30 April 2015

It's Not Stress That Affects Us, But The Way We Choose To Deal With It ❤

Hi Lovelies!
Hope you are all doing well? Today was my last day in work for five days and tomorrow is my 23rd birthday woohoo! I'm still a big kid though at heart ha. Tonight's post is a little more personal and to be honest I always worry about these type of posts. I tend to write them and not publish them, because I tend to think people won't care and I don't want to seem like I'm trying to tell people how to be. However, I've had a surge of positivity and tonight I really wanted to share it with you! The past few months have been pretty brain draining and even though I'm proud to say I'm coming through it.. I still can't deny it's been a tough old journey. Between a full time job, uni finals, blogging, travelling a lot, anxiety and various other things I've been feeling pretty overwhelmed. Me and Daniel decided to get mountain bikes, as it's something we both used to love as kids and of course it's great for fitness too. I'm lucky to live out in the countryside where it's absolutely perfect to get out in the fresh air and really enjoy the beautiful scenery, which personally really helps me. I thought I would put together my top tips for coming through a bit of a 'tough spell' so I hope this will be at least helpful to one of you! I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below and if you would like to get hold of me a little quicker, you can also use my social media icons just to the right hand side of my blog :)

Top Tips For Stress Busting

And breathe... I feel like breathing is so understated in terms of stress relief, as it's something we do without even thinking about it. However, if you just take a minute to be mindful and realise what it actually feels like to breathe then it can totally take your mind of the situation at hand, even if it's just for a few minutes. You can find out more about mindfulness here 'Headspace' 

Go outside whatever the weather... Take a break from your stress! Going outside in the sun, wind, rain or snow won't get rid of the problem, but changing your surroundings and experiencing new senses will definitely help to re-focus your mind. 

Do what you love... A common result of stress is stopping doing something that you love and this could be for a lot of reasons. Perhaps you don't feel you have the time anymore, or that a certain issue is draining your energy and motivation? I've just got myself a new mountain bike and it's something I loved as a kid, but stopped due to a lack of time. I'm already SO excited to start going on bike rides and it actually inspired me to write this whole post. Cycling is supposed to be just as good for stress as yoga/medication.. plus it's proven to give you a 'happy head' but you can read that here, as I'm sure you don't want to hear me rambling on about nerve cells and neurons ha!

Exercise the way you enjoy... Exercise is a proven way to target stress, but sometimes the thought of exercise can actually make you feel a little 'meh' especially if you're a little down and don't fancy the gym or normal types of exercise. There are so many different ways to exercise, whether it be walking, tennis, cycling or trampolining just to name a few. 

Make a positive effort... Stress will always try and zap positivity, but you can do some things to try and help yourself. When you're feeling in a more positive mind set, why not get a little creative by making a 'Positivity Jar' Put a few happy quotes and inspiring messages in and pull them out when you're feeling a little low. One kind word or memory can be enough to shake off any unwanted negativity. You could always look at starting a new hobby or perhaps catching up with old friends?

It's Okay Not To Be Okay... You might be thinking why on earth am I saying this, when I've just been going on about being positive. One thing I have learnt is that the more you bottle up emotions the more problems you will face. I'm not ashamed to admit that a few years ago I had to get therapy, as I got to a point where I really couldn't shake anxiety from my day to day life. In order to be okay, you need to understand why you're not okay and not be afraid to feel it and really understand it. It's a lot easier to make a positive change when you're completely aware of your feelings. 

I hope this has helped you lovelies! I'm no expert and my advice today is really from the heart and hopefully it will be of some help to some of my readers. I've always held back from these types of posts, because I do worry about people honestly not caring about what I have to say. However, I've had a rush of positivity and I wanted to share it with you lovelies. I would really love to hear your thoughts below, also do you have any tips you could add?

Lot's Of Love

25 April 2015

CHANEL ROUGE COCO Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour 'Adrienne' Review ❤

Chanel Rouge Coco Arthur
Hi Lovelies!
Hope you're all having a nice weekend so far? I kind of wish the sun was still out though, as it's been lovely all week in work. I've had a pretty up and down week and I was hoping to get a post up a little sooner, but I'm sure you lovelies will understand! I always do my very best to keep a positive mind set whatever is going on and I know my little old blog will always give me something to smile about, especially when I get to interact with my amazing readers. I'm going to be talking about my favourite topic today.. can any of you guess? It's no secret that I'm a little obsessed by lipsticks, particularly the ones embossed with a beautiful double 'C' logo. So I thought I would go ahead and review one of the beautiful new shades 'Adrienne' which has also been requested by quite a few of my readers. I hope you enjoy this review lovelies and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. If you're looking for a more direct response then you can also use my social media icons just to the right hand side of my blog :)

