26 September 2015

NEW Clarisonic SMART Profile Cleansing Brush Review ❤

Clarisonic SMART Profile Cleansing Brush Review
Hi Lovelies!
Happy Saturday! Phew I'm so glad it's the weekend and the weather here in Wales is B-e-autiful! It feels like I haven't blogged in a little while, but I've been so busy in work and have ended up falling asleep by 8pm most nights. I'm sure most of my readers know that I hate putting out rushed content and that's why today's post has come along a little later in the week. I also wanted to use this product long enough before reviewing it to ensure that I could give you the very best review. When it comes to skincare I’ve been pretty much on it since I was 16! I remember my sister worked for Temple Spa; a fantastic brand stocked within Harrods and ever since trying out her products I became obsessed with skincare. Despite having a good skincare regime I still suffer with breakouts, dullness and dehydration so I'm always on the look out for the next best thing to help keep my skin in tip top condition. Cleansing is definitely the most important part of skincare for me, so as you can imagine I was really excited to get involved with the Clarisonic's latest release the 'Smart Profile Device'. It was all very exciting and I've had to wait quite a while to share this new product with my readers. Clarisonic are well known for being a real powerhouse in the skincare industry and have produced some of the most intuitive cleansing systems in the industry. I hope you enjoy this review lovelies and I would love to hear from you in the comments section below. You can also use my social media icons to the right hand side, if you would like to get in contact a little quicker. 

Clarisonic SMART Profile Cleansing Brush Review
The Clarisonic Cleansing experts have recently added a brand new powerhouse cleansing system to their already impressive collection. The SMART Profile Facial Cleansing System All-in-One Sonic Cleansing device for both the face and body and is Clarisonic's most intuitive device to date. The Clarisonic Smart Profile is described as a total face and body experience and with a sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second I can see why! The SMART Profile’s 4 speeds SMART technology, intuitive user interface and enhanced battery life allows for easier usage more powerful results and removes up to 11x more makeup than hands alone. It’s safe to say that the Clarisonic Smart Profile Is top of its game in the cleansing department and its SMART features seem never ending! The Clarisonic Smart Profile comes in a pretty big box, so I thought I would list its exact contents below :)

What's in the box?
- Clarisonic SMART Profile Facial Cleansing System All-in-One Cleansing Device
- 4 Speeds + body turbo mode
- SMART technology to auto-adjust speeds based on attached smart-enabled brush head
- Brush Head replacement notification
- The charger is compatible with 100-240 Volts AC; 50/60 Hz
- 90 day money back guarantee
- 3 Year Warranty
- User guide

So what are my exact thoughts on this device? – Quite simply I love it. I have used a similar device previously which is also very good, but I’ve been impressed by the overall usability of this device plus I find the cleansing process a lot smoother overall. I love how the smart technology automatically adjusts power and timing to suit your specific needs.. It almost seems magical - How does it know? The facial brush is very soft and is suitable for all skin types, which I think is so important especially as your skins needs can literally change overnight with the weather, stress and many more indicators that can sometimes send your skin a little cray cray. 

Another really cool feature is the fact that the device is programmed to alert you when you need a replacement head, which I think is fab. I feel like I would probably struggle to tell if it needed a new brush head, so the fact it does it for you is super convenient. I've done my research and I can't find another brand that uses this techonology. The device is fitted with a RFID chip which records useage time and sends the data to the Smart Profile. Once the Smart Profile has reached it's maximum data capacity of roughly three months usage, the chip then prompts the user to replace the brush head. I have been mainly using the smart setting as I really like the transition between a deeper cleanse around my nose/chin to a much softer cleanse around the cheek area. After using the SMART Profile combined with the Clarisonic Refreshing Gel (Which works fab) my skin is left feeling very smooth and refreshed after a full day of make-up and dirt YUK.

