5 October 2014

Autumn is here ☆

Hi Lovelies!
Can you guess what this post Is about today haha! Woohoo Autumn is here! As much as I love the summer, light nights and of course plenty of BBQs. I have always felt more comfortable come autumn time. I love cosy jumpers, big knits, boots and plenty of warm drinks. I thought I would do a quick style/lifestyle post, as I don't do them very often and it feels like a nice change for my blog. Today, I visited the new development which my parents are working on and it's become a bit of a Sunday tradition to go and visit to see the progress. It's looking fantastic and looking over our beautiful land is such a relaxing experience, especially after a 6 day week at the marketing office. I must admit I'm looking pretty chirpy in the picture below haha, it was one of those ones which I was messing around with, but actually preferred it to the more "serious" outfit ones haha!

In terms of make-up I'm always sad to let go of my peachy/coral's but I'm quite excited to start playing around with some more plum tones. I must admit plum on my lips is just a little our of my zone, but recently I purchased a plum eyeliner from Chanel (which I posted about) and I really liked the way it made my Green eyes pop! I tend to ditch all my other foundations for my YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation in A/W as I love how dewy it looks on the skin and it also feels so soothing, especially after a few weeks of the cold and wind getting to my skin. I will be doing an Autumn Make-up post soon, so I will include some more tips and tricks in that post for you lovelies.

Another, little development that I'm quite excited about is a new project I'm starting. Jewel By India R is my brand, which I use to house all of my creative outlets and ideas including my blog! My new project is beauty related, but Its something I have had in the pipeline for about two years, but have never got around to pursuing it. If there is one bit of advice I could tell my lovely readers it would be to just do it! Saying no and being scared has ruined so many amazing opportunities for me. I still find it hard to say Yes and take on challenges, but when I do conquer my fears it feels so rewarding! (Look below, its my yes I did it pose haha)
Today's OOTD 
Lambswool Cardigan: Ralph Lauren
Scarf: Burberry
Jeans: Hollister
Boots: TU
Sunglasses: Prada

I hope you enjoyed this more chatty post lovelies, sometimes its just nice to change things up and show you a little bit more of my personal side! Its not all makeup I swear haha. I love nothing more than a countryside walk and just chilling out on a Sunday with my laptop, family and a good cup of tea!
I would love to hear from you in the comments section down below, what is your perfect way to spend a Sunday?

Lots of Love



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