The Chanel 'Rouge Coco' range is one of the brand's best selling formulations, which has recently been reformulated with 29 new shades. I have a few lipsticks with the old formulation, so I was pretty excited to try out the new 'Ultra Hydrating' formula from Chanel. The shade Adrienne is part of 'Understated Nude'  section of the new line and it's safe to say it's a real beauty. All of the 29 new shades are named after Coco's Muses, family members, friends and also artists that she loved. I really like it when brands go that mile by putting real history into their branding and products, especially as Coco Chanel is SO iconic. Adrienne would best be described as a 'Apricot nude' and it's genuinely one of the nicest nudes I've had in my collection since my beloved Rouge Coco Shine in the shade 'Evasion'. Damn.. I wish that shade hadn't been discontinued :(. Adrienne has a hint of pink with warm apricot undertones, which make it a very flattering nude for a lot of skin tones. It's finish is spectacular and I love the way it gives a gentle luminosity to the lips, which also helps to make them look a little fuller too. The consistency is light and creamy and kind of reminds me of the Rouge Coco Shine formula, which of course is also super hydrating! From what I've heard this is one of the shades from the new formulation that everyone is talking about and I can totally see why. In comparison to the older formula these new lipsticks are definitely far more hydrating and to be honest I don't even bother thinking about a lip balm, which is extremely unusual for me. I suffer with dry, cracked and quite painful lips a lot of the year, but these lipsticks seem to do everything! I actually think this may become my all time favourite formulation, but I've got my eye on a few new hippies before I make my decision. I also have 'Cecile' which is another new addition, so I will be sure to review that shade within the next two weeks        ( Spoiler Alert: It's another beauty )
Chanel Rouge Coco Arthur
So far I've tried two shades from the 2015 Rouge Coco's and both of them are fabulous. Chanel have done a great job at improving the formula, as the previous line had a few 'hit/miss' shades in terms of pay off and consistency. The only negatives I can think of in terms of recommending this lipstick is the fact that it is super creamy (not a bad thing) but the tendency with such hydrating formula's is that you use them up quicker and they don't tend to hang around as long on your lips. The price point is of course pretty high too at £26, but I would say it's worth it if your looking for a beautiful new lipstick. However, if you asked me to recommend you a high end lipstick, I honestly think the new 2015 Rouge Coco's are the place to start! The formulation, shade range, colour payoff and of course the luxe packaging make this lipstick really special in my opinion. 
Chanel Rouge Coco Arthur
I Hope you have enjoyed this post lovelies and I would really love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. Do you think Adrienne is for you, or is there another shade you would like to try from the new 2015 formulation? I'm currently lusting after the shade 'Arthur' 

See my CHANEL Beauty Haul Here

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19 April 2015

Chanel Beauty Haul ❤

Chanel Beauty Haul
Hi Lovelies!
Hope your all enjoying your Sunday so far? I actually worked yesterday, so today was my first day off this weekend. I also have tomorrow off, but I'm going to be super busy preparing to submit my final uni assignment.. Phew I can't wait until that's over. I wanted to share my little Chanel beauty haul with you, which I purchased at the start of the Easter weekend. I had such a great day with my boyfriend and my beautiful little niece honey-bea.. plus it was nice to come home with a few new beauty goodies too! I have been using all of the products mentioned in today's post and they are all absolutely amazing! I just couldn't wait any longer to share my thoughts with you. I will also be writing full reviews on today's products over the next few weeks. I hope you enjoy this post lovelies and don't forget to leave your thoughts below. You can also use my social media icons to get in contact a little quicker.
Chanel Beauty Haul
I wasn't actually planning on purchasing two foundations, but on the way to the mall I decided that I wanted to purchase my usual Vitalumiere Aqua, but also something with a little extra coverage. Firstly, I have to say that so far this foundation has been absolutely amazing and everyday I've worn it I've had such lovely compliments on how my make-up has looked... It's all about the base! It's kind of like the Vitalumiere Aqua's medium coverage sister.. Oh my god what's wrong with me.. I'm talking about foundations having sisters ha! On a more serious note it's such a gorgeous foundation and I will be doing a full review soon, as I actually can't find many on the Internet. It's just won a beauty award and of course it looks stunning in it's luxe glass packaging. I can't wait to tell you more!

