25 January 2015

Plum Paper 2015 Planner Review Part 1 ❤

Hi Lovelies!
Hope you are all doing really well? It’s no secret that I love me a planner and I’m pretty sure I have at least four for 2015 already. I don’t know what it is though… perhaps I like pretty books or perhaps I just haven’t found my dream planner yet? I have always loved writing and it usually helps if I’m writing in something that appeal’s to me! It’s all about the motivation haha. I have almost purchased an Erin Condren planner and the other day I was going to purchase a Day Designer, but both come from the USA and because they are pretty expensive to start with by the time you get the planner it would end up costing like £80 with postage and customs too. After trawling around the Internet I finally found a really cute planner that reminded me of Erin Condren… but half the price. Plum Paper are a stationary brand and are based in California and all of their planners and notebooks are handmade from start to finish from their San Diego office (Sounds pretty glam right?) I hope you enjoy today’s review lovelies and if you would like to get in contact then don’t hesitate to use my Social Media icons just to the right hand side of my blog. I would also love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below – don’t forget to leave your links too and say hi if your stopping by from the #lbloggers/#bbloggers chats! 
Organisation is key!
I thought I would go ahead and explain a little about why I think having a planner suited to you is so important! I’m sure you all know there are a million types of planner and also a million types of ways in which they can be set out. I tried to get along with Filofax for many years and it just didn’t work for me! I then tried quite a few from WH Smiths and Paperchase too and despite them all being lovely planner’s they just didn’t cut it. When I first found Erin Condren I was obsessed with how her planner’s were almost like a lifestyle! They could be decorated and had everything you needed to organise your life in the most stylish way. I’m quite a visual person and for me I like things to look as nice as they can.. I’m sure its just a girly thing in general though! I have always struggled to organise myself and sometimes have let my workload become unbearable. One of my main goals for 2015 is to really organise myself and find a suitable way to do so, so I'm hoping my new planner will at least help me to get into a better habit when it comes to organising my time.
Plum Paper Planner £21.01
Firstly, I was so impressed by the huge range of planner’s available on the Plum Paper Shop. There are options for just regular planners like mine and there also planner’s for family, fitness and student’s too! The designs are great and I feel like there is really something for everyone and there is also a good range of simplistic and more detailed designs. The planner’s also come with a strong metal coil and a protective cover to ensure your front cover doesn’t get bashed around. I decided to go with the Gold Honey Comb design, with Pink writing for my monogram, which fits my taste perfectly. When you first open the planner you see a front page where you can add your name, which then leads onto a yearly calendar. My planner has a weekly layout, which is set into morning, afternoon and evening, which I think will really help me organise my days. I hate writing something in my planner and then writing something else after, which perhaps should have come before it! I absolutely love the laminated tabs and find that they are a great way to get to where you need to be quickly, without having to go back and forth pages.. I know you could just use a bookmark in a normal planner haha, but for me the tabs are a great organisational feature and makes the planner look a lot nicer. 
In the planner each month has a notes section, a monthly overview and then weekly space to plan, which in my planner is split into three sections. Another amazing thing about Plum Planner’s is the fact you can really customise your planner and choose a layout, which works, for you! I think there are three other choices, so if you don’t like the way my planner is laid out.. I’m sure there will be a perfect option for you! You can also choose what month to start your planner on, which is another great feature when looking to create your perfect planner. At the back of the planner you will also find an area for special dates, contacts, holidays and also a yearly view of the next year ahead! If that’s not cool enough there is also an area where you can put loose paper or maybe things like washi tape and stickers, which can be used to personalise your planner even more. Now for the BEST part of this planner.. Calling all BLOGGER’s to pay attention haha! You can also purchase a blogger pack, which will be added to your planner for you, as long as your purchase at the same time. It’s a great feature and I think it will really help me organise my blogging and hopefully lead to more regular posts woohoo! The blog pack comes with everything you need to get on track and it’s also another great feature to help keep blog planning separate, so not too much is going on at once within your planner. You can find out all about the contents of the blog planner here
I’m so impressed with my personalised Plum Paper Planner and you get a fantastic planner for half the price of planner’s like Erin Condren and Daily Designer. Even though those planner’s look amazing!! I feel like my Plum Paper Planner is fairly similar and a much better price point! I mean I didn’t want to splash out like £80 on a planner and then not use it. I feel like my planner now suits me and I’m not trying to make my planner work for me. In total the planner cost around £35.00 including shipping/customs.. which is still not cheap, but at the same time I felt like my busy lifestyle needed a little TLC.. and hopefully having a great organiser will motivate me to plan my time more efficiently. I’m also looking forward to making my planner a hobby and I can’t wait to get a few creative bits too give it even more personality.

Now you might be thinking if this Part 1 then what is Part 2? I'm actually in the process of getting together a few creative bits to show you how I'm going to personalise and decorate my planner. I would love to hear your thoughts on my new planner.. do you like the idea of a more creative and productive planner?

Lot’s of Love


  1. Oh my.. Nothing I love more than a planner. I'm far too tempted with this..


  2. i've actually been planning to pick this up! i just need to press purchase on my etsy cart. good to see that more bloggers are using these!

    brooke | brooke elise beauty


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