1 December 2015

My Current Favourites ❤

Hello my loves! 
Hope you're keeping well? I'm back today with a favourites post, as I love reading them but for some reason never really post them myself. There's a little bit of a mix, so I hope you will enjoy reading about the bits and pieces I just can't put down at the moment. If you have posted any favourites posts then please leave them for me to read in the comments section below. I love having a little catch up on my blog reading and I love seeing what products you lovelies are currently obsessed with! Don't forget you can also use my social media icons if you would like to get in contact a little quicker.

Yankee Large Candle - Fireside Treats
You really cant go wrong with a good old Yankee Candle and a favourite of mine recently has been 'Fireside Treats' It's such a gorgeous sweet, but festive scent and if you love marshmallow and vanilla you will adore this candle. I burn it in the evening and it makes me feel so cosy and believe it or not it's not too sickly!

I received this eyeshadow in a lovely goody bag from Monsoon recently, and I honestly haven't been able to put it down! It's the perfect shade for all across the lid and it just adds a little dimension, without having to go all out on an eye look. Eye make-up isn't my strongest point, so having a fail proof shadow like this is perfect for everyday use!

I purchased this beauty in Selfridges last week and I've been wearing it everyday since! It's such a versatile nude and even though it might not be the most exciting colour, it's the perfect option for work, or for days when you just need a simple option. I will be posting a full review on this little beauty very soon!

It's safe to say I'm a bit of a skincare junkie and I think I may have just found my favourite new moisturiser. I was lucky to receive this as a sample and just tried it on a whim to see if I liked it or not! I honestly can't get over how much I love this and it's really the perfect match for my skin. It's hydrating cream-gel texture really works wonders for my dehydrated skin and it also leaves a beautiful base for my make-up to be applied onto.

The Vintage Cosmetics Company Tweezers
I was lucky to get these tweezers in my Cosmo Blog Awards Goody Bag and I was super happy to see them! I always loose my tweezers and for that reason I usually end up buying cheap ones! It's nice to have a really good quality pair again - I plan not to loose these ones (ha)

I recently re-purchased this product whilst in Dubai and I seriously had forgotten how amazing it was! It totally works for my slightly unpredictable brows. I've tried a few similar products, but I find Gimmie Brow so handy to take around with me and it definitley gives me the best results.

On a recent trip to London I purchased this beautiful pink Harrods bauble! I always try to get one when I got to London and this year I fell in love with this cute Christmas decoration! It looks perfect on my Breast Cancer UK Tree too :) 

I first tried this back in the Summer when I had a NARS makeover for a wedding. On the day I was truly amazed that some how it managed to last from 2pm-2am in the morning and ever since I've pretty much worn it every single day. It's such a great foundation for work too, as it's highly pigmented without being at all cakey!
Current Beauty Favourites
I hope you lovelies have enjoyed reading this post and I would love to know if you have recently posted about your favourites? Have you used any products from todays post?

Lots of Love


  1. I love the Charlotte Tilbury shades, I really need to get myself one - and I will be picking an everyday shade too, so beautiful. I have fireside treats in a wax melt to use, and you have just reminded me that I have it - will need to burn it soon! Lovely favourites. :)


    1. Her makeup is just so gorgeous! Thanks gorgeous X

  2. Penelope pink is stunning I have botch perfect and I absolutely love the formula!
    Coleoftheball xx

    1. It's so beautiful and such a perfect nude! X

  3. I really need to get my hands on something from Charlotte Tilbury's range! It all looks so beautiful.

    Sophie x

    1. It's honestly amazing - I would recommend a lipstick or Bronze & Glow :) X


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