29 January 2017

Quick Tip | Brightening your blog pictures

Brighten your blog pictures
Sometimes I have the luxury of having a enough spare time on the weekend to really take time on my photography and set up with my lighting etc and other times I rely on a few quick tips to brighten up my underexposed photo's. I'm definitely not a pro when it comes to photography or editing, but I've taught myself some hand tips along the way, which definitely do help to create brighter looking pictures. 

Levels is a tool that can be found within most editing software including PicMonkey (under effects), which is still one of my favourite ways to edit my blog pictures. Understanding levels doesn't have to be hard and can be as simple as moving each of the three sliders from left to right to get your desired look. If you are interested though when you use the levels tool you will see what is called a histogram, which is a graphic representation of the pixels in your image. The pixels on the left side of the histogram are dark pixels, the ones in the middle are the mid-tones and the ones on the right are the bright pixels. 

You can brighten the highlights in your image by moving the white arrow from right to left, you can also darken the shadows and make your picture stand out more by setting a new black point, you can then either lighten or darken the midtones in the image to correct the overall look. It really is as simple as moving the sliders across to achieve a much brighter looking picture, but just be careful that you don't over expose the image so that it becomes too bright and washed out. The below picture has only been brightened using the levels tool, which you can see has really improved the overall look and feel of this picture. 

There are lots of other tricks that I use to get my pictures looking bright, so please let me know in the comments section below if you would like to see more!

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25 January 2017

“Lipstick is happiness in a tube!” – Charlotte Tilbury

Lipstick has always been my favourite make-up product to buy and apply and over the past few months I've found a trio of lip products, which create the most beautiful look when used together. Whether it's a normal day at work, shopping trip with my friends or a night out this trio is absolutely perfect, so I thought I would go ahead and share it with you on my blog. 

A natural alternative to filling, the Gatineau Perfect Design is a results driven balm that gently plumps your pout without any discomfort at all. Rich in Shea Butter and Lavender these ingredients help to soothe, soften and strengthen the lips, which is why it's part of my dream trio!

Next up I apply my holy grail lipstick, which is the Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.NG lipstick in the shade "Bitch Perfect" which is the most perfect pinky, peachy nude. Enriched with a breakthrough, secret ingredient this lipstick not only looks great, but feels great too! Light diffusing pigments give the lips a brilliant, luminous and plump appearance. I wear this lipstick pretty much everyday, as it's such a brightening shade and goes with pretty much every possible look.

If I'm looking to amp it up a little I opt for the YSL Gloss Volupte in Rose Orfevere. A light non sticky gloss in a beautiful dusky rose shade with a subtle non irritating shimmer, which works perfectly over "Bitch Perfect" to create a dazzling lip, perfect for a special event or night out. 
My favourite thing about all of these products is that they also work amazing alone, but together they are an absolute dream and create a beautiful and gently enhanced pout for any occasion.


23 January 2017

9 Blog Photography Props - Under £16

Over the past year I've had some really positive comments on my blog photography, which honestly makes me feel amazing as my photography was my downfall during my early days of blogging. I've been meaning to write up some posts about how I take pictures and also what props I like to use, so I thought I would go ahead and share a few affordable blog photography props, which will help you to create your own style. Even though props aren't designed to usually be front of focus, they can definitely make a photograph, by giving it more context and depth. 

(L - R)
Mia Fleur - Gold Pineapple Tray £12.95, New Look - Rose Gold Artificial Succulent Pot £6.99, Abigail Byrans Designs - Bouquet In Vase £15.40, Lily Rose Co - Salted Grapefruit Soy Candle £9.20, Lights4Fun - Warm White Copper Micro Fairy Lights £4.99, Marks and Spencer - & Trinket Tray £2.99, Lisa Angel - Sass & Belle Brass Cube Terrarium £16.00, August & Grace - Personalised Monorgram Marble Notebook £10.40, New Look - Black Letter Light Box £12.99  

If there are any specific blog photography posts you would like to see then please leave me a message in the comments section below. 


