7 December 2016


Hello my lovelies!
I'm probably not alone in feeling like a little fish in the big ol' blogging ocean. Back in 2012 I started the Jewel Beauty Blog and have been lucky to have many fantastic opportunities and also meet some pretty fabulous people too. Blogging has now become an industry and I couldn't be prouder of the bloggers who have made it their livelihood. However, for many people (myself included) it's hard to keep up the momentum and find the resources needed to keep up with the blogosphere. My own situation is that I literally live in the middle of nowhere and as beautiful as it is, big blogging invites and opportunities for me are pretty hard to take up. My job is hugely demanding and requires all of my focus, as well as being at that point in my life where I need to become a "Proper" grown-up and look to plan my future. Even though I personally can't commit 100% to the blogosphere, it doesn't mean that I can't contribute and "Blog Like No Ones Reading". A little while ago I started thinking about my blog and in all honesty I felt a little down. I love blog comments and for me they are by far the most rewarding part of blogging, but I don't get that many anymore... also are my pictures still good enough? I actually wonder if people still read my blog like they used to. Suddenly, I thought shut up you negative Nancy and just blog! It's really that simple. Go back to a time or a post, which you really loved creating and let it inspire you. Just because you're not blogging full time, making a living from it, or attending fancy events, it doesn't mean you're not valid or credible enough to contribute anymore. I decided to think up some positive tips to help you get your blog on and get your own rhythm flowing again!

1 - There's Only One You - You're voice is the very best and is the only one compatible with your blog. We've all thought about maybe trying to adapt to suit the blogosphere and it's needs. However, the truth is the blogosphere wouldn't be the epic giant success it currently is without individuality.

2 - Consistency Is Key - You don't have to blog everyday or even three times a week. In fact blogging less, but keeping it consistent is a great way to not only retain, but also gain readers. 

3 - Be Visual - A photo can speak a thousand words and that's why it's important to pay attention to the visual aspect of your blog. Whether it be your photography, blog branding or colour palette. Create something that's you and something that you can be proud of. You can also get by without spending £XXX on equipment. Get creative with your phone camera and experiment with collages and various templates that will give you your own style. 


1 - Don't Be Afraid To Promote - With the enormity of the Blogosphere it's becoming more important to promote than ever. There is an obvious difference between promoting and spamming! It's time to get creative. Look to promote your post over a 10 day period twice a day, but make sure you change titles and images if you can. For example: HOW TO: BLOG LIKE NO ONE'S READING  could change to GET YOUR BLOGGING MOJO BACK WITH THREE SIMPLE TIPS! 

2 - Explore A New Platform - Whether you're a bit quite on Facebook or a complete newbie to Snapchat, create yourself a social media project and work on it. Snapchat is a great example of an emerging platform, which allows you to share sneak peek content with your audience. Facebook is also a great platform for creating blog/brand loyalty, as it allows you to create far more detailed content. Even if you are blogging less you can use the diversity of each social media platform you use to freshen up your existing content. 

3 -  Schedule, Schedule and Schedule! - Not everyone has the time to promote content and actually a really good blog post could go to waste if you promote it only once or twice. Don't forget how hard you worked to create that original peace of content, which is like gold on the Internet! Using scheduling sites like Buffer and Hootsuite make it easy for you to promote your content, but don't forget to change it up. Play with your title's and phrasing and try to change up your imagery if you can. 

I hope you enjoyed this lovelies. I decided to create this content, as I've always enjoyed sharing knowledge and being helpful. Empowering others is something I work on a daily basis whether it's on my blog, social media or at work. 

Lots of Love 


  1. I always try to remember that theres only one you, actually my post yesterday links in with that so well, I tried to film a video because everyone was doing it, but it seemed so false. x

  2. Love this! I do get a bit concerned when writing blog things on social media because a lot of IRL friends and people I know follow me on there, and I feel I open up so much more on my blog. xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  3. Thanks for those social media tips. I still feel a bit weird about self promotion, but really it's the only way to get out there.
    Also I can't believe I haven't seen you blog before. It's awesome :)
    Laura // http://thatgallowaygirl.com/

  4. I LOVE thsi post - every word is true and you definitely are not alone in wondering if people still read (I started my blog in 2012 too) but they *waves* - great post!


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