8 November 2015

Sunday Riley Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm Review ❤

Sunday Riley Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm ReviewHello My Lovelies!
I hope you’re all doing well and hopefully feeling nice and cosy inside, as it's pretty miserable weather wise at the moment! I've been itching to get this post written up and I do try to limit my visits to Space NK and Cult Beauty unless I’m feeling a little spendy, as I’m sure you all know they are just pure beauty temptation! Recently, I decided to head over to Space NK and the first thing to hit me on the homepage was the ‘Sunday RileyBlue Moon Tranquillity Cleansing Balm’ Now I’ve never actually heard of Sunday Riley before and I was far more interested in it’s name ‘Blue Moon’ and the fact it was Blue… Yes Blue!! I followed through from the homepage and the next thing I was met with was it’s super pricey price tag £46 (Ouch). However, I just couldn’t leave this product alone and in true beauty blogger style I started my research and ended up crumbling and purchasing this absolutely stunning cleanser! – I’ve been super excited about this product and couldn’t wait to get my post up to tell you all about it. I’ve used this product for around two weeks, so this will be more of an initial thoughts post. I hope you enjoy this review lovelies and I would love to hear from you in the comments section below. You can also use my social media icons to the right hand side if you would like to get in contact with me a little quicker.
Sunday Riley Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm Review

Firstly… How beautiful is this cleanser? I’m a little star struck by it to be honest and of course it’s Blue which makes this cleanser even more beautiful and majestic. The packaging is also beautiful and even though it’s pretty simplistic, I love the contrast of the dark blue and gold writing. Sunday Riley are a brand that I'm not actually familiar with, so I wanted to find out a little more about them! Sunday Riley has cleverly harnessed her native, North American botanical to create a range of potent anti-ageing products. Her patented NV-5 Ageless Complex marries five traditional skincare ingredients with hi-tech processes, to maximise their reparative and skin brightening properties. Not only is Sunday Riley a high performance brand but the brand also has a celebrity fan base including, Cameron Diaz, Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow!

 On opening the product you are greeted with a light aqua blue balm that smells faintly like Terry’s Chocolate Orange (Was not expecting that) but if you're a fan like myself then this will be like heaven. It's pretty hard in texture, but it soon melts into a luxurious balm that is very similar to the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Cleansing Balm. The Sunday Riley Blue Moon Tranquillity Cleansing Balm is described a luscious blue cleansing balm, which leaves skin thoroughly clean, comfortable, hydrated and glowing! Key ingredients include blue tansy, German chamomile and beeswax absolute to help calm irritated, dry, flay skin whilst clementine petigrain improves skin tone, texture and clarity. Cocoa butter, moringa butter, squalene and the addition of vanilla and tangerine create a truly luxurious cleansing experience that will restore the skins tranquilly.

After using this cleansing balm for around two weeks it's safe to say I'm a huge fan! Everything from the name to the packaging and most importantly the product is simply fantastic. I tend to use this as an evening cleanser as I love indulging in the whole experience and the light lingering scent of chocolate orange. I've also been using this as a hydrating mask, which works so well to soften and nourish my skin. I would say its too early to really go into detail about results, as I will need to use it for around two months to really see how I'm getting along with it. However, so far so very good and I can see why it has such an amazing celebrity following!
Sunday Riley Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm Review

If you're in the marketing for a new luxury cleansing balm I would definitely suggest checking out the Sunday Riley Blue Moon Cleansing Balm! It's brand new, exciting but most importantly results driven and there's really something majestic about it. It's a fantastic option for Winter cleansing and a little really goes a long way! It's quite hard in texture until its in contact with your skin, so if you prefer an overall smoother and more oilier cleanser I would probably head over to Emma Hardie and check out her cleansing bal. The major downfall is of course the £49 price tag! I think it's super expensive, but I do feel like this is a truly unique product that will last you forever!! It's a treat, but we all need one of those once in a while (Hence why I caved and treated myself ha)

I hope you've enjoyed this review lovelies and I would love to hear from you in the comments section below - Have you heard of this brand and would you consider trying this product or would you like to see a comparison to the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm?

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  3. I really love the look of this! May have to give myself a little pre christmas gift! x
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  4. There's no way I'd be able to justify spending £49 on a cleanser but this does sound absolutely amazing! xx


  5. Sounds amazing, but I wouldn't spend that much on a cleanser! I'll stick to the baby wipes!!

  6. This sounds amazing but there is no way I could spend that much money on a cleanser. x

  7. I really wanted this until you made the Emma Hardie comparison because I despite the EH Cleansing Balm! I think I'll probably still end up buying it, I've been reading post after post on it so it's only a matter of time before I cave in! xx

  8. I love this article, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!! I am regularly using Sakare's skincare mask products. I would strongly recommend this to all.


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