11 January 2017

Rebrand Your Blog With Six Simple Steps

Rebranding my blog to my name is something I have toyed with for the past six months. I'm by no means a branding professional, but in work I'm surrounded by high quality marketing material and a really strong brand. It really got me thinking about my own blog and why it wasn't really working for me anymore. I vowed to never get rid of my beloved illustration, which really became the heart and soul of "The Jewel Beauty Blog". However, the restriction of beauty really started to cause me to have a disinterest in my blog. As I've got older naturally my passions have changed and posting anything non-beauty related made me feel bad. I've created a little self-help guide with six simple steps to help you if you're looking to make a similar venture as me!

First things first...

Determine the reason for rebranding your blog - It's not easy!
It has taken me six months to make the move to rebrand my blog from The Jewel Beauty to India-Robyn, so don't take the decision lightly. The reason I chose to rebrand was because I felt like I had outgrown my old brand and that my content was starting to feel outdated. Take the time to write down a few reasons, which might be why you're thinking about a rebrand. You need to also be thinking about your mission, values and what kind of style you want to go for (formal/informal)

Ask yourself a few simple questions
What's not working?
What's working?
Who's my target audience?

 Speak to your audience 
It's so important to keep in touch with your audience in general when it comes to blogging, but even more so when looking to rebrand. Firstly, you need to consider your needs over your readers. However, they will become an integral part in helping you to decide what direction to take your brand in. For example I found using Twitter polls really helpful in working out my rebrand. I have a super long name "India-Robyn Jewel Morgan" so there were about five potential ways in which I could have named my new blog. 


Rebrand Your Blog With Six Simple Steps 

1. Address Your Colour Palette
Making sure your blog fonts and general formatting are consistent is a super simple yet effective way to freshen up your blog and get your rebrand on its way. 

2. Header/Logo
Your header is a huge part of your blog and will generally create a bridge of trust between you and your readers. It also gives them something to associate you with, which goes a long way in creating brand authenticity. Take your time with your header, as no doubt it will feature on your social media and perhaps even print if you choose to have business cards etc. 

3. Photography 
Whether you like to experiment with different props or backgrounds make sure your Photography has a general theme and that your pictures are as clear and well-lit as possible. I currently use a faux flower from TKMAX, a faux Marble effect and two cute Marble notebooks, which generally feature in my images. 

4. Template 
A clean template is probably one of the best things you can give to your blog when putting it through a rebrand. You don't have to spend a fortune and pipdig have a beautiful selection of pre-made templates from only £29, which make the reader experience far more streamlined than a blog that appears cluttered. 

5. Graphics 
Creating a small library of Graphics for your blog is another great way to build your brand. For example I have created my own graphic, which is the black box and diamond overlay that will be featuring across more of my lifestyle and self-help styled posts. You could also look to create a signature graphic to sign off on your blog posts, but just remember to keep your colours and fonts consistent. 

6. URL/Social Media
Rebranding your blog may require a URL change, so make sure your chosen name is available, also make sure that any Social Media names are available to save you any inconsistencies. 

I hope this has been useful! I'm still on my rebranding journey and I'm currently getting a new header designed, but I thought I would go ahead and share a few tips from my experience so far! Feel free to share any additional tips and tricks below.



  1. I've recently had a makeover of my blog. I updated the header, renamed a Linky and upped my game on the content I post. It's made a huge difference to my readership x

  2. I haven't considered rebranding my blogs, but i think there are some great tips on here for people who want to x

  3. Really great post! Found some good tips for rebranding my blog, xo.



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