6 September 2015

The Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2015 ❤

The Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2015

Hi Lovelies!
I'm sure most of you have noticed that Cosmo are back with the 2015 blogger awards, which I'm pretty excited about this year. The past few years I have submitted my blog for voting, but I've never really pushed for it simply because I didn't feel confident enough to go through with it. However, this year I've really stepped out of my comfort zone and have started to share my blog with people a little closer to home. Up until this year I was pretty shy with my blog purely because I was worried about being judged. I also feel I've come a long way with my photography and the overall look of my blog! I think that I'm finally ready to give this a go and even if I don't get that far I can feel proud that at least this year I have tried. It's not so much about being shortlisted (obviously that would be amazing) but I feel it's about time I started to take my blog to the next level and break out of my comfort zone even further. I've put down so many amazing opportunities due to feeling anxious about them, but I'm really over self-doubting myself now. You know what they say 'Onwards and Upwards' :)

Anyway my loves without going off on a giant ramble.. It's hard to say this without sounding smushy! but my blog has honestly been one of the best things to happen to me. It has grown with me since 2012 and I've had amazing opportunities and have made great friends through the blogging community. It hasn't always been the easiest journey and I have seriously self doubted my ability to continue with this journey at times and I'm sure I'm not the only one to feel that way... but what great journey doesn't have it's ups and downs? I'm still going and I'm looking forward to seeing what's next for 'The Jewel Beauty Blog' - It would honestly be SO amazing if you could take a few moments to vote for me under the 'beauty' category. There are SO many amazing bloggers entering and I will be voting for my favourites too. Thanks so much for supporting me! You are all fantastic.

Good Luck if you are entering too! Sending you love  ❤


Lot's of Love


  1. It's so nice to see bloggers giving each other support on the awards! Just voted for you :) x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave | My YouTube

  2. I've voted, I love your blog so good luck! I'm sure you will do really well :)

    I currently have a Mac Haul and a Autumn wardrobe swap live on my blog at:

  3. I so wish that I had the confidence/balls to put myself up for this so I have so much respect for you lady. Voted for you because your blog is as babe'in as you are!



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