I won't go into too much detail, as I feel like I have been raving about this since I was 18! This is my 9th bottle and nothing has ever come close to taking me away from this foundation. Sometimes I stop using it when I'm trying out new products, but when I come back to it I always feel so happy! It's so fluid and light weight, but some how it manages to cover every sin! I would go as far as to say I actually love it. Let me know if you would like to see an updated review on this foundation lovelies!

After walking away with my two foundations I was pretty shocked when my boyfriend said why don't you go back and pick up two of those lipsticks you were looking at. I was kinda planning on purchasing them, but in all honesty I was just trying to be good for once ha! He totally spoilt me and I ended up picking two lipsticks and they're both beauties. The new Rouge Coco lipsticks were actually named after friends, artists and lovers who inspired her... how amazing is that? I will do full reviews on both, but Adrienne is a stunning medium neutral beige with a hint of peach, which makes it really easy to wear. It's my go to lipstick at the moment, so watch out for a full review soon!

The Sales assistant at the Chanel boutique was amazing and really genuine, which always helps... especially when you're spending quite a lot of money on make-up. She recommended me the shade 'Cecile' which is a medium rosewood pink, which I adore. I probably wouldn't have picked it up, but she mentioned how it would make my green eyes pop and she was SO right. When I apply this shade it really makes my eyes stand out, which is amazing as it's such a subtle and wearable shade. The formula on these lipsticks is something else and I don't even need a lip balm, which is great.. especially as my lips are usually dry and a little meh! I'm planning on purchasing a few other shades and I especially have my eye on 'Arthur' .. trust me it's a beauty.
Chanel Beauty Haul
Chanel Beauty Haul
I hope you have enjoyed this haul post lovelies! I'm going to do more in-depth reviews on all the products with swatches and I would love to know what review you would like to see first? Have a fantastic week my loves and I will hopefully speak to you soon!

Lot's of Love

17 April 2015

Mad About Mini's ❤

Mini Beauty Products
Hi Lovelies!
Hope you are doing really well? I'm actually being a little bit cheeky by writing this post, as technically I should totally be focusing on my uni work right now. However, I convinced myself that I had done enough work earlier to warrant me blogging tonight. I'm really attached to my blog right now which is a great feeling and I love the fact I miss it when I haven't paid it much attention for a few days. A while back I went through bloggers block and it was such a horrible feeling to feel like I had lost connection with something I loved so much. However, I think it's something most of us go through and it sure does feel good to come out the other end feeling a lot more focused (Wish I could say the same for uni ha!) Tonight's post might be a bit random, but who doesn't love a good mini? I mean they're super cute and perfect for travelling with... so I thought I would get a few of my current favourites together and tell you a little bit about why I love them. I'm totally gutted that I didn't have my mini burberry lipstick for this post, which I was sent from their Twitter campaign thanks to Sophia. I hope you enjoy this post lovelies and I would love to hear from you in the comments section below. You can also use my social media icons if you would like a more direct response.. Don't forget to leave your links too :)

Anti bac is such an essential for me, especially as I work and travel a lot. It's not always easy to find a suitable place to freshen your hands up after touching something which might be a little icky! So I always carry around some form of cleansing hand gel. I absolutely love the fact that this particular carex gel smells just like Strawberry laces and for 99p it has to be my favourite mini to carry around in my handbag!

I actually reviewed a gift set from Lancome in January and this little beauty was part of the 'Minature Gift Set' Since January they have been making my vanity look super pretty, but the other week I decided to randomly grab 'Tresor' and it's been love ever since. The day I wore it I had four comments on my perfume and I've had it in my handbag ever since. I'm seriously considering purchasing the full size version as its notes of Rose, Apricot, Peach and Lilly are right up my street!

I actually had this as a free sample from Elle magazine and it's still going strong. I tend to keep this in my handbag just in case I leave my mascara at home, which recently I have been doing a lot due to travelling quite a bit. It's an amazing mascara, which does wonders for my lashes and I'm still trying to work out if I prefer this or They're Real... what do you lovelies think?

High Beam is such an iconic highlighter and I love the fact I have a few mini versions from various Benefit gift sets I've had over the years. I have never purchased the full size because the mini versions last me so well and it's a great little pick me up when you're feeling a little lacklustre mid-day!

I must admit this isn't my favourite cleanser and I was kind of disappointed in it after reading so many rave reviews and articles. However, not everything will work for everyone... so I kind of got over the fact it wasn't that amazing to me. Don't get me wrong it's a very nice cleanser, but it just didn't really make my skin look any different for the price. Despite not being totally head over heals for this cleanser it's still a great mini to carry around in my travel bag. 

