4 January 2017

Best Of Beauty & Skincare 2016

My blog might have recently transitioned from "Jewel Beauty" to India-Robyn, but my passion for beauty has gone nowhere, so here's to my favourite beauty & skincare products of 2016! I hope you enjoy.

Top 6 Makeup Products | 2016

A newbie for 2016, which has become my go to everyday foundation. With staying power to die for and a lovely moisturising oil-free formula, I can see this one staying put for 2017 too.

The cheek product that saw all my others go into hibernation in 2016. Robust Rhubarb is the ultimate colour for achieving a natural flush! You could truly fool anyone into believing you had been on a 10mile country walk with this one.

An old faithful, which I believe will forever be in my make-up bag. It has a beautiful creamy texture, which enhances the shape and size of your lips with light pigment technology. It also happens to be the most dreamy pinky, peachy nude ever. 

Despite this lipstick being a total beauty sensation during 2015, I've actually used this on a weekly basis in 2016 too! It's a great shade and isn't quite as scary as some of the other browny/nude shades that you can get. It's my go to shade for when I'm feeling a little more "edgy" Ha! 

My make-up bag wouldn't be complete without a Chanel Mascara! I have been using them since I was 16 and have found no other mascara to work better. The latest addition "Chanel Dimensions" is equally as lovely and creates long, full lashes with zero clump. 

A definite rediscovery in 2016! After being out of my make-up bag for the past 18 months it's safe to say that I totally regret putting this to one side. It's lightweight, but effective and can be relied on to give you a youthuful glow. 

Top 6 Skincare Products | 2016

2016 was the year I found one of the BEST cleansers ever! Yes, the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel is every bit as good as people say it is. Moisturising, lightly exfoliating and a delightful pink gel texture... it really is a dream. 

The skincare find of 2016! For under £3 you get a beautifully hydrating product, which works! It doesn't promise any miraculous anti-ageing results, but what it does to is simple but very effective. My skin is always at its best when i'm using this serum and for under £3 it's an absolute steal. 

I've never been able to find a moisturiser that I can truly rely on... until I tired the Clinique Moisture Surge Thirst Relief Treatment. I don't like to apply too much to my skin in the morning, but Moisture Surge gives my skin exactly what it needs without being too thick or disrupting my make-up throughout the day.

I find myself talking about this beautiful balm quite a lot, but for good reason! It's literally a spa in a jar and not only has it got the most amazing scent, it uses the ultimate luxury ingredients to deeply cleanse the skin and it can even double up as a moisturising mask. It's a win win. 

I stumbled upon this product in a Cult Beauty goody bag in 2016 and to be honest I didn't really know what to do with it at first. However, it has become my HG eye product, with its light and hydrating texture it really is a luxury treat for your peeps!

Bloom and Blossom maybe a brand for pregnant ladies, but oh my god this facial spritz is something else. I may not be ready for a little one just yet, but I'm totally up for that beautiful blooming glow, which is exactly the results you get from this Spritz. Thank goodness for beauty good bags, as I don't go a day out without using this rejuvenating spritz.  

So that's my roundoup for 2016 lovelies - Don't forget to share your favourite products below! I would love to hear all about the products you loved Right throughout 2016.


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