19 October 2014

Autumn Afternoon Tea at The Celtic Manor ❤

Hi Lovelies
Hope you are all doing well? I have been super busy the past two weeks with some exciting plans at work and of course the not so exciting uni work haha! Its been so nice to spend a good old Sunday evening watching some TV and writing up some posts! I recently met up with one of my best friends Beth who I haven’t seen for over a year and a half! We went all through school together and always had so much fun hanging out. Beth went to Australia and ended up staying a little longer than I expected, so when I seen her the other day it was serious non stop chatting and of course catching up on all the time that has passed. As I work at the Celtic Manor I decided to put my staff discount into action for once and booked us both autumn afternoon tea. I know a lot about our afternoon tea’s, as I work quite closely with the marketing of them, but I have never experienced Afternoon Tea from a customer’s point of view. I must admit I was not dissapointed and had one of the nicest days I have had for a long time. I hope you enjoy today’s post lovelies and would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. Don't forget to leave your links, so I can check them out tonight after the #bblogers chat!
Autumn Afternoon Tea Review
Firstly, we were served hot winter pimms, which was honestly one of the nicest drinks I have ever had. It was perfect for the occasion and made me feel all warm and snugly, especially as it was blowing a Gail outside. The next treat to be served was a delicious basket full of savouries, which also went down very nicely and the Y Fenni cheese rarebit on onion bread was delicious! I love trying new food, so it was really nice to sample some things I had never tried before, whilst enjoying the company of one of my best friends. The next part was definitely the most exciting as we were served a beautiful selection of finger sandwiches, cakes and macaroons. YUM. Whilst we were doing our best to sample all the lovely sandwiches and cakes, we were kindly offered tea and coffee, which was also a nice touch. Finally, we were served with homemade Blackberry and Vanilla scones, which were amazing! We honestly couldn’t get over the amount of delicious food we were eating all at once. There is so much food, which makes it definitely worth the £22 and I think its great that they also provide boxes to take any left over cakes/food home, so none of it gets wasted.
It was a fantastic way to spend my day off work with my friend catching up with all our stories over the past year! The afternoon tea was a real treat and definitely makes the perfect way to celebrate an occasion, or even to be given as a luxury gift! Who doesn’t love eating amazing food?

Hope you have enjoyed today’s post lovelies and you can find out more about the Celtic Manor Autumn Afternoon Tea here

Lots of love


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  3. God this is making me hungry!!!! xxx


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