I know what you might be thinking... What's the point in a touch up stick? but trust me this product has been a life saver on more than one occasion. It's actually so useful and it can be used to obviously touch up, which is great if you have anything planned after work. I also like to use it as a concealer, as it's pretty high coverage, but super creamy and comfortable at the same time. I also have the full size foundation stick, which is my go to winter foundation for when I need that extra bit of coverage. 

Mini Beauty Products
I hope you have enjoyed this post lovelies and I would love to hear from you below... are you mad about mini's too? I would also love to hear about your favourite 'mini' products :)

Lot's of Love 

9 April 2015

Benefit Puff Off & Origins No Puffery - The D'eye'namic Duo ❤

Hello my lovelies!
Hope you are all doing well? I must admit the lighter nights are giving me more energy and it's nice to leave work feeling happier and not like your night is completely over. I'm feeling pretty positive at the moment in terms of my blogging and I'm getting so much amazing feedback, so I just wanted to say thank you for all of your support. The next week is going to be a little crazy for me, especially mith a major uni final looming. I will be back though and I have some pretty exciting posts coming your way. I'm actually planning my 2000 follower giveaway.. I'm not quite there yet, but I'm pretty excited to treat my lovely followers to a special giveaway. I hope you enjoy this post lovelies and I would love to hear from you in the comments section below. You can also use my social icons to get in contact if you have any specific questions or if you would just like to get in contact a little quicker.

I'm not sure about you, but It's super important that my eyes look as bright and awake as possible when getting ready each morning. I'm a pretty bad sleeper and no matter how much attention I pay my makeup if my eyes don't look awake I find my whole look suffers. I have always been on/off with eye-creams and it's the one thing I have never really kept consistent within my skincare routine. However, recently I have formed the perfect dynamic duo and honestly they both work wonders. No matter how meh I'm feeling these two products always make me feel and look a lot better than before. I have reviewed both previously, but I thought I would go ahead and tell you why I love them all over again ha!
Benefit Puff Off & Origins No Puffery Roll On - The Official D'eye'namic Duo!
Origins No Puffery (review) has been in my life for quite a while now and it’s remained my no1 fix for sore, puffy and generally uncomfortable eyes. Even though this product isn’t directly targeted to reduce darkness, it’s roller ball actually helps to stimulate the under eye area also known as a (lymphatic drainage massage) which can be helpful in reducing fluid build-up, as well as reducing shadows and visible darkness. No Puffery uses Yeast Extract and Hoelen Mushroom Extract to brighten the eye area, as well as calming the skin to help keep the look of visible redness from settling in. Apart from being super cooling No Puffery also works as an under eye-serum.. so at the moment I use it under my Benefit Puff Off eye gel and they work fantastically together. It’s pretty hard to find eye products that don’t disrupt your makeup, but luckily No Puffery causes me no problems at all!
I recently reviewed Benefit’s new Puff Off eye gel here and it’s safe to say it’s been well received amongst the beauty world. I absolutely adore this product, as it’s light weight, brightening and no one can deny that this is probably the cutest looking eye-cream out there! The one thing I have noticed when I use this is the fact that my concealer seems to last longer! Sometimes when I use my Origins/Aptivita eye-creams I find that by 11am my concealer has either moved or has pretty much vanished. There is nothing worse for me than looking tired and you know what they say the eyes are the window to the soul and all that! I truly believe it too. Benefit have combined a unique blend of peptides and light-diffusing particles, which make Puff Off the perfect way to cool and instantly refresh tired-looking eyes. 

Overall, both of these products are truly a dream team and i've had seriously happy peepers the past few weeks since combining them! I hope you enjoyed this post lovelies and I actually found a really helpful page from the Oskia Skincare website which I really recommend you take a look at 'DIY Magic Eye Massage Routine' - I would love to know what eye products you use... what products would you recommend?

Lot's of Love

5 April 2015

Easter Sunday OOTD & TAG! ❤

Hi Lovelies
Happy Easter! - Hope you have all been enjoying this fantastic four day weekend? After spending some lovely time with my family today, I'm now sat down by the log fire with a peppermint tea. I have been wanting to write some slightly more chatty posts recently and I know how much my readers like my beauty reviews, but every now and then I think it's nice to get to know the person behind the blog a little more.. Yes, I'm sure you all know I love lipsticks by now haha! I thought I would do a little OOTD, which is nothing overly special but I felt like being casual today, as it is a Sunday. I'm also going to be adding a little 'Get to know me' style tag for my more recent readers. I hope you enjoy this post lovelies and I would love to hear from you in the comments section below. If you would like to get a quicker answer, then you can also use my social media icons to the right hand side.

