30 November 2014

JADE By Yardley London Review ❤

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Hope you are all doing really well and have had a good weekend so far? I'm preparing to go back to work after a lovely 12 day's off from work and I must admit I'm suffering from Barcelona Blues! Just to think this time last week I was enjoying the beautiful Christmas lights and a delicious meal! but never mind! I'm actually quite looking forward to going back to work, as our Christmas Kingdom at the hotel looks ahhmazing from the picture's I have seen. Talking about Winter Blues, today's review is about a lovely new perfume I have been trying out called "Jade" which is by the icon Yardley London Brand. If your not so sure about the brand then Yardley is a famous purveyor of luxury fragrances and soaps, which was founded in 1770. Twiggy was also the face of Yardley and the 60's is definitely the inspiration behind this fragrance... so before I give too much away I will stop rambling and let you read the review below! I would love to hear from you, as your comments truly make my day! Your also more than welcome to get in contact with me via my social media, which can be found just to the right hand side of my blog :)
Jade by Yardley London Review
Over the past few weeks I have been trying out the lovely "Jade" fragrance by Yardley London, so I thought I would post a review for my readers on my thoughts about the perfume itself. Jade is a retro-inspired fragrance that captures the spirit of the 60's and has top notes of peach, bergamot and galbanum blend with an airy floral bouquet heart of rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang and orris, which makes it a very fruity fragrance, but the thing I love most about this perfume is the way it settles down to be quite aromatic with base notes of patchouli, sandalwood and moss. Jade is a hugely versatile fragrance, which I initially thought would be suited to mostly the Spring and Summer. However, I have been wearing it pretty much everyday and its base notes really do come out and therefore make it perfect for Autumn/Winter too! Jade retails at £19.99 but at the moment it is on special offer for £13.33, which might make it a nice Christmas gift or stocking filler if your stuck for ideas!

The fragrance was inspired by "Sea Jade" which was on of Yardley's first ever fragrances released in the 1960's. The 1960's was a very exciting time with the brand, with the likes of Twiggy fronting Yardley campaigns. Being a 90's gal I spoke to my mum more about the 60's and it was great to hear some more about what it was like in the 60s... I must admit it sounded pretty fun :D I love how Yardley have put so much thought into creating a fragrance that really embodies their brand and of course creating a scent inspired by the 60s and its many icons is always a good idea! I'm obsessed with Icons such as Audrey Hepbrun, Twiggy, Jane Birkin and Jackie O just to name a few!

I have added a link to the video of the "Jade" Campaign below, which was so interesting to watch and I would highly recommend you checking it out, if you like behind the scenes footage like myself :)

I hope you have enjoyed this review lovelies and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below :)

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  1. Thank you so much. I really needed this information. I have read that "Sea Jade" and "Oh de London" are the same scent. I wonder if "Jade" is much like "Oh de London"? I will absolutely have to try it. I miss Oh de London. I bought the reformulated version of Oh de London and a bottle of vintage Sea Jade and I think they smell identical in the middle notes and base notes but very different in the top notes. I am trying to score a vintage bottle of Oh de London at a reasonable price. I would love to compare Sea Jade, Oh de London and this new fragrance "Jade." I have read that sandalwood is too expensive and that any new formula will lack it. I can't wait to smell this fragrance. You certainly sold me.


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