1 December 2016

12 Things I Love About Winter ⛄

Hello My Lovelies!
Long time no speak - I'm currently home sick with suspected cysts on my ovaries and all this resting time has really got me thinking about why I love Winter so much, and why it's my favourite season! I would love to hear why you love Winter in the comments section below, it really would put a smile on my face, whilst I'm led in bed feeling pretty sorry for myself! 

1 - Roaring Log Fires
2 - Freezing Frosty Mornings
3 - Crisp Countryside Walks
4 - Putting Up The Christmas Decorations
5 - Enjoying Delicious Food
6 - Burning Festive Candles
7 - New Pyjamas
8 - Dads Turkey Stew
9 - The Peace & Quite Of A Cold Winters Day
10 - Live Christmas Bands
11 - Seeing Winter Breath
12 - Last But Not Least, Family Time!

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Lots of Love 


  1. Aw winter is definitely my favourite time of year I agree with all of these although I particularly love being on the inside all cosy when its freezing outside! x


  2. Winter is probably my favourite season, I love the atmosphere. It sounds so weird but coffee and marshmallows is a really good combination for the season! x


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