1 - Is your hair naturally curly or straight?
My hair is naturally 'Wavy' which I love as I can get up and leave the house quickly knowing that after brushing my hair I will still have a few natural waves going on.

2 - Do you wear your hair in the same style everyday?
I usually wear my hair down on a day to day basis, unless I'm having a more casual day like today :)
I'm a huge fan of just chucking it up in a bun though ... ah bliss

3 - How long does it take you to put on your make-up?
I can pretty much get my skincare and make-up sorted in 25 minutes, which is a huge improvement for me! I used to love taking my time to apply my products and some day's it could easily take me from around 45-60 mins to do my make-up. I think working in such a high paced industry has made me a little more careful with my free time ha!

4 - Do you collect make-up.. or just buy it when you need it?
Oh dear! I would have to say I collect make-up. However, the past few months I have got so much better at shopping my own collection and I'm actually pretty proud of myself. I used to be so careless with spending money on make-up, but now I make sure it's something I have researched and know I really want before making the purchase. 

5 - Do you wear a full face of make-up everyday?
Sadly yes. I used to love it when I worked part time as I could have a few make-up free days. However, working in a hotel means that I have to be immaculately groomed all the time. 

6 - How often do you change your handbag?
Not too much, as I tend to use my Louis Vuitton Speedy for work. It's the perfect bag for work, as I can fit loads in it and it's not too delicate either. Some of my handbag's are quite high maintenance, so I save them for special trips and when I'm off work. 

7 - What time do you wake up and go to sleep?
 I normally wake up at around 7.30am and go to bed at about 11.30! 

8 - How often are you on blogger?
I'm on blogger everyday, but that might just be editing a post or commenting on blogs which pop up on my feed. I'm trying to become a lot more regular with my posts too, which seems to be going well so far. The thing I'm enjoying most at the moment is commenting on other blogs, as for a while I just didn't get the time to do it. However, I've started to find more time as It's so rewarding letting someone know that you love their blog post.

9 - How did you come up with your blog name?
I must admit I love my blog name, as it's so personal to me. My middle name is 'Jewel' and I love beauty, so it came from fusing a little bit of me with one of my main passions in life.

10 - What camera do you use for your blog posts?
Up until mid last year I was using a Sony cybershot digital camera which served me and my little old blog well. I'm currently using a Canon 700d, which I'm absolute loving and learning more about each day.

11 - What's your favourite colour?
Can you guess? I adore Pink, but I also really love Peach and White. 

12 - What was the last thing you purchased?
Some new Chanel make-up, which will be heading to the blog soon

13 - What are you most excited for this year?
It would have to be Dubai with my boyfriend Daniel. We are super busy this year, so we can't fit in too many trips away, so we have gone all out on a luxury holiday in October.

14 - What are your favourite childhood memories?
I was lucky enough to visit South Africa quite a few times when I was younger and my most precious memories were there. My dad always told me that Winnie the Pooh lived in our woods too, so I pretty much spent the majority of my childhood trying to find him ha!

15 - What would you say to someone just landing on your blog?
A huge welcome of course! My blog is a friendly place on the Internet where you will find plenty of beauty and lifestyle posts with a hint of fashion for good measure. I'm not the most practical blogger and I don't have a super snazzy schedule, but I absolutely adore my blog and it's readers... so I would love you stop by and say hi :)
OOTD - Casual 'Easter Sunday'
Shirt: Primark
Trousers: H&M (2014)
Scarf: Burberry
Shoes: Chanel
Handbag: Chanel
Sunglasses: New Look
I hope you enjoyed this more casual styled post and hopefully if your newer to my blog you might know a few more things about me. If you're stopping by from tonight's #bbloggers I just want to say a huge welcome and hopefully you will enjoy my blog and posts - Feel free to leave your links in the comments section down below too, as I will be checking them all tonight and tomorrow morning!

