23 July 2016

Six Week Fitness Plan - The Celtic Manor Resort

Hello lovelies!
Hope you're all keeping well? I’m here today with an exciting (slightly daunting) personal post, which is going to be the start of what I have high hopes will be the return to the “old me”; someone who loved to exercise, but loved feeling good about myself and happy from within even more. Without going through a life story things haven’t been easy the past few years and stress, anxiety and struggling to sleep have definitely see my fitness routine go down the drain. I’ve always been a strong person, but for some reason instead of taking the option to try and burn my stress out in the gym, I decided to start eating more, drinking more and exercising less! Plus my marketing office is always full of delicious treats, and I do tend to over indulge in sweets, cake and copious amounts of black coffee on a stressful day. 
I would say that I started to loose my way fitness wise in late 2014, early 2015 and before that time I fluctuated between 7 ½ - 8 ½ stone. I definitely felt most comfortable over 8 stone though, but recently I have gone up a dress size and have lost signs of toning and generally just feel uncomfortable in myself. Between the ages of 16 – 19 I was asked to model for a London agency, FHM and was was involved in various beauty pageants. I never pursued any of those opportunities, mainly because I was too shy! However, there is no denying that those offers made me feel good about myself and that my fitness regime was working and I knew that my fitness and energy levels were good. I’ve definitely lost that confidence recently and my mission is to get the old me back! I'm definitley at a point where I need to make a change in my life and I think getting back into a fitness regime will help me with more than just shaping up. 
So, now my little ramble is out of the way… I can tell you a little more about my six week fitness plan at the Celtic Manor Resort* Having such a vast and versatile resort on my doorstep is a huge advantage and I actually used to attend the Forum Spa Gym before I even worked there! The Celtic Manor stands proud on the M4 corridor and really does have something for everyone. The six week plan (From £99) aims to get you heading back in the right direction and includes an induction, complimentary Tanita body report and regular consultations to ensure that you are comfortable and making good progress.

The Celtic Manor consists of two exclusive health clubs, which offer five star service, excellent benefits and a great line up of social events too. Both leisure clubs are fully equipped with leading fitness supplier Technogym, as well as the added benefit of a Wellness System, which allows members to have their own dedicated training programmed. To find out more information on their vast range of membership options, click here

Week 1: So, I'm week 1 into my six week fitness plan, which has mainly been a settling in period with an initial consultation and induction with my trainer Chris, as well as my Tanita Body Report. I must admit the Tanita Body Report definitely surprised me, but it was so interesting to see exactly what is going on in my body. My Metabolism has slowed right down and now is around 39 in age. Oh my god! but hey, I supposed you have to be brutally honest with yourself to really make progress. I also learnt that my body is quite dehydrated, which may be down to my excessive coffee addiction and the fact that over the last two years I have started to consume more alcohol. It may also be an indicator to why I feel quite sluggish all the time and why my mood can sometimes be quite low. 

I have been to the gym four times within the past week, as well as going to two spin classes. I also have a Personal Training session scheduled for next Wednesday with my trainer Chris (who is fantastic), which I will be writing about in my next update. I've definitley noticed an improvement, which I think is a combination of eating cleaner over the past two weeks and also excercising.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, which is slightly different for me! I will be posting an update during Week 3, where I hope I will be able to share more results with you. 

Lots of Love
Please note the plan stated has been provided for review purposes only - All views are my own

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