23 December 2015

Instagram Update &. Reflection ❤

Hello my loves!
I thought I would write a more personal post today, as I'm probably not going to get to blog for a little while with all the festivities! 2015 has been a serious roller coaster for me and despite having some harder times at the start of the year... I've definitely finished 2015 on a high. I'm engaged to my best friend and went on the holiday of a life time! In terms of my blog, I've definitely improved my photography in 2015 and being shortlisted out of 64k for the Cosmo Blog Awards was truly a memorable experience. I didn't place, but to get that far and step out of my comfort zone has given me so much will to carry on and hopefully continue to improve my content in 2016!

Instagram Update
I thought I would also include a little instagram update, as I see these on my favourite blogs all the time. (L-R) - (1) I love a good old quote and this particular quote is definitely a good one for 2015! I've taken a few blows this year between one thing and another, but I've come out on top and right now things are great! (2) I don't tend to do too many throwback posts, but when I found this beautiful picture of when we have snow at home a few years back I just had to share it again. I kinda wish we had some snow now or at least some frost to make me feel a little more festive. (3) This week we hit 50k Twitter followers in work and it was such a great milestone to reach just before Christmas. Working in marketing in a hotel definitely has its struggles (It really is 24/7) but I've definitely persevered and it's great to get rewards like this! (4) I went through a stage of trying to make my instagram look more pretty by adding a white border and trying to keep themes and colours similar. It just didn't work for me, as I love to use my Instagram to show everything I love - Including beautiful scenery images like this one I took from home last weekend. (5) I've recently gotten into snap logging, which i'm really enjoying! I decided to take a bit of a festive selfie whilst I was at it :) (6) Last but not least I thought I would share this magical image of Iceland! I've been lucky to travel to Lapland a few times, but myself and Daniel are really interested in going to Blue Lagoon next year! I also want a wintery wedding, so it may even give me a few ideas. 

Goals for 2016!
- Give blogging/youtube one last shot!
- Go to more blogger events further away from home
- Add more lifestyle posts to my blog 
- Devote time to my brand Jewel By India R
- Look to make plans to get a house with Daniel 
- Start getting some ideas for my wedding 
- Improve my diet 
- Improve my sleeping pattern
- Start a new hobby (Yoga?!)

Thank you all for your continued support! It would not be possible to stay motivated if I didn't have so many lovely readers and so many nice messages throughout the year. I hope you all enjoy the remainder of 2015 and enjoy the start of a brand New Year! PS: Don't forget to send me your goals too! I would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

Lots of Love


  1. Love this!! My goals for 2016 are to stay motivated and not let the negative energy get me down... Plus work on my little blog as best as I can. Happy Christmas hun, miss yo face today xx

  2. This is great! I really love the idea of a instagram round up! Love your goals for 2016, blogger events is definitely on my list as well! Lovely post :)
    Emily xx



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