Violet sweets, so when I seen this candle it was an instant "add to basket" job haha! There are some things in life which are so nostalgic and really do take you back to a really special time where all you cared about was your favourite little place. When I was younger I was obsessed with all things magical and when I used to go to Devon with my family I would purchase Parma Violet scented perfume from a local shop which also sold fairy statues, which I used to collect. Who else loves a good childhood story haha?! I always used to write letters to fairies and when my mum wasn't very well I asked the fairies to get my mum a pair of dolphin earrings and guess what the next time I checked there were Dolphin Earrings! woohoo (I think my sister might have sorted that one for me haha) That's the beauty of childhood I suppose! 

The candle itself is absolutely gorgeous and I love how quirky the brand is! The scent these candle's give out is pretty amazing and the Parma Violet's Candle filled my room with a gorgeous sweet and very nostalgic fragrance of Parma Violets! The candle's are also made from natural ingredients and have an impressive burn time of around 50hours! I also love how they look and the jar packaging is very cute and I can't forget how cool the Flamingo looks on the front. Overall, I'm super impressed with Flamingo Candles and I will be posting a review on another Flamingo purchase, which happens to be an amazing dupe for a candle which is much more expensive, so keep an eye out for that one lovelies.

Check out Flamingo Candle's here

Lots of love

13 September 2014

"Touch Up" Beauty Products❤

Who else loves a sneak peak of what people carry around in their make-up bags haha? I thought I would do a bit of a "show & tell" post so you lovelies could see what I take around with me day to day and also the products I use regularly for those important "touch up moments" ... we all have them right? I hope you enjoy today's post lovelies and don't forget to leave your thoughts, links and questions in the comments section down below!

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer

This is such a great concealer and I'm already on my third! It's not the most moisturising but it does such a good job at covering up everything, which makes it super handy to carry around. You get some concealers that are light, suitable for the eye area only or a little too much work for day to day use. However, the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer is just right and does a great job of covering dark circles and imperfections without too much fuss.

Mini Christian Dior Kabuki

I actually got this as part of a LE Christian Dior powder I purchased last year and it has been super useful. I love carrying around a mini Kabuki as it totally does the job for almost anything beauty related! Its great to have incase I want to touch up my powder or add a little hint of bronzer/blusher to my face throughout the day.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine 

The Chanel Rouge Coco Shines are officially my favourite lip product of all time. They are sleek, moisturising and add just the right amount of colour to my lips. Its common for me to carry between 3-5 lipsticks at any one time. I know that might seem excessive (and it probably is) but lipsticks really help to reflect my mood and sometimes I use them to add a bit of colour to my cheeks throughout the day!

Maybelline Lumi Touch Higlighting Concealer

This is the first time I have tried this product and after purchasing two (one for a giveaway) about two weeks ago, I don't think it has left my handbag. Its really good value and does a great job of making dark circles look a little less scary!

Chanel Les Beiges Powder

It took me quite a while to jump on the bandwagon with this product from Chanel, which reminds me I need to review this soon. However, its absolutely amazing and the perfect product to touch up throughout the day. It's such a multi-tasker and can be used as a finishing powder, bronzer and even to add an extra touch of coverage!

Clarins Natural Lip Perfector

I can hand on my heart say that these are by far the best lip balm/gloss on the market! nothing gives a hint of colour and intense moisture like these Clarins Lip Perfector's do and its definitely one of my all time favourite handbag essentials!

NARS Laguna Bronzer

This bronzer has been seriously hyped in the beauty world, but boy is it worth the hype! I have invested in many beautiful limited edition bronzer's but nothing is as easy and straightforward as using NARS Laguna.. plus its the perfect in-between bronzing shade we all wish for! not too orange not too olive (We all know how important undertones are to us bloggers haha) 


Lets just appreciate the beauty of YSL lip products for a moment haha! When I purchased this Glossy Stain I never expected it to become an everyday staple (which I have repurchased) The shade Peche Cerra Cola is such a brightening Peach shade and I can guarantee it will always look great with whatever look I'm wearing. The formula is also really unique and it sticks around for ages too!

I hope you have enjoyed this post lovelies and I would love to know if you have used any of these products, or if there are any products you would like to recommend me! I'm always up for suggestions haha.

