8 February 2015

Elle Magazine - Exclusive Benefit Roller Lash Review ❤

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Hope you are all doing really well? I'm sorry I didn't do my mid-week post this week, but the week totally whisked me away and before I knew it I was getting ready for mine and Daniel's night away. We both really enjoyed getting away and enjoyed lovely food and even a few cheeky spa treatments (for me) I have been a really good blogger and have been taking heaps of pictures to make sure that I always have content at the ready for my blog. I'm still using my Plum Paper planner too and it's really helping me plan, especially with my blog. I have also been making a conscious effort to improve my blog photo's.. I don't think they have ever been bad, but I always lust after light/bright pictures... like my good friend Sophia's! I have also been enjoying a pretty chilled out Sunday and guess what?! I managed to get my White jeans on woohoo! I always feel so much more upbeat when I'm wearing White jeans, so I have been full of spirit today. Anyway, before I begin to ramble and tell you each detail of my day haha I will get right into today's review which is going to be a cheeky review of Benefit's Roller Lash Mascara! Thank god for Elle. If you would like to get in contact lovelies then you are more than welcome to use my Social Media icons to the right hand side of my blog and of course I would love to hear your thoughts on this post in the comments section below. Hope you enjoy :)

Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash £19.50 ( Expected Release: 01/03/2015 )
For me there have only ever been two mascara's for me and that would be the Chanel Intimitable Mascara and Benefit's They're Real. I have got through tubes and tubes of both, but I think it's safe to say that They're Real has been one of the best mascara releases in a very long time. It's always interesting to see if a brand can outdo itself and keep putting out truly amazing products.. so as you can imagine I made sure that I headed straight out to pick up a sneak peek of this little beauty in the March edition of Elle Magazine. 

So a little behind this new lash treat that Benefit are gracing us with shortly! To sum this mascara up in one "it's a roller for lashes" and with it's eye-opening Hook 'n' Roll designed brush it grabs, seperates, lifts and curls... whilst the instand curve-setting formula works it magic to ensure that its all set for 12 hours (Impressive Right?) Over 87% of everyone who tested this mascara said that it really did everything that it said on the box and again I think that's pretty impressive, especially for a new release product. Roller Lash also contains Provitamin B5 and Serin, which are both known for their lash-conditioning benefits. Roller lash is also Water-resistant, comes in ink black and has a satiny finish!

After using this for a few days I was totally wowed by how awake it made my eyes look and it honestly had the most instant and impressive eye-awakening effect I have ever known! You will be able to see in the image below that it really did give my lashes an extra oomph in comparison to the Chanel mascara I was wearing on the other eye. I apologise for the meh Iphone image, but I thought it was better than nothing until I get my tripod :) I must admit I'm totally excited by Roller Lash and each day I can't wait to apply it and see how much happier my eyes appear! I sometimes feel like my lashes can be a little meh and I haven't got the largest eye lids.. So I struggle to rock really impressive eye looks. However, Roller Lash has really made me fall in love with my lashes which is fab! You know what they say... They eye's are the window's to the soul and all that ;) It definitely acts as a curling product as well, which is great as I have never been a fan of curling my lashes. Roller Lash features "wand wiper" technology to ensure that not too much mascara is on on the wand at any one time, which also helps to make this mascara clump free! I have also noticed that it is super duper long lasting and doesn't have an ounce of fallout like I have experienced with BadGal Lash & slightly with They're Real after wearing it for a long time. 
[Left - Chanel Mascara Right - Benefit Roller Lash]

I'm honestly SO SO impressed with this mascara! It's like a dream... I mean It's just fabulous like everything else Benefit does. I think as a brand Benefit are definitely taking it up a gear and everything I have tried in the past six months has just been amazing. I think Roller Lash might even replace "They're Real" - However, I'm going to purchase a full size Roller Lash and full size They're Real.. so that I can hopefully do a really cool comparison post for you lovelies. I actually think they would both work well together, as Roller Lash is great for curling and They're Real is amazing for lengthening and separating your lashes. Could this be a Benefit Dream Team?

I would love to hear your thoughts lovelies! Don't forget you can get this little beauty for yourself in Elle Magazine. Find out more here

PS - A huge hello and welcome to my blog if you are stopping by from #bbloggers :)

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  1. I picked up the sample with Elle magazine too and I've been so impressed. Benefit actually recommend using RL and TR together and the result is amazing when you do, you get the lift, curl, length and volume all in one and it stays looking perfect all day!

    Alice Grace Beauty


  2. This looks amazing and looks great on you. I adore the brush and need this in my life.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

    1. Thanks Jackie! It looks even better in real life than on this pic! I was having a bit of a bad lash day haha.

  3. I have yet to see a single negative review on this mascara! :O. Clearly it really is worth trying! :).

    1. It's lovely! you should try and get it with Elle if you can :)

  4. I've heard so many good things about this mascara, the results look amazing on you! I think I definitely need to pick this up and try it for myself!
    Lou xxx

    1. Thanks Louise it's a great mascara! I have found after the second layer it can start to clump slightly... but sometimes it's quite nice to have a more dramatic look!


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