17 December 2014

S.Wales Gift Guide|Part 2|Petals of the Valley Welsh Rosewater❤

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Wow where have I been? I'm still facing problems with getting my Internet connected at the new place.. so I hope you can bare with me whilst I'm figuring things out. BT are like the most impossible people ever and because I live in the countryside, they are the only real provider that can connect me to the Internet. Everything seems like a little bit of a nightmare at the moment, especially with uni work as I can't get Internet boohoo! but I'm hoping they will get a move on soon so I can get back into blogging and start writing my long list of blog ideas! Moving on from my little ramble haha I'm going to be posting another fantastic brand from my South Wales Gift Guide today, so I hope you enjoy finding out more about what South Wales has to offer! I have actually been using this product for just over two weeks, so hopefully it will show you what a lovely gift the Petals of the Valley Welsh Rosewater would make! I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below and if you would like to get in contact, then don't hesitate to use my social media icons just to the right hand side of my blog :)
 About Petal's of the Valley
The Monnow Valley, near Skenfrith, Monmouthshire is home to Petals of the Valley. Denise and Desdemona grow fragrant roses and companion plants, which help to create their beautifully unique Welsh Rosewater. Petals of the Valley use their own pure spring water and highly fragrant Rosa Damascena roses grown on their Monmouthsire based farm. The Organic Welsh Rosewater created by Petals of the Valley contains no preservatives and the roses are steam distilled once, unlike industrially produced rosewater which can be distilled up to 7 times! If that's not enough then the Rosewater from Petals of the Valley's is believed to be first Rosewater in the UK to be approved as a food ingredient, which is pretty impressive! I'm sure you beauty lover's already know how amazing Rosewater is as a beauty product, and is used in many cleanser's, serums, moisturisers, lip balms and more! It's fantastic for skin ranging from sensitive and mature to Young and acne prone, which definitely makes it a little miracle worker!
You might have seen me recently feature the Petals of the Valley Welsh Rosewater in my "Evening Skincare Routine" and it has definitely been a regular feature in my recent skincare regime. I have used Rose products for quite some time now, but this is the first time I have used Rosewater in its purest form and I must admit I'm loving it! I tend to spritz the Petals of the Valley Rosewater over my face just after cleansing or just before bed. I can't even describe how beautiful and natural it smells, which makes it even nicer to use! I also love how it makes my skin feel soothed and relaxed. Rose is well known for not only being moisturizing, but also being a great acne treatment! A few weeks back my skin was getting quite bad with those horrible under the skin type of spots. However, since using this product my skin has started to gain its luminosity back, with no sign of any pesky spots!
Overall, I'm really impressed with the Welsh Rosewater from Petals of the Valley and I can 100% confirm it has become a staple in my evening skincare routine. I love how the gift set is packaged and I honestly think this would make one of the nicest stocking fillers or even a little treat to yourself! Its such a versastile gift and could also work as a great birthday/mother's day treat too. So much thought and hard work has gone into this product and its benefits seem endless. So why not treat a beauty lover (or yourself) to some beautifully natural Welsh Rosewater? FYI this product can also be used as a food ingredient and the Petals of the Valley website is full of useful information on how to get the best out of your Rosewater! I hope you have enjoyed this post lovelies and hopefully I will be back soon with part three of the S.Wales Gift Guide :)

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  1. I've never been to Wales but I'm really loving your Welsh gift guides. This brands so so gentle and lovely!

    Morag x


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