17 February 2016

Carol Joy Pure Collagen Spray Review ❤

Carol Joy Pure Collagen Spray Review
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Hope you're all keeping well and having a good week so far? Most of my readers will know I’m a total skincare junkie and that I will pretty much give anything a go (within reason) I must admit I hadn’t really heard of Carol Joy, but I was excited to learn more about the brand and try out her latest product the “Carol Joy Pure Collagen Spray” I hope you enjoy this review lovelies and I would love to hear from you in the comments section below!
Carol Joy Pure Collagen Spray Review
Carol Joy is a range of luxury anti-ageing products and treatments, containing clinically proven transformational ingredients such as Pure Cure Collagen, Refined Golden Millet Oil, and Caviar Algae. With their home at prestigious The Dorchester Hotel, Carol Joy London has become one of the most exclusive skincare/spa brands in the world. 

The Pure Collagen Spray is the most dinky but impressive product I have ever tried. It has been created using cutting edge technology to rejuvenate the skin and prevent the signs of ageing. With impressive clinical trails behind this product, I was intrigued to start using it and learning more about it's key ingredient, Pure Collagen. Carol Joy has combined 100% pure collagen and plant stem cells to create a deeply potent blend that is designed to recapture the vitality of an instant facial. When I first opened the Carol Joy package I was quite surprised to see such a dinky spray can and slightly shocked at first to learn of it's price tag! - So what does this product really do and is it worth it?

Skin-identical collagen peptides stimulate collagen synthesis by signalling skin regeneration whilst phyto-stem cell extract protects and activates the dermal stem cells for increased cell reveal and longevity. Insoluble collagen fibres form a 3-D network that resembles the structure of real skin and therefore helps to provide intense hydration and reduce irritation. The technology used within the pure collagen spray can increase skin hydration by 60%, reduce skin irritation and redness by up to 28% as well as offering immediate reduction of wrinkle depth by up to 15%.

I must admit I was pretty bowled over by all the impressive facts and trials surrounding this product and having worked in skincare myself, I really appreciate the structure of skin and how important it is to try and conserve your natural resources. As you age your body naturally stops producing collagen and your existing collagen begins to break down, leading to sagging and wrinkles. In work an example of a loss of collagen was to see how quick your skin retracted on the top of your hand when pinching it! Basically, collagen is a super amazing protein that gives your skin the appearance of fullness, as well as sustaining internal organs. I've been using the Carol Joy Pure Collagen Spray for over a month, and I have to admit I'm sold on it! It has a slightly bouncy texture, whilst remaining comfortable to spray over your face. I really do feel that results are instant and once you've applied this you are presented with a fuller, radiant looking face. You can also apply it over make-up, but personally I think it's too expensive to use as a mid-day boost over make-up. I tend to use this mainly after cleansing and toning, as I definitely want to ensure that my skin is able to receive all the benefits of this little powerhouse! 
Carol Joy Pure Collagen Spray Review
I've definitley had a lot to take in and consider with this product, especially with it's price tag of £100. Collagen is amazing, amazing stuff and Carol Joy is the first skincare/spa brand in the world to use triple-action, pure native (medical grade) collagen technology, which is pretty impressive. If you're into your skincare and are in the market for some luxury skincare then I would 100% recommend this product and even though it's in a dinky spray can it definitley does go a long way - The fact that it is able to mimic and understand your skins natural structure is just out of this world. However, I find it hard to just out and out recommend this product, as it's super pricey and there are other steps that you can take to help conserve your natural collagen and conserve your bank account too ha - See here. I also feel like this would suit and benefit more mature skin, as your collagen levels start to decrease slightly after 30. I've really enjoyed using this product though and it's genuinely staying put in my skincare routine!

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below - Each and every comment means so much to me and they never cease to make me smile!

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  1. I'm not sure if this is something I'd personally try. Maybe when I'm a little older! Sounds incredible though.

    Emily xo

  2. I agree with you lovely! It's fabulous for plumping the skin and sure it would work even better on more mature skin :)

  3. I don't think this is a product that I'd benefit from at this time in my life, but as you said, when collagen levels in your skin start to decrease around the age of 30 I think that this could then be a really beneficial product! Thank you for the in depth review!

    Hazzie || ClearCutFashion


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