23 January 2017

9 Blog Photography Props - Under £16

Over the past year I've had some really positive comments on my blog photography, which honestly makes me feel amazing as my photography was my downfall during my early days of blogging. I've been meaning to write up some posts about how I take pictures and also what props I like to use, so I thought I would go ahead and share a few affordable blog photography props, which will help you to create your own style. Even though props aren't designed to usually be front of focus, they can definitely make a photograph, by giving it more context and depth. 

(L - R)
Mia Fleur - Gold Pineapple Tray £12.95, New Look - Rose Gold Artificial Succulent Pot £6.99, Abigail Byrans Designs - Bouquet In Vase £15.40, Lily Rose Co - Salted Grapefruit Soy Candle £9.20, Lights4Fun - Warm White Copper Micro Fairy Lights £4.99, Marks and Spencer - & Trinket Tray £2.99, Lisa Angel - Sass & Belle Brass Cube Terrarium £16.00, August & Grace - Personalised Monorgram Marble Notebook £10.40, New Look - Black Letter Light Box £12.99  

If there are any specific blog photography posts you would like to see then please leave me a message in the comments section below. 



  1. Thanks so much for featuring our Pineapple Tray! Hollie :-)

  2. Ooh this one too, your posts are so useful and your photos are beautiful and extremely pinnable. Go you! :D


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