21 March 2016

L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay Collection ❤

Hello my loves!
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend? On Saturday I posted my March #BloggersRecommend post where myself and four other bloggers shared our Skincare Saviours. It would mean the world if you checked it out, as I'm really trying to diversify my blog content and what better way to do that than sharing my blog with some fantastic bloggers! Today's post is going to be about some fab new hair care products I've been trying from L'Oreal. I hope you enjoy this post my loves and I would love to hear from you in the comments section below. Don't forget you can also use my social icons if you would like to get in touch a little quicker, or if you fancy a chat!
I first heard about this range after seeing Fleur De Force talk about it on her Blog/Youtube channel. The hair gods have finally answered my prayers!! I've always had greasy roots, but dry coarse ends, which has previously made it hard to find a shampoo, conditioner & mask trio to truly suit my hair type. I was excited to hear about the Extraordinary Clay Collection, as it sounded right up my street! (Plus it's silicone free) I wanted to review this a week after because I liked it so much initially, but I decided to give it just over a month to make sure that the results were long lasting! I purchased everything apart from the dry shampoo, as I already have a almost full batiste volume to use. First up, the Rebalancing Shampoo is designed to revitalise your scalp without stripping it or making it feel dry/uncomfortable. Oil produced from the scalp can easily build up, which can weigh down the hair and leave it looking visibly greasy. I'm a culprit of over-washing my hair to combat this, but actually the over-washing removes fibre and can leave your hair feeling dry and uncomfortable. L'Oreal have combined 3 Refined Clays to create the first re-balancing range, resulting in balanced, bouncy and beautiful hair. The use of the Re-balancing Shampoo and matching conditioner is meant to purify the scalp for up to 72 hours giving the hair a fresh and light lift with the added benefits of softness, shine and bounce. Finally, the Clay Masque is specially designed for people who suffer with oily roots, as its bouncy gel like texture instantly absorbs excess oil, leaving your hair completely revitalised. 

But did it live up to its promises? After using this for over a month I'm happy to say that my hair is left feeling as it should after using this range. The thing I've noticed the most is the impressive root lift I experience after using all three of these products together! My long and sometimes greasy hair can result in my roots being flat and basically looking like my hair is stuck to my head (obviously it is) but you know what I mean ha! It's nice to wake up with a bit of va va voom and I have also noticed an improvement to the mid-lower lengths of my hair which can get quite coarse and dry. I wouldn't say the effects last three days for me personally, but two days is more than enough for me! I tend to wash my hair every other night, which is so time consuming with the length and thickness of my hair. Overall, I'm really impressed with this range and I have to give a special mention to the masque which I love. It's messy, but fun and it does the job. I also have to mention the packaging and even though you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, it really does look great in my bathroom!

I think the Extraordinary Clay Collection is well worth checking out if you're a sufferer of dry ends and oily roots (It's currently on offer too) It has definitely kept my wild locks and bay and I particularly like the masque. It's pretty messy, but does a good job of soaking up excess oils without irritating my scalp. Like a lot of L'Oreal products the Extraordinary Clay Collection is heavily scented, but in a nice way! I think if you're sensitive to fragrance then maybe this wouldn't be the right option for you. However, I'm super happy with the results and I might even try the dry shampoo too!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this collection lovelies, have you tried it?

Lots Of Love 


  1. Ahh I loved the sound of this range as it sounds perfect for my hair! I was so disappointed that the shampoo contains SLS as I'm allergic to it :( I think I'll still have to give the mask a try, though :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

    1. Ah no :( That's not good! Let me know if you try the mask xox

  2. I recently bought the shampoo from the range and it's love. Probably one of my favourite shampoo in a long time. I wish my hair didn't love sulfates, but it does.

    Katie | cocopetite.co.uk

    1. It's great :) I wish my hair didn't love them either, but like you it does! Xx

  3. This sounds briliant! I definitely suffer with oily roots and dry ends, this will be added to my next shopping basket!

    Lilies and Lipbalm


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