5 April 2015

Easter Sunday OOTD & TAG! ❤

Hi Lovelies
Happy Easter! - Hope you have all been enjoying this fantastic four day weekend? After spending some lovely time with my family today, I'm now sat down by the log fire with a peppermint tea. I have been wanting to write some slightly more chatty posts recently and I know how much my readers like my beauty reviews, but every now and then I think it's nice to get to know the person behind the blog a little more.. Yes, I'm sure you all know I love lipsticks by now haha! I thought I would do a little OOTD, which is nothing overly special but I felt like being casual today, as it is a Sunday. I'm also going to be adding a little 'Get to know me' style tag for my more recent readers. I hope you enjoy this post lovelies and I would love to hear from you in the comments section below. If you would like to get a quicker answer, then you can also use my social media icons to the right hand side.

1 - Is your hair naturally curly or straight?
My hair is naturally 'Wavy' which I love as I can get up and leave the house quickly knowing that after brushing my hair I will still have a few natural waves going on.

2 - Do you wear your hair in the same style everyday?
I usually wear my hair down on a day to day basis, unless I'm having a more casual day like today :)
I'm a huge fan of just chucking it up in a bun though ... ah bliss

3 - How long does it take you to put on your make-up?
I can pretty much get my skincare and make-up sorted in 25 minutes, which is a huge improvement for me! I used to love taking my time to apply my products and some day's it could easily take me from around 45-60 mins to do my make-up. I think working in such a high paced industry has made me a little more careful with my free time ha!

4 - Do you collect make-up.. or just buy it when you need it?
Oh dear! I would have to say I collect make-up. However, the past few months I have got so much better at shopping my own collection and I'm actually pretty proud of myself. I used to be so careless with spending money on make-up, but now I make sure it's something I have researched and know I really want before making the purchase. 

5 - Do you wear a full face of make-up everyday?
Sadly yes. I used to love it when I worked part time as I could have a few make-up free days. However, working in a hotel means that I have to be immaculately groomed all the time. 

6 - How often do you change your handbag?
Not too much, as I tend to use my Louis Vuitton Speedy for work. It's the perfect bag for work, as I can fit loads in it and it's not too delicate either. Some of my handbag's are quite high maintenance, so I save them for special trips and when I'm off work. 

7 - What time do you wake up and go to sleep?
 I normally wake up at around 7.30am and go to bed at about 11.30! 

8 - How often are you on blogger?
I'm on blogger everyday, but that might just be editing a post or commenting on blogs which pop up on my feed. I'm trying to become a lot more regular with my posts too, which seems to be going well so far. The thing I'm enjoying most at the moment is commenting on other blogs, as for a while I just didn't get the time to do it. However, I've started to find more time as It's so rewarding letting someone know that you love their blog post.

9 - How did you come up with your blog name?
I must admit I love my blog name, as it's so personal to me. My middle name is 'Jewel' and I love beauty, so it came from fusing a little bit of me with one of my main passions in life.

10 - What camera do you use for your blog posts?
Up until mid last year I was using a Sony cybershot digital camera which served me and my little old blog well. I'm currently using a Canon 700d, which I'm absolute loving and learning more about each day.

11 - What's your favourite colour?
Can you guess? I adore Pink, but I also really love Peach and White. 

12 - What was the last thing you purchased?
Some new Chanel make-up, which will be heading to the blog soon

13 - What are you most excited for this year?
It would have to be Dubai with my boyfriend Daniel. We are super busy this year, so we can't fit in too many trips away, so we have gone all out on a luxury holiday in October.

14 - What are your favourite childhood memories?
I was lucky enough to visit South Africa quite a few times when I was younger and my most precious memories were there. My dad always told me that Winnie the Pooh lived in our woods too, so I pretty much spent the majority of my childhood trying to find him ha!

15 - What would you say to someone just landing on your blog?
A huge welcome of course! My blog is a friendly place on the Internet where you will find plenty of beauty and lifestyle posts with a hint of fashion for good measure. I'm not the most practical blogger and I don't have a super snazzy schedule, but I absolutely adore my blog and it's readers... so I would love you stop by and say hi :)
OOTD - Casual 'Easter Sunday'
Shirt: Primark
Trousers: H&M (2014)
Scarf: Burberry
Shoes: Chanel
Handbag: Chanel
Sunglasses: New Look
I hope you enjoyed this more casual styled post and hopefully if your newer to my blog you might know a few more things about me. If you're stopping by from tonight's #bbloggers I just want to say a huge welcome and hopefully you will enjoy my blog and posts - Feel free to leave your links in the comments section down below too, as I will be checking them all tonight and tomorrow morning!

Lot's of Love


  1. Love these kind of posts, I can definintely relate to some points the most relatable one being number 8 :-) lovely blog x

    Cup Of Simee

  2. Love this tag, I might have to do it myself! Fab outfit too, your style is amazing! x

    Always, Alice x

    1. I would love you to do it :) I don't do them much, but every now and then it's great to do one... especially with new readers :) & Thank you xx

  3. I love reading these! That handbag is gorgeous!!


  4. I love how you did two posts in one! I love the tag, and the outfit is so nice! Very fashionable, and that bag is gorgeous! x

    Jasmine || blogsallbeautyy.blogspot.co.uk

  5. I love your handbag! A Chanel bag has been on my wish list forever! :) xx

    1. Thank you! I've had this for quite a while now and it's still in great condition xx

  6. What a cute outfit! I need that bag!
    xo, Lauren-lee

  7. You look so pretty !
    Love it !


    1. That's so kind of you to say Carina :) xox

  8. What a lovely outfit India and I really loved learning a little about you and about your blog.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  9. You look lovely.
    This is a really great way of finding out a bit more about your style! I think I need to try out some Chanel make up, I need to treat myself at some point.


  10. I adore your shoes and bag - so chic! :)

    Miss Stylicious


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