The Smart Profile  has a 'Turbo' which in the back of my mind I associate with fast luxurious cars and this sure is a luxurious cleansing device, so why not have a turbo? I believe this setting is designed to amp up the volume on the body massage body brush head and is a setting only available on the Smart Profile. However, I've used it a few times to super clean a few pesky areas on my face and I haven't found it uncomfortable at all. I'm lucky not to suffer with bad skin as such, but I do get dullness and quite a build up around my nose and I find that the SMART Profile works really well to make my skin softer and brighter, which is really my end goal. Despite loving the 'Smart' feature of this device there is also a 'T-Timer' function which is a four-stage intensity cleansing cycle, which I believe only works with the Dynamic Face Brush Head. Between each cycle there is a handy beep to prompt you to change the position of the brush.
Clarisonic SMART Profile Cleansing Brush Review
The Clarisonic Smart Profile device also comes with a Smart Turbo Body Massage Brush Head, which is also programmed to effectively massage and cleanse your body (see picture below). The brush head is obviously larger and has firmer bristles for a more intense cleansing cycle. I have used this brush head a few times now and its fantastic for buffing away any dead skin cells and I love to give my body a good polish at least once a week before I apply my tan. You can also use the turbo mode on your body, which really does amplify the power and makes the cleansing/massaging process even more thorough. The design of the Smart Profile device is also very aesthetically pleasing and it's sleek design makes it a dream to use in both the shower and bath. I was a little worried that it would be slippy, as it doesn't have a waterproof grip, but I'm happy to say I have had no issues at all. For some strange reason I'm also kinda obsessed with the charger?! I don't know why, but I just love it's sleek, magnetic design and it gives that satisfying click you get from a really nice lipstick ha.. I know all you lipstick lovers will understand this moment of procrastination. 

Clarisonic SMART Profile Cleansing Brush Review
I have enjoyed using the Clarisonic Smart Profile Cleansing Device, which easily finds its way into my routine at least 5 times a week. I think Clarisonic have done a great job of upgrading this device in comparison to previous models and it really is a skincare junkies dream! This is definitely a luxury product at at £199 (Currently on sale for £179.10 at Debenhams) it's obviously pretty expensive. However, the usability, smart technology and dual use really do make this a sophisticated cleansing tool. The Turbo setting is also very unique and does a great job of more stubborn areas on both the face and body. Another thing to note is that you can also charge this device from your laptop via USB (slightly random) but cool I suppose. I think this would be suitable for anyone looking to really upgrade their skincare routine or perhaps as a gift? Christmas is creeping around the corner ha ha! I have to admit even though perhaps you don't 'need' a tool like this.. it certainly offers a luxurious spa like experience which ensures your skin is truly maintained from head to toe. It's sonic technology is far less likely to irritate even the most sensitive skin types in comparison to cheaper models that use a spinning brush head, which are far more abrasive. I especially suffer with black heads and build up around my nose, as well as slight dullness to my skin and the Smart Profile has definitely improved the smoothness of my skin as well as helping with my congested areas. I don't think I will be totally giving up my hands and a good cleansing oil/balm anytime soon, but at the same time the Clarisonic Smart Profile has become my new and very stylish cleansing best friend!

Clarisonic SMART Profile Cleansing Brush Review
Wow! Now that's a long review, but I hope you have enjoyed it lovelies. I tried to jam pack as much information as possible, but there is still more to learn.. So why not check out the new Clarisonic Smart Profile - I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below, is this something you would consider purchasing?