18 January 2017

Hello Moisture | Best Hydrating Skincare Products 💧

Healthy and hydrated skin is always top of my wish list, so I thought I would share a few of my fool-proof skincare products that keep my skin in its best condition.

Lets start off with the Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm which is a multi-tasking marvel. Designed to brighten and protect against moisture loss this balm always ensures that I wake-up with radiant and hydrated skin. I tend to apply this particular cream in the evening to give it time to work its magic, but it can actually be used as a daily moisturiser, radiance booster or make-up primer due to its light non-sticky texture. Next up we have the Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief  which is my go to daily moisturiser. I love how easily it absorbs into my skin and its cream gel formulation makes the skin feel amazing. It is designed to offer the skin a full 25 hours of moisture and I well believe that statement, as my skin remains comfortable right throughout the day and night. I never have to deal with tight, flaky or uncomfortable skin as long as I'm using this. 

Moving onto what might be the BEST skincare bargain EVER! For just £2.69 you get 50ml of skincare magic. The Superdrug Simply Pure Hydrating Serum is enriched with calming soothex and a fortifying Cermaide Blend (Proven natural actives), this is a super hydrating fuss free product that does exactly what it says. It has knocked all of my other far more expensive serums to one side. Last but not least my favourite evening serum and probably one of the biggest cult skincare products known! The Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair is a proven product to help keep your skin beautiful and hydrated, as well as reducing key signs of ageing. It works its magic through the night with the Estee Lauder exclusive ChronoluxCB Technology. 

So there we have it lovelies! My absolute favourite products that help to keep my skin feeling and looking hydrated. Don't forget to share your favourites too, as I'm always on the look out for new products to try!


17 January 2017

How My Skincare Routine Has Helped To Ease My Anxiety

I always feel a little peculiar talking about anxiety, especially on my blog. However, at the end of 2016 I made a conscious decision to re brand my blog and to blog for me. I've suffered with on/off anxiety since I was a teenager, but over the years I have crafted ways that are effective in helping me to deal with it when it bares its ugly head. Anxiety is definitely not something to be ashamed of and at some point most people will experience anxious feelings that is just human nature. I've decided to share a bit of a personal story today on one of the most effective ways that I have personally found to deal with anxiety. 

My number one tip to overcome anxiety is to simply accept it. Trying to fight it can be extremely counteractive and actually leave you in a worse state, which has been the case for me personally. Over the years I've invested a lot of time in self-help, which has worked wonders in easing my anxiety when it decides to arise. My skincare routine has been an absolute saviour and I believe that it's the routine element, which shifts my focus from anxious thoughts to a more processed way of thinking. My skincare routine gives me a chance to focus solely on myself and to invest in a bit of self love. I carefully think about each step and how the product I'm using work together. I also take the time to notice different textures and scents, which makes the whole routine extremely mindful. Not only is it a great way to ease anxiety, but your skin is getting a treat too!

When I'm feeling particularly stressed, I will light one of my favourite candles (Currently my Amethyst Candle from @Myhabilitation) and put on my Himalayan rock lamp whilst I begin my skincare routine. I tend to use products that have a relaxing scent to help create a soothing atmosphere, such as the Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm and I also treat myself to a face mask, whilst playing a relaxing track from Youtube. 

Do you suffer with anxiety, if so what are your favourite ways to help ease it?


15 January 2017

Discover Your #MostPowerfulSelf With Neom

With the New Year underway it's easy to make the mistake of trying to hurl yourself into unrealistic goals that you've set yourself for the coming year. I'm guilty of this that's for sure! However, taking small but positive steps is a great way to boost your moral and energy in the New Year. So when NEOM got in touch about their #MostPowerfulSelf campaign I couldn't wait to get involved. I'm all for self-help and think that looking after yourself is SO important regardless of how little time you have in a day. NEOM are a brand that pride themselves on wellbeing and I can't wait to tell you all about a product of theirs that has been really helping me to invest more time into my personal wellbeing. 

