18 October 2015

Harrods Exclusive| Sisley Gift With Purchase Review ❤

Sisley Gift With Purchase

Hi Lovelies!
Hope you're all doing well and enjoying a nice cosy Sunday! I always tell myself I prefer the summer, but actually I always really enjoy cosy autumnal days and dark cosy nights. I've missed my blog so much the past few weeks, but I felt that I needed some time away to truly enjoy my holiday with Daniel. I work with social media all day at work and also spend a lot of time on it with my blog. Now that I've had a good break, I feel totally refreshed and ready to get my blog on woohoo! Today's post is really exciting as I love a good old gift with purchase and when Harrods got in touch I couldn't wait to get involved. As I'm sure most of you know Harrods is the worlds most exclusive department store and I've been lucky to visit many times, especially when my sister used to live nearby! It's a total experience and I love wandering around all the luxurious departments. Today's post is about an exclusive gift with purchase from the luxury brand Sisley. Now I'm definitely a skincare junkie, but actually I've never tried anything from Sisley, so this was a great opportunity for me to try out a new brand. Of course I did some research (true beauty blogger style) so I hope you enjoy this review lovelies and I would love to hear from you in the comments section below. You can also use my social media icons to the right hand side if you would like a quicker response. 
Sisley Gift With Purchase
About Sisley
Sisley is a French company that was launched in 1976 by the d'Ornano family. Sisley has become one of the most prestigious companies in the world of high-end skincare and beauty due to its thorough research and use of the most effective active ingredients. Sisley has established itself at the forefront of phyto-cosmetology and has harnessed the true power of plants' vital energy, their capacity for regeneration and adaptation, their protection systems, and their individual fragrances to enhance the appearance of skin. 

A printed cosmetics pouch
Lyslait, 30ml
Floral Toning Lotion, 30ml
Eau du Soir, 2ml
Instant Perfect, 5ml
Supremya Eyes, 1ml
Ecological Compound, 10ml
Black Rose Precious Face Oil, 0.5ml sachet
Phyto-Teint Expert No. 2 sachet, 1.5ml
Soir de Lune Bath and Shower Gel sachet, 8ml
So Intense Mini-Mascara, 1g