Lots of Love

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17 September 2015

The Glamour Beauty Power List Edit Review ❤

Hi Lovelies!
Hope you are all doing really well? I must admit I'm led in bed feeling pretty darn sorry for myself. Yes I have my first bout of autumn/winter flu and I'm not coping to well at the moment. Despite feeling like my head has transformed into a brick I have a super exciting post for you tonight and I’m being serious now when I opened this little box of pure beauty goodness it felt like Christmas had come early! The past few years have seen ‘Beauty Boxes’ really take off with a lot of different variations. However, when I found out that one of my favourite  magazines Glamour and their extremely talented Beauty Director Alessandra Steinherr had collaborated with ‘Latest in Beauty’ to create a powerhouse beauty box I just couldn’t say no. This is the first time I have reviewed a beauty box on my blog, so I will talk you through all the products and how I feel about the box overall. I hope you enjoy this review lovelies and I would love to hear from you in the comments section below. Don’t forget you can also use my social media icons to contact me a little quicker!
The Glamour Beauty Power List Edit Review
The Glamour Beauty Power List Edit contains eight of the most hard-working products from the 2015 Beauty Power List. This little box of goodness really is jam-packed with highly coveted products from cult favourites to must-try newbies. There’s really something for everyone and there is a fantastic selection of beauty, skincare and hair products with a whopping total value of £92.87… not to worry my loves, as this little powerhouse is available to purchase for just £18.99.
The Glamour Beauty Power List Edit Review
When I saw this product in the beauty box I actually felt like god had answered my prayers. Sleeping is not my forte, so anything I can find to help my skin look half decent is always welcome in my collection. The Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream promotes beautiful skin with minimal effort. A simple application results in plumped, fresher-looking skin. I've used this a few times already and I'm obsessed with the bouncy texture and the way it makes my skin feel! 
The Glamour Beauty Power List Edit Review
Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick Gladlicious (Full Size)
With three variations available within the Power List Box I was so happy to receive the shade 'Gladioulus' which is a bright red that I would describe as being more cool toned. A few people say it has subtle tones of orange (which it may have) but it definitely appears more blue based compared to the likes of MACs Lady Danger & NARS Lana.  The HD lipsticks are a revolutionary wax-free gel formula, which ensure true colour without feeling heavy. I would have to say this if my favourite product out of all of the box as I seriously haven't put it down. I love a Red lip these days and I find Gladlicious to be hydrating, pigmented and super long lasting. Plus it's the shade that the extremely gorgeous 'Emma Stone' rocked in this picture. It's a win win for me.
The Glamour Beauty Power List Edit Review
Kiko Velvet Touch Creamy Stick Blush - (Full Size)
I wasn't quite sure what to expect as I was unpacking the Kiko Velvet Touch Cream Blush.. but Oh Em Gee! I could not get over the shade 04 - Hot Pink... It's honestly the most beautiful Barbie Pink (not tacky Barbie though) It was love at first sight. After getting over my initial love for the colour I was happy to find that this shade was actually super easy to tone down and on the skin it appears as a nice rosy flush of colour (very similar to Dior's Rosy Glow) The texture is really comfortable and easy to work with! As a first time Kiko user I must admit I'm super impressed.
The Glamour Beauty Power List Edit Review
Philip Kingsley Geranium and Neroli Elasticizer - Travel Size 40ml
I was quite excited to recieve the Geranium and Neroli Elasticizer as it appears to be quite the hero product and it's fab ingredients neroli, geranium,lavender, rose and orange oils were an instant winner for me. It's described as being an intensive, super-moisturising pre-shampoo treatments for all hair types that promises to add elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine back into hair. I've only used this once since receiving the box, but the smell, texture and results were very promising. I sometimes suffer with volume around my scalp as my hair is so heavy, but the day after using this product my hair definitely felt a bit more lively. I believe this product was also inspired with Philip Kingsley's annual trips to portofino! (I love a bit of product history)  
The Glamour Beauty Power List Edit Review
Rimmel 60 Seconds Super shine Nail Polish By Rita Ora - Full Size
I must admit I'm not a huge nail polish wearer, but when I saw the shade 'Glaston-Berry' by Rita Ora I was instantly in love. I haven't actually tried this product yet, but I know you can't go wrong with Rimmel... So I'm looking forward to trying this out in the future.
The Glamour Beauty Power List Edit Review
Nails Inc Nailkale Superfood Base Coat - Full Size
When I first saw the Nails Inc Nailkale Superfood Base Coat I was beyond excited. Seriously (Like the night cream) I felt like god had answered my prayers. Between one thing and another my anxiety has contributed to me struggling to keep my nails in the best condition. The formula contains a whole bunch of fortifying ingredients such as aloe vera, lemon, ginseng, pomegranate and grape to nourish, smoothing and brighten the overall appearance of the nail. If that's not enough the formula also contains vitamins A,C,E,F and H for protection against breakage. I'm super excited to star using this over the next few weeks.
The Glamour Beauty Power List Edit Review
Vita Liberata Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask - Sample Size
I'm a huge fan of Vita Liberata and it was really nice to see this new release within the box. I've use many products from Vita Liberata in the past and have always been very impressed. The Vita Liberata Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask uses HyH20 technology which is designed to deliver a stunning natural glow by the morning, along with intense overnight hydration. I can honestly see myself buying the full size version of this, as it reminds me of the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask (but with a hint of tan) all you origins lovers will love this.
The Glamour Beauty Power List Edit Review
Eyeko Mascara in Blue or Black - Full Size
Seeing an Eyeko box was super nolstalgic for me, as I used to use their products when I was like maybe 13?! I haven't tried any of their products in so long and I was pretty excited to see the Eyeko Mascara within the Beauty Power Box. I recieved the shade ' Midnight Blue' which I was slightly hesitant about. However, it's a lot more natural than I was expecting.. and I actually quite like it. It's definitley a much more fun way to amplify your lashes!