Lot's of Love

3 April 2015

Top 7 Pink Lipsticks ❤

Pink Lipsticks
Hi Lovelies!
Hope you are all doing really well and looking forward to Easter? I'm absolutely loving the fact that I have a four day weekend and I actually just got back from shopping at the mall with my niece and Daniel. I couldn't help but have a cheeky splurge, but I will save that for another post! I'm totally loving lipstick posts at the moment, but who doesn't love a pretty lipstick or seven? Not long ago I did a blog post on some of my favourite nudes, so I thought why not do the same for my favourite Pinks and Peaches too! I must admit I lean slightly more towards to Peachy/Nude spectrum when it comes to choosing lip shades, but Pink shades are just so pretty and versatile for all seasons. You might be thinking why 'Top 7' but a friend who is also an SEO specialist told me that more unique numbers are great for SEO purposes. I hope you enjoy this post lovelies and I would love to hear from you in the comments section below. If you would like to get in touch a little quicker then you can also use my social icons just to the right :)
Lipstick Review
I purchased this lipstick with credit from a blogger event not actually expecting that much from it! Previously, I didn't have much knowledge about Urban Decay and their lip offerings, but trust me they are the dark horse when it comes to lip products. I'm seeing more and more rave reviews on their lipsticks, so I will be definitely seeing what else they have to offer next time I walk by. Native is a pale pink shade, but it's a lot warmer than the likes of Lingerie Pink, which makes it easier to wear on a day to day basis. I honestly can't tell you how fantastic the formula is and it's packed with jojoba and avocado oils, which makes it super comfortable to wear. The finish is opaque and pretty long lasting too! I would totally recommend checking out the Revolution lipsticks, as the shade range is pretty impressive too.

I have reviewed this lipstick here and despite it looking quite peachy next to the other shades it does have pink undertones. This shade is perfect for everyday and it's also super lightweight but hydrating at the same time. The one thing I adore about the Rouge Coco Shine range is the fact you very rarely need a mirror to apply them, which makes them fantastic for a quick touch up too!

This lipstick is such a cult classic amongst the beauty world and I can totally see why. It's just the perfect milky 'Kimmy K' kinda pink, which looks amazing on loads of skin tones. The Cremesheen finish is a total dream and for an opaque lipstick it doesn't feel drying at all. I do find this one vanishes quite quickly, but this has become such a staple for me.. I love it.

I feel like I have had this lipstick forever, but it's such a beauty. I would describe it as a juicy bright pink, with slightly peachy undertones. In the tube it looks like a cocktail.. it's so bright and pretty. I don't always reach for this, as it's quite a statement shade. However, on warmer days and on holiday I always grab for this beautiful lipstick to brighten up my look

Seduisante is best described as a medium pink with a luminous finish. I absolutely adore this lipstick and it's always one I opt for when I'm looking for a nice lip colour without going to over the top. It has a gorgeous glowy finish, which makes your lips look really plump and hydrated. The formula is super comfortable too and this lipstick has great longevity. I have to mention it's stunning packaging and I love the way you have to pop it to make the lipstick come out!

I have reviewed this lipstick here - I remember when I first seen Pink Voltage it was love at first sight. The packaging totally sold me first of all, as I love being able to see the lip colour of a lipstick. Pink Voltage is like a party in a lipstick tube... pink..glittery and totally fabulous. Despite it's amazing appeal it's actually quite wearable (which is an obvious plus) Ha! I'm trying not to get carried away with how god damn pretty this lipstick is. However, be warned the sparkle does make this lipstick a little gritty when applying it, but once on it's not uncomfortable. 

 When it comes to high end lipsticks I have to admit my favourites usually come from YSL and Chanel. Lingerie Pink is a super cool toned pink, which has that ice queen look about it. I love this in the Winter and it also looks amazing with a grey smokey eye. Apart from the intricate and incredibly beautiful packaging the Rouge Volupte formula is an absolute dream. It's probably one of the most creamy textures I have ever used when it comes to lipsticks, which of course does effect it's lasting power. However, I would totally recommend picking up a lipstick from this range, as overall they are just fantastic. 
Urban Decay Makeup
Chanel Lipstick
Pink Lipsticks
If I had to recommend one high end lipstick I would probably say go for a YSL Rouge Volupte, as they truly offer the whole package. In terms of packaging they are beautiful but the formula is just as amazing! There really is no compromise in quality. However, if your looking for something a little more cost effective I would totally recommend Lipsticks from Urban Decay & MAC as they both offer comfortable formula's with high coverage and a super impressive shade range too. I must admit from a personal point of view I'm a huge lover of Chanel lipsticks, as I adore their simple elegance and dreamy formula's. I hope you have enjoyed this post lovelies and I would love to hear your thoughts below. Have you tried any of these lipsticks, or do any of them catch your eye?

Lot's of Love
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