I'm always on the look out for ways to boost my energy, as I'm a pretty bad sleeper that has no mercy on my extremely busy lifestyle! The NEOM Energy Burst Bath & Shower Drops are a beautiful amalgamation of 17 precious oils that are designed to recharge the mind and body. Grapefruit and Rosemary work together to detoxify the body and to mentally lift spirits, as well as stimulating circulation, with the addition of level to encourage clear, positive thinking. 

As much as I personally love a bath, more often than not I find myself taking a shower just to give myself that extra bit of time to run other errands. However, just because I'm taking a shower I like to make sure that I still treat myself and make the most of a few precious mindful moments alone! The Energy Burst Drops have slotted perfectly into my shower routine and have helped me to create my own energy-infused zone. I apply one pipette to my decolletage before taking a shower and amerce myself into mindfulness breathing, in through your nose for 7 seconds and out through your mouth for 11 seconds. I step out with lifted spirits, which gives me that extra bounce in my stride for the day ahead. It also works lovely in the bath and with 4 pipettes the whole bathroom is turned into an energising sanctuary, as well as having a beautiful effect on your skin. The uplifting fragrance of Grapefruit, Rosemary and Lemon really do work together to revitalise and energise the soul, along with skin-loving safflower oil, vitamins A and E and 17 additional invigorating essential oils, it really is a potion for champions. 
My Top 5 Favourite Tips To Boost Energy 

1 - Laughing out Loud
Nothing boosts my energy like having a good laugh! In all seriousness though laughter is a proven stress buster, so having a chuckle with your nearest and dearest is a sure fire way to boost your natural energy levels.

2 - Light a Candle 
I've been getting to grips with the Scandinavian concept of hygge and I was overjoyed to see that investing in candles is one of the number one ways to achieve the ultimate hygge experience. Lighting candles as part of the hygge concept is a great way to achieve ultimate cosiness, togetherness and a mental state of calm giving you the time your body needs to recharge and build up a natural source of energy. 

3 - Get outside 
It's the most simple technique to boost your natural source of energy and to get your endorphins pumping! I love nothing more than taking a walk through the beautiful welsh countryside and experiencing the natural elements.

4 - Challenge yourself 
I'm a total worry wart in general, but actually challenging myself is my favourite way to get my energy levels pumping! Whether I decide to challenge myself at work or in a more physical way, I always feel far more energised than when I just get along with day to day life. 

5 - Give More 
Whether it's opening the door for an elderly couple or helping my colleagues out at work, giving is something that makes me feel so good inside. It's nice to be nice, especially with so much negativity in the world. It really is possible to make a difference, even if it's in the smallest way.

Discover your #MostPowerfulSelf for a chance to win £200 to spend with NEOM, Plus five lucky runners up will receive £50 to spend! 

I hope you have enjoyed this super positive post, don't forget to stop by NEOM's website for the chance to win an amazing £200 to spend on their stunning products. 

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11 January 2017

Rebrand Your Blog With Six Simple Steps

Rebranding my blog to my name is something I have toyed with for the past six months. I'm by no means a branding professional, but in work I'm surrounded by high quality marketing material and a really strong brand. It really got me thinking about my own blog and why it wasn't really working for me anymore. I vowed to never get rid of my beloved illustration, which really became the heart and soul of "The Jewel Beauty Blog". However, the restriction of beauty really started to cause me to have a disinterest in my blog. As I've got older naturally my passions have changed and posting anything non-beauty related made me feel bad. I've created a little self-help guide with six simple steps to help you if you're looking to make a similar venture as me!

First things first...

Determine the reason for rebranding your blog - It's not easy!
It has taken me six months to make the move to rebrand my blog from The Jewel Beauty to India-Robyn, so don't take the decision lightly. The reason I chose to rebrand was because I felt like I had outgrown my old brand and that my content was starting to feel outdated. Take the time to write down a few reasons, which might be why you're thinking about a rebrand. You need to also be thinking about your mission, values and what kind of style you want to go for (formal/informal)

Ask yourself a few simple questions
What's not working?
What's working?
Who's my target audience?