I honestly can't praise this beauty box enough! There is such a fantastic variety of cult favourites and new realeases which really makes this box stand out. I've always put off subscribing to beauty boxes, as I've always wondered how much use I would get out of the contents. However, the The Glamour Beauty Power List Edit contains everything a beauty lover could wish for, including makeup, skincare, self tanning and nail care products. There really is something for everyone. For just £18.99 you get a beauty box with a value of over £90, which is just amazing. I would 100% recommend the Latest in Beauty 'Glamour Beauty Power List 2015 Beauty Box' and think Alessandra Steinherr has done a fab job of putting together a beauty box of dreams!

I hope you have enjoyed this review lovelies - It's been a long one I know, but I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below

Find out more about The Glamour Beauty Power List Edit

Lots of love

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12 September 2015

#AveenoSkincareSecrets | Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion Review ❤

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion

Hi Lovelies!
Hope you are all doing really well? I'm posting a little later in the week than I was hoping, but between one thing and another my week got in the way. However, I'm back with a review of the fantastic  Aveeno Moisturising Lotion! and before I get started I wanted to say a huge thanks to my lovely blogger buddy Sophia Meola who kindly tagged me in her post. It's no secret that I'm a total skincare junkie, but sometimes body care isn't my niche! However, I've been trying out the Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion and I have to say it's fantastic and a true hidden gem in the skincare/body care world. I hope you enjoy this review lovelies and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. You can also use my social media icons if you would like to get a quicker response.

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion 300ml £7.14
Aveeno is a brand I have heard of before, but haven't really explored.. so I was excited to learn more about the brand itself. Aveeno began back in 1945 with two brothers Sidney and Albert Musher. They firmly believed that century-old remedies held the promise and real answers to human wellness. Since their humble beginnings there has been over 50 years of clinical evidence showing that formulations containing colloidal oatmeal hold some of the most promising results in skincare.

These days a lot of products these days are pretty snazzy looking and highly perfumed. Even though I do like like a product with a little pazas.. I also really appreciate more stripped back products that really concentrate on the good stuff. The lotion itself contains colloidal oatmeal, which is the star ingredient and has been clinically proven to significantly improve the condition of dry skin from the first day of use. I knew oats were good.. but my god I never realised they were this good! The benefits of oats in skincare include:

Increased Hydration - Oats helps to restore the skin's natural barrier helping to prevent water loss and maintain moisture
Soothes - Oatmeal is known for its soothing benefits on sensitive skin types
Cleanses - The oat particles adhere to dirt and dead skin cells allowing them to be washed away
Protects - Oatmeal creates a protective film on the surface of the skin, whilst helping the skin to return back to normal pH levels. 

