12 February 2015

NARS Virtual Domination Palette Review ❤

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Hope you are all doing well? It's been a pretty hectic week for me so far. I had a lovely four days off last week, so I have been slightly drowning in e-mails this week! Does anyone else feel like e-mails can take over their life? haha. Anyway, I thought today I would do post on a really hyped up product in the blogosphere at the moment. I'm sure a lot of you beauty lovers have heard about and may even own the NARS Virtual Domination Palette. When I first laid eyes on it on Space NK I was instantly sold, but stupidly didn't end up making the purchase! I totally regretted in the next day when I found out it was completely out of stock. I then tweeted Space NK pleading for them to get it back in stock, which luckily they did! I was really impressed they personally got back to me to say it was available again, as I'm sure many people were trying to find out about how they could get their hands on the Virtual Domination Palette... I mean just look at it... It's a beauty! I would definitely do one of those smiley face emoji's with hearts as eyes if I could right now. I thought I would do a little summary styled post, as there have been so many reviews on this product.. plus it's nice to write a little bit more of a chatty post every now and then. I hope you enjoy this post lovelies and I would love to hear from you in the comments section down below. Don't forget you can contact me via my social media icons, if you would like a quicker response :)
NARS Virtual Domination £45 (Limited Edition)
When this little beauty was released just before Christmas I instantly knew it was going to be an impulse purchase. NARS palettes are just amazing anyway, but this one honestly looked something special, even on the Internet. Firstly, how pretty is the packaging?! I'm a sucker for anything White, so this packaging really stood out to me. I don't think I have put VD down since purchasing it and it's a great palette to travel around with, especially as I'm always back and forth places. As much as I would like to carry my entire make-up collection around with me.. it's just not realistic and I think that's where palettes like this really come into their own. The palette consists of five beautiful shades, which are perfect for bronzing, highlighting and adding a touch of colour to your cheeks. 

Miss Liberty: This is the "Highlighter" shade in the Nars VD palette and has quite a warm undertone to it. This is quite a sparkly highlighter and one I have come to use with a little caution as the shimmer can be a little more on the obvious side. I actually really like dusting this over my eyelids, as it gives them a brighter appearance. It does take quite a while to build up this particular shade, but it's very pretty once on the skin.

Deepthroat: This is probably in my top 3 favourite blush shades of all time.. It might even be my favourite, but it does contend with the likes of Dior's Rosy Glow & Benefit's Coralista. The Deepthroat is this palette is pretty pigmented and gives a gorgeous mid toned pink flush to the cheeks, which is so natural looking but equally beautiful. This is definitely my most reached for shade out of the palette!

Laguna: Laguna is honestly one of the best bronzer's I have ever tried! It's medium-dark but warm tone really makes it queen bee in terms of bronzing product. I have found that the Laguna in VD isn't as pigmented in my opinion and takes a little more work to get it to appear the same. However, it's super handy to have in the VD palette and I pretty much use it everyday. 

Sex Fantasy: Ohh Nars and their cheeky names! Sex Fantasy is a pale matte lavender pink shade, which is extremely cool-toned. This is the shade I have used least, especially now we're slowly heading out of Winter. I always tend to keep my cool pinks for the Winter, when I feel like they suit my skin tone a little better. I have used it a few times though and it does look really pretty with a subtle grey/smokey eye. 

Final Cut: Final cut is definitely a shade I'm quite excited about using more in the spring/summer. It's described as a medium coral-orange with warm undertones. It has quite a matte finish, but I think this would look so striking with a tan! It also has great colour payoff.

Virtual Domination is a gorgeous palette, which is very much loved amongst beauty lovers! I literally haven't put it down and it has been super handy, especially as I'm always out and about. The only one thing I would say is that I was slightly disappointed with some of the colour payoff, as Laguna, Miss Liberty & Sex Fantasy need a little work to get them up to standard NARS coverage in my opinion. However, NARS didn't disappoint on this occasion! Who wouldn't want a beautiful looking palette with a great mirror and five gorgeous and completely versatile shades!

I hope you have enjoyed this post lovelies and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below!

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  1. Looks like a beautiful palette I really want it!


    1. It's gorgeous! I really recommend NARS palettes x

  2. I brought this when it first came out and I'm glad I did, I've used it non-stop! x


  3. That's the most beautiful palette I've ever seen!


  4. This is a lovely review and really like your swatches picture! If i had the money right now I would definitely purchase this x

    em // emandhan xo

  5. This is such a nice palette and I'm hoping my first Nars purchase will be this palette as it sounds and looks so great.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |


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