 Speak to your audience 
It's so important to keep in touch with your audience in general when it comes to blogging, but even more so when looking to rebrand. Firstly, you need to consider your needs over your readers. However, they will become an integral part in helping you to decide what direction to take your brand in. For example I found using Twitter polls really helpful in working out my rebrand. I have a super long name "India-Robyn Jewel Morgan" so there were about five potential ways in which I could have named my new blog. 


Rebrand Your Blog With Six Simple Steps 

1. Address Your Colour Palette
Making sure your blog fonts and general formatting are consistent is a super simple yet effective way to freshen up your blog and get your rebrand on its way. 

2. Header/Logo
Your header is a huge part of your blog and will generally create a bridge of trust between you and your readers. It also gives them something to associate you with, which goes a long way in creating brand authenticity. Take your time with your header, as no doubt it will feature on your social media and perhaps even print if you choose to have business cards etc. 

3. Photography 
Whether you like to experiment with different props or backgrounds make sure your Photography has a general theme and that your pictures are as clear and well-lit as possible. I currently use a faux flower from TKMAX, a faux Marble effect and two cute Marble notebooks, which generally feature in my images. 

4. Template 
A clean template is probably one of the best things you can give to your blog when putting it through a rebrand. You don't have to spend a fortune and pipdig have a beautiful selection of pre-made templates from only £29, which make the reader experience far more streamlined than a blog that appears cluttered. 

5. Graphics 
Creating a small library of Graphics for your blog is another great way to build your brand. For example I have created my own graphic, which is the black box and diamond overlay that will be featuring across more of my lifestyle and self-help styled posts. You could also look to create a signature graphic to sign off on your blog posts, but just remember to keep your colours and fonts consistent. 

6. URL/Social Media
Rebranding your blog may require a URL change, so make sure your chosen name is available, also make sure that any Social Media names are available to save you any inconsistencies. 

I hope this has been useful! I'm still on my rebranding journey and I'm currently getting a new header designed, but I thought I would go ahead and share a few tips from my experience so far! Feel free to share any additional tips and tricks below.


10 January 2017

Simple But Effective 5 Minute Make-Up Look ❤

Hello Lovelies!
It seems like these days all I have is five minutes to do my make-up, so my "Everyday" routine has evolved and has become a lot more streamlined than it used to be. I'm up super early for work and get back quite late, so the products I use to create my daily look are simple, but effective. So let's get into it. 

Once my skincare is all complete I opt for the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer (Full Review) which is the most perfect non cakey full coverage foundation with staying power to die for! It has quite a unique doe foot applicator, but actually this makes for super speedy application. Next up I dot the famous YSL Le Touche Eclat under my eyes to instantly brighten up my peepers. It's pretty fool-proof and even though it's coverage is pretty light, it manages to do some amazing transformation trick, which makes my eyes go from drab to fab! Now onto lashes... Since I was 16 I have been devoted to Chanel Mascara's and the Chanel Dimension De Chanel is a great way to define your lashes without a single clump in sight. When I'm on a tight schedule I always believe it's more important to add a pop of colour to your complexion over highlighting and contouring (which are luxuries these days) I'm absolutely obsessed with the Chubby Cheek Stick in the shade Robust Rhubarb, which is the closest I can get to faking that beautiful "Just been out in the cold glow" especially as I spend half my time in a busy office environment! Last but not least my five minute look would not be complete without a quick swipe of gloss to add a little bit of sass! I'm currently loving the YSL Gloss Volupte in shade 19. 

So that's it! I hope you enjoyed this post lovelies. I would love to hear about your go to products when you're on a tight schedule!

Lots of Love 


6 January 2017

6 Quotes To Live By

Whether you're looking for a little extra motivation, something to put a smile on your face or maybe something to help you deal with a green eyed monster, I hope my 6 quotes to live by will give you what you need. I absolutely love quotes and think they are such a positive way to share your feelings!

