28 December 2014

A Mountainous Sunday Walk

Hi Lovelies! 
Well this Is unusual.. I'm blogging on my ipad for the first time ever! I literally have no idea how this is going to turn out.. and even though it's not quite as efficient as on my laptop, I need to try and make it work until my Internet gets connected. Basically, I purchased this EE wifi box but it's only powerful enough to power my phone and ipad.. Mine and Daniel's Macs have no chance ha! So, instead of taking Sunday as it comes and relaxing me, Daniel, my sister and her partner decided to quite impulsively climb one of the famous Monmouthshire mountains, also known as the Skirrid Fawr. Me and my sister didn't quite make the summit, as she has a huge fear of heights and there were a few more sudden drops than she expected. I decided to stay with her and let the boys climb to the summit, as I wasn't too fussed on falling over in the mud haha! We decided to enjoy the scenery from where we were, which I'm glad as we did make it quite high and we had loads of laughs, whilst making friends with many passers by! My sister said that I looked more prepared for the alps than a crisp welsh walk which made me laugh! You can probably tell I'm not a mountain walker from this post, but hey! I gave it a go. I thought I would include a OOTD and a what's In my bag, which was far from a traditional hiking backpack! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this post lovelies and I would love to hear from you in the comments section down below.
I thought I would go ahead and include a quick OOTD, as well as showing you my beauty essentials for mountain walking haha!! Can you tell I don't do this very often?

Under Layer's: Nike & Abercrombie
Coat: North Face Thermoball Coat
Trousers: Thick River Island Leggings
Shoes: Asics
Handbag: Versace Crossbody
Scarf: Burberry
Sunglasses: Prada

I decided to take a few beauty bits with me, as there was a chance we would be popping to town after the walk.. which never actually happened, but hey I was prepared for a beauty dilemma half way up a mountain! Firstly, my Benefit POREfessional found its way in there as it was already in my bag from another day. I also took my Bobbi Brown Touch Up Foundation Stick, which is all in the name! It's great for quick touch ups and it doubles up as a great concealer too. I seem to never be without one of my all time faves, which are my Chanel Rouge Coco Shines and the shade I had was Secret, which is a beautiful muted Pink. Now onto what you might class as more mountain appropriate! I made sure I packed my Honey Bee Beautiful Healing Balm, which is fantastic for any sore, dry and generally uncomfortable area's on your body, which can definitely be a problem when walking long distances. I also took my Honey Bee Beautiful Lip Balm and LUSH Helping Hand's Hand Cream, as recently both my lips and hands have been very dry and uncomfortable. I also packed a few lindt chocolate balls, just incase anyone needed a sugar kick, which definitley came in handy! Overall, I had a fantastic day and it was extremely humorous at times, especially with my sister telling me I should be in the alps and not walking up a muddy mountain. I hope you have enjoyed this slightly random post and I will be back very soon with an exciting post, which I think you lovelies will really enjoy!

I would love to hear from you in the comments section below, do you have any Sunday traditions?

Lots of Love

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