25 March 2016

Candles In The City Review ❤

Hello My Loves!
Happy Easter Holidays! Today's post is all about sharing the love and supporting one of my best friends Aislinn from LippyInTheCity. We actually work together and very quickly became friends when she joined our workplace last year. We have so much in common.. We blog and love anything to do with beauty, handbags, travel, cars and well pretty much everything else in-between. Recently, Aislinn founded her own business called Candles In The City and It would mean SO much to me (and her) if you stopped by her blog & etsy page. The thing I love the most about blogging is supporting others (forget any negative vibes) I'm all for the love of supporting each other and helping one another grow. I hope you enjoy this post my loves and I would love to hear from you in the comments section below.
The Candles In The City collection currently consists of two candles (soon to grow) but I can assure you they are both equally gorgeous. Initially, my favourite was Parisian Vanilla, which smells very comforting and almost quite milky! It's a lovely natural take on Vanilla and definitely wont leave you feeling sickly. However, Fresh Lavender is also beautiful and I particularly love the way that this candle has been poured with lavender sprinkled on top! I love to burn Fresh Lavender during or just after my bath, as the scent is very relaxing and again not an overpowering "Old" type of lavender. 

Aislinn makes her candles using natural soy wax, essential oils and un-dyed cotton wicks, which means they have no nasties! They burn clean and are also soot free, so if you're not a fan of the way that some candles burn then I'm sure you would love Parisian Vanilla & Fresh Lavender. Both candles retail at £6.99 which I personally think is a great price, especially as they burn clean and are very long lasting! Or you can also buy them as a gift for £14.99 which includes the two candles and 4 mini Parisian Vanilla Heart-lets, which are suitable for oil burners. Overall, these candles are fabulous and they work great as a pair! If you're in the market for clean burning candles that smell divine, then pretty please check out Candles In The City. I love being able to support my friends/fellow bloggers via my blog and sharing the love is still my favourite part of blogging!


Lots of Love



  1. Ooo these candles sound gorgeous! I like the sound of Parisian Vanilla. I love the scent of vanilla but all too often brands use sickly sweet synthetic fragrances instead, these sound much more natural. I'll have to bookmark the etsy page, what other scents are in the pipeline?


    1. They are so lovely! Parisian Vanilla is so natural smelling too :) X

  2. These look lovely. I love my scented candles xx

  3. The Parisian vanilla sounds lovely, Great that they are a local company too, Off to browse her Etsy shop!

  4. These candles sounds wonderful, I love to have candles around the apartment. I like that they are without nasties, and that they are not so expensive :) Great review x


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