1 - Actually, I Can
Whenever I begin to question myself and my ability, sometimes I just think to myself "Actually, I Can" - It's a really simple yet powerful quote that I can rely on to give me a quick boost. 

2 - The Jealous are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves - William Penn
I've sadly found myself in a few situations over the years where I haven't understood certain behaviour, which now I can see was a result of jealousy. When someone is displaying jealous behaviour, I think It's always best to take the higher ground, as actually the pain and worry they are inflicting on themselves is far worse. 

3 - It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves - Edmund Hillary
You could be as fit and physically prepared as you like, but it's really the mental game that needs to be won to be able to truly succeed.  It certainly doesn't just apply to climbing mountains! I love a good old metaphor of life. 

4 - When it rains look for rainbows. When it's dark look for stars 
This quote is so sweet and reminds me of my little niece Honey-Bea! It reminds me to look for the positive in every situation. 

5 - You're allowed five emotional minutes in the day, then you gotta be gangsta!
This is probably one of my favourite quotes ever! Okay, so it's not that serious at all, but actually it really makes me smile. I work in a super high paced environment, which can totally stress me out! It just reminds me that it's okay to take a few minutes, but then it's important to stay focused and get back on your game. 

6 - A flower does not think of competing with the next flower, it just blooms - Zen Shin
There is so much competition these days whether it be in industry, friendship groups, family or other situations, as well as the general pressure of the media to be a certain way. There really is enough room for everyone, it's important to be your own kind of beautiful and not worry about everyone else. 

Don't forget to share your favourite quotes in the comments box below.

Lots of Love 

4 January 2017

Best Of Beauty & Skincare 2016

My blog might have recently transitioned from "Jewel Beauty" to India-Robyn, but my passion for beauty has gone nowhere, so here's to my favourite beauty & skincare products of 2016! I hope you enjoy.

Top 6 Makeup Products | 2016

A newbie for 2016, which has become my go to everyday foundation. With staying power to die for and a lovely moisturising oil-free formula, I can see this one staying put for 2017 too.

The cheek product that saw all my others go into hibernation in 2016. Robust Rhubarb is the ultimate colour for achieving a natural flush! You could truly fool anyone into believing you had been on a 10mile country walk with this one.

An old faithful, which I believe will forever be in my make-up bag. It has a beautiful creamy texture, which enhances the shape and size of your lips with light pigment technology. It also happens to be the most dreamy pinky, peachy nude ever. 

Despite this lipstick being a total beauty sensation during 2015, I've actually used this on a weekly basis in 2016 too! It's a great shade and isn't quite as scary as some of the other browny/nude shades that you can get. It's my go to shade for when I'm feeling a little more "edgy" Ha! 

My make-up bag wouldn't be complete without a Chanel Mascara! I have been using them since I was 16 and have found no other mascara to work better. The latest addition "Chanel Dimensions" is equally as lovely and creates long, full lashes with zero clump. 

A definite rediscovery in 2016! After being out of my make-up bag for the past 18 months it's safe to say that I totally regret putting this to one side. It's lightweight, but effective and can be relied on to give you a youthuful glow. 

Top 6 Skincare Products | 2016

2016 was the year I found one of the BEST cleansers ever! Yes, the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel is every bit as good as people say it is. Moisturising, lightly exfoliating and a delightful pink gel texture... it really is a dream. 

The skincare find of 2016! For under £3 you get a beautifully hydrating product, which works! It doesn't promise any miraculous anti-ageing results, but what it does to is simple but very effective. My skin is always at its best when i'm using this serum and for under £3 it's an absolute steal. 

I've never been able to find a moisturiser that I can truly rely on... until I tired the Clinique Moisture Surge Thirst Relief Treatment. I don't like to apply too much to my skin in the morning, but Moisture Surge gives my skin exactly what it needs without being too thick or disrupting my make-up throughout the day.