 First of all how cute is the cosmetics pouch? I love the unique take on leopard print and can definitely see me using this as my new make-up bag. First up we have Lyslait which is described as a creamy cleansing emulsion that dissolves even the most stubborn dirt and make-up. I've used this a few times already and love it! I would definitely say its a great winter cleanser as its very comforting and leaves your skin feeling moisturised without any signs of residue. This milk cleanser it most suitable for dry and sensitive skins and uses active ingredients orange blossom, woodmallow, linden, sunflower and Vitamin E to keep the skin feeling supple. The next product within the pouch is the Floral Toning Lotion ( I love a good toner) and this one is fantastic. I've used it a few times along with the Lyslait cleanser and they are a match made in heaven. The toner is alcohol free and formulated with soothing extracts of Rose, Cornflower and witch hazel all known for their softening and illuminating properties. Next up we have the fragrance Eau du Soir which is described as the perfect balance between the freshness of citrus and the sensuality of amber and musk. I'm yet to try this, but it sounds like a pretty good balance. I'm not a huge fan of overly citrus scents, so I will keep you updated on how I get along. The next product in the pouch is Instant Perfect which is a corrective skin-enhancing product perfect for an instant beauty boost. Instant Perfect is a siliconated gel which uses peptidic soya extract to stimulate collagen synthesis for long term filling and smoothing effect on wrinkles and imperfections. Frangipani blossom extract also minimised the appearance of pores and improves skin texture (Sounds snazzy right) I'm really excited to use this product, as it sounds like the perfect way to get a unified complexion.
Sisley Gift With Purchase
Next up we have Supreyma Eyes which i was super excited to see within the pouch. My search for the dream eye-cream is still ongoing and who knows Supreyma Eyes could be the one! This product is describe as being the ultimate anti-ageing treatment for the eye contour area. At the heart of its formula is the Phyto-complex LC12 combination of 4 plant-based active ingredients that work throughout the night to rejuvenate the eyes. Key active ingredients include acai, yeast and caffeine that reduce dark circles and puffiness (The ultimate eye dream). After using this product I found it to be very light and creamy and have found it gives a great boost the next morning too. The next product is called the Ecological Compound and I was super interested to find out more about this! It is described as a revitalising, moisturising and balancing treatment for all skin types. It is formulated with a synergistic complex of plant extracts selected for their stimulating and revitalising action. Sisley work tirelessly within their laboratories to carefully select only plant extracts which are rich in active properties beneficial for the skin. I think this product sounds like a great addition, especially if you are looking for more evenly toned skin. Next up we have the exclusive and new product Black Rose Precious Face Oil doesn't the name just sell this ha! It sounds like magical potion. The Black Rose Precious Face Oil is Sisley' first skin care oil for dry/mature skin. With it's powerful blend of Black rose, Bulgarian rose and magnolia this oil is a truly delicious way to balance the epidermis and achieve smoother, revitalised and radiant skin.
Sisley Gift With Purchase
The next product within the pouch is the Phyto-Teint Expert Fluid Foundation which is described a a long lasting foundation with a natural and radiant finish. I'm yet to try this product, but its formula is rich in active ingredients and softens, moisturises and enhances the skin day after day. The final two products within the pouch are Soir de Lune Bath and Shower Gel  which is a luxury creamy shower gel that is enriched with botanical extracts and perfumed with Soir de Lune fragrance - The formula is gentle on the epidermis and does not affect the skins natural balance. Finally, we have the Intense Mini-Mascara and I'm really excited to try this! So intense is a volumising and fortifying mascara that in enriched in vitamin-rich peptides which work to lengthen and thicken your lashes within just two weeks (If this really happens I'm 100% stocking up!)

I've been super impressed with the Sisley gift with purchase and I always think these gifts are a brilliant way to try more from a brand without committing to full size products. You do have to spend £160 to qualify for this exclusive gift, but if you're planning on overhauling your skincare routine or just fancy a cheeky splurge I think Sisley would be a good place to look! I'm so glad I've been introduced into Sisley, as I've already found some great products! I'm a huge fan of the cleanser and toner duo. Sisley come across as a brand who really put everything into their research to ensure that their formulations are 100% beneficial for the skin, which is always a good trustworthy sign. There are a few sachet samples in this gift set, but don't let that put you off. Overall, I think this is fantastically balanced and includes everything you need to get started with a new skincare routine, plus I have to give credit to the super cute pouch. 

I hope you have enjoyed this review lovelies and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. I've also been nominated for 'Best In Beauty' in the 2015 Cosmo Blog Awards. it would mean the world and more if you voted me (The Jewel Beauty) on the first page.

Lot's of love

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  1. This seems great! I love it when you get the chance to try out lots of little items rather than committing!

    1. I totally agree! It also comes with the super cute pouch which I adore x

  2. Sometimes we all need a little break away and come back even more ready to blog again! I find reviews like this so helpful especially when its a more expensive brand as its great to hear what others think before committing lots of money! x

    1. Aw! Thats great to hear :) I feel so refreshed now after my break X

  3. This seems like a great little set to try the brand! I've never used Sisley before but would definitely snap this up to try them out :) xx

    Alice Anne // Annie Writes Beauty

    1. It was a great way for me to try the brand too as its new to me :) So far so good... Everything is amazing quality :) X

  4. I love Harrods too, it's my favorite store in London. I've never tried anything by Sisley, this looks great x

  5. Oooh this looks so nice, Harrods is amazing and I love Sisley - such a treat
    Laura x

  6. Cute photos, its such a great GWP isn't it!

    Sophie x


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