28 December 2016

A Childhood Memory | Sun City 🌞

It's taken me a long time to stomach the thought of a serious change not only concerning my blog, but also my general lifestyle! Like many people... I have a few outstanding memories that still feel so vivid; I could almost touch them still. I've been incredibly lucky to live a "blessed" lifestyle, but it has come with its lessons and I've never been ignorant of natural beauty and how precious it really is. South Africa is a country I've been lucky to visit many times, mainly as a child. It has left me with memories that are worth more than any materialistic item.

Arriving at a resort that looked so grand, I could barley believe it as a six year old. Golden Gazelles and beautiful African animals adorned the entrance, it looked like a palace and it was exactly that. The lobby was just as grand and nothing could keep me from looking up and seeing the astonishing hand painted ceiling, which I can still see in my photographic memory to this day. Once we were all checked in, I felt a sense of calm, but not only that I appreciated my surroundings, which were so different to home but my god I felt like a princess! I especially remember waking up in the morning after our first night at the palace, I opened the curtains and saw something I wasn't quite expecting the following morning...Lushy plants followed by the silhouette of a perfectly rugged mountain and a warm sunrise on the horizon. It was just priceless, as a six year old I took it all in, I really did because even though I'm writing this at 24 I can still feel the magic and excitement of that little girl looking through the window. 

After a few days, my family and myself started to get our Barings. My father and I set off one morning into the beautiful lushy surroundings. We found ourselves hopping over stepping-stones that lay within a beautiful pond full of bright fish. We put a 10p coin in a growing tree; we were about to create a memory that we still talk about. Another great memory was visiting the Entertainment Centre situated within the Resort. There was one game "Ice-ball" which I especially took a liking too. There were different rings, which you had to chuck the ice ball in to get a certain amount of points. After numerous visits to the Entertainment Centre, it's safe to say I got pretty darn good at it. My parents named me the "Ice-ball Champion" I truly believed I was the best!! - After each game you would win tokens, which would print out from the side. I ended up getting enough tokens to go into the shop to pick a toy! During this particular trip to South Africa, we still had a visit to Zimbabwe on the horizon and naturally as a child I chose the biggest toy I could... A giant snake (about two meters long) I hate snakes, but this toy was so beautiful it had an array of colors mainly purples, pinks and blues and I loved it. I'm not actually sure how we got it to Zimbabwe and then home, as it was so huge! Sadly, I don't have it anymore as my Doberman Sunny took a particular liking to it when he was a puppy. 

I suppose what I'm trying to say is that nothing makes you richer than these kind of experiences, the ones that still have you in awe years after! 

Lots of Love


  1. What a fantastic memory. I like how you have made it into a post, it's really detailed too. You can tell how happy this memory is to you. Thanks for sharing x

    1. Thanks Hannah! I'm planning on sharing more memories in the future, so really glad you enjoyed

  2. That's such a lovely memory and I'm glad you shared it on your blog with us :) x

  3. Wow that sounds incredible! Thank you so much for sharing :) x
    Holly ∣ Closingwinter


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