25 September 2016

Odacité Eye Contour Serum | REVIEW ❤

Hello my lovelies!
Hope you are all good? I'm in a super good place with my blog at the moment and I'm really feeling the buzz again to get lots of fab new content on the blog. It's definitely become harder with blogging involving at the speed of light, but I always remember why I started this whole thing in the first place, which definitely helps to ground me during my low points. Today I'm going to be writing about a brand called Odacité, which until recently was completely new to me. However, their Eye Contour Serum has got me totally hooked and every other eye product has pretty much been put to the side. I hope you enjoy this review lovelies and I would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

About Odacité 
In 2004, Valerie Gradury the founder of Ofacité was diagnosed with breast cancer and felt an urgent need to reinvent her lifestyle and eliminate toxins from her day to day environment and also from her diet. Odacite was born in 2009 and consists of an enhancing collection of pure plant serum concentrates all rich in skin-essential nutrients.
 The Odacité Eye Contour Serum is Specially formulated to strengthen the delicate skin around the eyes, Odacité's Eye Contour Serum is packed full of conditioning plant extracts and bio-actives. Key ingredients include baobab oil - rich in Vitamins A,E,F and plant sterols, which help to combat primary signs of ageing, by improving elasticity, as well as sarsparillia, palmarosa neroli and lavender oils, which banish puffiness and brighten darkness.

I actually received this as part of the Cult Beauty Summer Goody  Bag, which I qualified for after getting a little spendy with Kypris products. I was so impressed to see a full size Odacite Serum after reading a few reviews about their miraculous formulations, so do I like it? The answer to that is quite simply yes! I love it. Every evening I do my usual skincare routine and as soon as I get out of my steaming shower or bath I reach for my facial oils including the Odacite Serum, which has genuinely transformed my under eye area. To be honest, I've never really come across an "Eye Oil" as such before, but nothing has smoothed, soothed and helped to eliminate puffiness and darkness like the Odacite Eye Contour Serum. 

For £33 you get a teeny 5ml vial, which is actually full size. However, true to form this in an oil and a little goes a long way. One small drop does the job for me evening and first thing in the morning. Odacite have a beautiful array of other oils that target skin specific concerns, they can also be mixed in together or with your daily skincare products to create the ultimate skin elixir. I'm pretty head over heals with this one and love that Odacite are a small and natural brand that really focus on the good stuff!

Have you lovelies tried any Odacite Concentrates?

Lots of Love

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