I find myself talking about this beautiful balm quite a lot, but for good reason! It's literally a spa in a jar and not only has it got the most amazing scent, it uses the ultimate luxury ingredients to deeply cleanse the skin and it can even double up as a moisturising mask. It's a win win. 

I stumbled upon this product in a Cult Beauty goody bag in 2016 and to be honest I didn't really know what to do with it at first. However, it has become my HG eye product, with its light and hydrating texture it really is a luxury treat for your peeps!

Bloom and Blossom maybe a brand for pregnant ladies, but oh my god this facial spritz is something else. I may not be ready for a little one just yet, but I'm totally up for that beautiful blooming glow, which is exactly the results you get from this Spritz. Thank goodness for beauty good bags, as I don't go a day out without using this rejuvenating spritz.  

So that's my roundoup for 2016 lovelies - Don't forget to share your favourite products below! I would love to hear all about the products you loved Right throughout 2016.


2 January 2017

A Day In the Life Of A Marketing Campaigns Officer

Marketing sure isn't an environment for the faint hearted, but if you love being a busy bee, creative and an integral part of a company then it might just be the route for you. As a Marketing Campaigns Officer, my main responsibility is to oversee the company's marketing campaigns and to play a key part in communicating our message. The job is extremely varied and involves planning and executing campaigns, project management, analytics, digital, PR, Events and much more all at a very fast pace! So here is a snippet of an average day as a Marketing Campaigns Officer.


I always try to get into work at around 8am, as I find that hour between 8am - 9am is a great way to prepare for the rest of the day and of course grab a black coffee (in my case)

By 9am I am usually well stuck into my emails, as I work within a 24hour industry a lot of communication comes in overnight and early in the morning, so I really need to be on the ball and getting the information I need to set up the campaigns for that day and also for the rest of the week.

My favourite time of the day! A board meeting with my Marketing team, which allows us to catch up on projects and feel with any urgent campaigns. It is often also the last chance I get in the morning to run any major campaign decisions past senior management and also our marketing director. It's also a great time to discuss trends, social media and also to get the low down on how the graphics team are getting along with their print and web deadlines too. 

This is a pretty stressful time of the day, as sign offs and approvals for the day and week ahead need to be coming through. If sign off goes much past 11.30 it can make the day very challenging indeed! Not only am I working on sign off for about 6 future campaigns, but at this time I will also be working on sending a major campaign for that day. 


If all is going well by this point then usually I start to crack on with new campaigns and get them to the next level. This will often involve liaising with our designers, or maybe working on new copy. Some campaigns will be purely web based, but others may need quite a hefty amount of print to support them. It's really all systems go! I also like to try and fit lunch in around 12.30 - 1.00pm 

If there is a particularly hard sign off then it can go anywhere between 2-3pm, which is usually cut off for a campaign that would then be moved to the following day. We usually have another quick team catch-up at this point, as well as heading over to our office snack box for some mid afternoon treats. 

With anywhere between 2-10 campaigns on the go or in very close proximity 3.00pm is a good time to consult the to do list and also discuss with the designers to see how the campaigns are looking. I also consult our job bag system to see whether any new job bags need to be written for campaigns, or if any have been completed and can be filed. 

Fingers crossed by 5pm most things have been wrapped up, or at least have an action plan. So, I use this time to either create web support for my e-mail campaigns due to go the following day, or sometimes I will use this time to give myself a little creative break and research competitors and new ideas, which I can bring to the board meeting the following morning. Prior to my role as a Campaigns Officer I used to work as a Digital Marketing Assistant, so I like to still utilise my experience and passion for Social Media to help my campaigns. 

Emails never ever stop coming in and usually by the time I've finished one I have at least another five in my inbox. I like to check my emails before I leave between 6.00pm - 6.30pm and usually I will update my to do list, so that when I come in first thing my list is organised and de-cluttered. 