I've been using the Daily Moisturising Lotion religiously after showering and I've been truly amazed at how effortless this has made moisturising. I can be a little hit and miss with my body care, as I find a lot of products take ages to absorb and that really puts me off. However, this product vanishes within a few minutes which means I can get dressed nice and quickly and relax for the night, or get ready quicker in the day. I've also found recently that I've become sensitive to random fragrances, so having this in my collection is amazing as it's completely fragrance free. Another thing I love about this product is that it has a gel/cream texture, which is my absolute favourite. I find that these kind of textures absorb super quick and make your skin feel instantly hydrated, so if you're like me and like those kind of textures then you will love this! The packaging on this product is quite simplistic but hey sometimes the best things in life don't come all singing and dancing. I do like the fact that you get so much product a whopping 300ml for just £7.14 will keep you going for a long time. I thought I would also share some of my skincare secrets below :)
Cucumber, Lemon & Mint - These three ingredients are fantastic for SO many reasons, but I love to infuse them individually or together in water. #detox

Mist Yourself - There is nothing I love more than using a Mist to re-hydrate my complexion. You feel instantly uplifted and the minerals also work wonders to soothe your skin.

Exfoliate - Whilst working in skincare I learnt that you shed up to 40,000 skin cells every hour and almost a billion are shed within a 24 hour period (Yikes). Exfoliating 2-3 times a week is essential to keep your skin looking radiant :)
I think for just £7.14 the Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion is a real staple product that would be suitable for pretty much everyone. It's simple but very effective and you know it will last you for absolutley ages. I can see this product being a real go to product for me and for the price I don't think you can go wrong. It may not be the most glamorous looking or smelling, but it does the job and that's definitley what is most important!

I hope you've enjoyed this review lovelies and I would love to hear from you in the comments section below. I'm also entering the Cosmo Blog Awards this year and it would mean the absolute world if you voted me for 'Best In Beauty' :)

Lots of Love


6 September 2015

The Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2015 ❤

The Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2015

Hi Lovelies!
I'm sure most of you have noticed that Cosmo are back with the 2015 blogger awards, which I'm pretty excited about this year. The past few years I have submitted my blog for voting, but I've never really pushed for it simply because I didn't feel confident enough to go through with it. However, this year I've really stepped out of my comfort zone and have started to share my blog with people a little closer to home. Up until this year I was pretty shy with my blog purely because I was worried about being judged. I also feel I've come a long way with my photography and the overall look of my blog! I think that I'm finally ready to give this a go and even if I don't get that far I can feel proud that at least this year I have tried. It's not so much about being shortlisted (obviously that would be amazing) but I feel it's about time I started to take my blog to the next level and break out of my comfort zone even further. I've put down so many amazing opportunities due to feeling anxious about them, but I'm really over self-doubting myself now. You know what they say 'Onwards and Upwards' :)

Anyway my loves without going off on a giant ramble.. It's hard to say this without sounding smushy! but my blog has honestly been one of the best things to happen to me. It has grown with me since 2012 and I've had amazing opportunities and have made great friends through the blogging community. It hasn't always been the easiest journey and I have seriously self doubted my ability to continue with this journey at times and I'm sure I'm not the only one to feel that way... but what great journey doesn't have it's ups and downs? I'm still going and I'm looking forward to seeing what's next for 'The Jewel Beauty Blog' - It would honestly be SO amazing if you could take a few moments to vote for me under the 'beauty' category. There are SO many amazing bloggers entering and I will be voting for my favourites too. Thanks so much for supporting me! You are all fantastic.

Good Luck if you are entering too! Sending you love  ❤


Lot's of Love
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