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Lots of Love

3 September 2014

CHANEL - Beauty Haul ❤

Hi Lovelies!
Hope you are all doing really well and are having a good week so far? Today, I had a day off and decided to go shopping with my dad and boyfriend and as always I had a fantastic time and a few cheeky splurges! I went to John Lewis thinking I would spend around £30 on a new Bobbi Brown foundation, but as it happened I spent a heck of a lot more at Chanel and didn't even get to Bobbi Brown. I have been wearing Chanel make-up since I was 16, so it definitely has a bit of a gravitational pull on me haha. I have had a pretty tough couple of weeks and have also had the pressure of preparing for a major worldwide event at work. So, it was really nice to go for lunch with my dad and boyfriend and to get a few treats for myself! I hope you enjoy this post and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. Also, don't forget to check out my NEOM giveaway, which will be linked at the bottom of this post. I have collaborated with NEOM to offer my lovely followers a chance to win a relaxing ritual worth £70! which I'm sure would be of interest to a few of you with the general stresses of daily life haha! Anyway, I will get into this post before I start to ramble :)
Vitalumiere Loose Powder Foundation ( With Mini Kabuki SPF15) £55.00
I'm sure I'm not alone when it comes to admiring the beauty of every single Chanel marketing campaign, I mean just take a look at this link and you will see what I mean! With the make-up looking oh so flawless on the lovely model, of course it made me a little curious when I stumbled across this new foundation by Chanel. It all started with me wanting a new lipstick, as I was actually heading to Bobbi Brown for a new foundation (I never got there though) after making friends with the lovely make-up artist "Jaz" I couldn't wait to find out more about Chanel's latest offerings. I have never tried a powder foundation before, but with my love for Vitalumiere Aqua, I decided to give in in to my beauty urges and give it a go! I haven't properly tried it yet apart from at the counter (where it looked lovely) so I will report back to you on how I am getting along with it in the next few weeks. This new foundation from Chanel is described as a "Light Box" and uses a new generation of high definition-light pigments to completely flatter the complexion. It also comes with a fantastic Kabuki brush and the added bonus of having an SPF of 15. It can also be used over your foundation to add an extra bit of coverage, whilst remaining natural and acting as a finishing powder.

Chanel Joues Contraste Blush #80 Jersey £31.00
Jersey was another product I wasn't supposed to by, but seeing as I was sat next to it whilst having my make-up done I couldn't help but take a closer look. I was really intrigued by its unique colour and can only describe it as a pretty "Rose Wood" type shade, which looks stunning on. It's natural, but definitely has a contour type feeling to it and you can definitely see its on your skin. I own a few of these blusher's and find they are either super bright or quite sheer and for once this shade is a nice "in between" that might be worth adding to your collection. I'm super excited about trying this blush and will update you lovelies as soon as I can!

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine #89 Satisfaction £25.00
This was the only product I was supposed to walk away from whilst visiting the Chanel counter, as I'm always on the market for a new lippie, especially a Rouge Coco Shine. Since discovering my favourite shade of all time "Evasion" had been discontinued.. I have been on a bit of a mission to find something similar. I recently posted about another recent Rouge Coco shine purchase, which you can find here.. but despite being a beautiful shade (which I love an wear) It wasn't quite what I was after as my replacement for Evasion. Satisfaction is a lovely "Peachy Nude" let me know if you love Peachy Nudes as much as I do haha! I tried it on at the counter and really liked how it looked on my lips and it didn't wash me out, which was a bonus. Nudes can be tough, but Satisfaction has just enough Peach in it to make it a gorgeous wearable shade (Review to follow soon)

Chanel Stylo Yeux Long Lasting Eyeliner #83 Cassis £19.00
I finished one of these eyeliner's about two months ago and didn't re-purchase straight away, as I wanted to find a cheaper alternative. However, I didn't really find anything that worked as well for me.. so when I went to the Chanel counter today I decided I would repurchase. The normal shade I would go for would typically be a Brown or Black, but both colours were out of stock. Jaz (the amazing make-up artist) decided to try Cassis on me, which is a really deep Purple/Plum shade, as she explained it would look amazing against my Green eyes. She was definitely right and I was happy to walk away with it, as it definitely made my eyes pop without looking un-natural for an everyday look. I'm excited to work with this product more and will let you know my thoughts!

I hope you have enjoyed this haul lovelies and I would love to know your thoughts in the comments section down below. I wasn't quite expecting to walking away with this much make-up from Chanel, but I'm over the moon with my new goodies. I also made a few other purchases, which I will be posting about soon. I will also have individual reviews of the products from this post coming soon, but I'm sure you can understand I just wanted to snap some quick pictures and get it up on the blog haha! I wanted to make sure you seen it looking all pretty and smudge free, as I'm sure I will be using it first thing tomorrow haha. You can find more info about The Chanel products mentioned in today's post here

PS: Don't forget to enter my NEOM giveaway worth £70.00

Lots of love
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