What does it take to be a Marketing Campaigns Officer?
I always worry that quieter characters might think Marketing isn't for them, but honestly you don't have to be the loudest person in the room to succeed in marketing. As long as you have good determination and have an eye for detail and creativity, you will go far! It's definitely a challenging environment, which comes with extreme highs and lows, but with a positive "can do" mentality any hurdle can be overcome and seeing your work do well is truly rewarding. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Do you work in Marketing, or see yourself moving towards Marketing in the future?


1 January 2017

Happy New Year - Reflections & Resolutions

Happy New Year! Admittedly it has taken me considerably longer to write this than I had hoped. I'm currently weighed down by a stinking virus/flu bug. I've had several mind blanks followed by eureka moments, when I actually managed to remember some of the most momentous times of 2016! Anyhoo.. no bug is keeping me down and out, so here is my 2016 reflections post, as well as a few resolutions for 2017. 


1 - My blogging journey 
The first 6 months of 2016 were incredibly strong for me! I had my stuff together and had a regular schedule, which believe it or not I actually stuck too. My photography also improved a huge amount and the messages I had and still get really do warm my heart, as my photography was something I struggled with in the earlier days of blogging. During the latter part of 2016 my motivation dropped and there was a period of time during the summer, which saw me take on a huge role at work, which to be honest I wasn't quite expecting. A little fish in a big ocean springs to mind! I started to become a little trapped in my blog and its "beauty" label, which brings me to my NEW LAYOUT!! I'm in love and I hope you like it as much as I do. Not only that my blog is now called "India-Robyn" which has totally got my blogging buzz going wild again. I actually managed to schedule six posts and I've never ever been able to do that. There are still a few changes due, including a new logo and I need to work on my domains and a few other little ventures that will all come to light early in 2017.

2 - Creating Memories 
I've been lucky to travel to many beautiful places in the world in my 24 years, but actually a trip to Bordeaux to watch Wales play in the Euros along with Daniel and his best friends was honestly one of the best experiences of my life. Okay, so it did feel a little like a stag do and it was a tiny bit Leary at times, but I couldn't believe the kindness I experienced from everyone in Bordeaux, even fans from other countries were extremely kind and "shook" my hand and said good luck before the game. Seeing Wales blossom and play as a real team in the Euros was also hugely inspiring and totally blitzed expectations. It taught me a lesson (not just how to drink and keep up with men) but actually that anything is possible and that negativity is sometimes a blessing in disguise, as it can give you so much determination to come back stronger! I also visited Dubai again in 2016 to celebrate mine and Daniel's 1st year engagement anniversary. We stayed at the Atlantis for the second time and it was equally as beautiful and amazing as the first. Another amazing trip I went on was to London in August with one of my best friends Sophia. We enjoyed a stunning Afternoon Tea at the Ritz, followed by a delicious evening meal at STK. The following day Daniel came to London to meet me and we went to watch Liverpool vs Barcelona at the new Wembley Stadium, it was a great weekend. 

3 - Work
Work, Work, Work, Work, WORK! What can I say as annoying as it may be that song comes into my head every single time I mention work. During the summer a pretty big transition happened, which has now led me into a new role as Marketing Campaigns Officer! I couldn't be happier. The responsibility is huge in my new role and a lot of decisions I have to make regarding campaigns have a direct effect on the business, but it doesn't phase me! I love a challenge. I'm really excited to run with this new role in the New Year. Not only that but Daniel also graduated with a first in Mechanical Engineering and also has a fantastic new role! Next year will mark 9 years together and we have both come so far! As much as he does my head in, he truly is my rock. 


1 - Simplify My Life
2 - Learn to take care of myself better
3 - Pursue new ventures
4 - Start the process of purchasing my own home
5 - Get my fitness back on track
6 - Look after my body and eat cleaner
7 - Continue to improve my confidence 
8 - Become more organised 
9 - Arrange catch ups with friends and family
10 - Stress less! 

2016 has been another whirlwind year with highs and lows! However, lets welcome 2017 with open arms and hope that it's prosperous for us all. 

And don't forget... The Year Is Yours! 

Lots of Love
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