11 February 2017

Chanel Volume De Chanel Mascara Review

Say hello to what I personally think is the best mascara ever! A bold statement I know, but I've done the rounds with both high end and drugstore mascara's and this is the one that keeps me coming back for more. The Chanel Volume De Chanel Mascara is literally like a magic wand! Regardless of how bad I've slept or how much I've had to drink, I can always rely on this to make me look bright eyed with no lumps, clumps or fallout.  

I've used Chanel mascara since I was 16 and I've pretty much tried and really liked them all. However, If I had to give one some justice for it's high end price tag it would definitely be the Chanel Volume De Chanel Mascara - From the very first stroke you are greeted with longer, plumper and thicker lashes, instantly giving your eyes a wide-eyed look. 

The brush developed exclusively at Chanel HQ, creates unrivalled volume due to mini disks that are stacked and oriented for a stunning finish. The formula is equally as beautifully and gives your lashes a deep colour, with a quick drying gum to set the curl defined by each stroke. The formulation also contains a preserve, which ensures the suppleness of lashes. I adore this mascara and honestly haven't found anything better. It's super long wearing, doesn't fall out and gives you beautiful lashes in an instant.
Have you tried Chanel mascaras before? Or do you know of a dupe, which might be more cost effective?


5 February 2017

Sunday Wellness Challenge

"A Sunday well spent brings a week of content"

There used to be a time where I slightly feared a Sunday... it was the end of the weekend and who knew what the week ahead would bring? A year or so ago I decided to kick that negativity to the curb and make Sunday a day of self love. Each Sunday I try to do things that make me feel calm, good about myself and also prepared for the week ahead. I've decided to create the #SundayWellnessChallenge, which I would love you to get involved in. 

Make time for an energy boosting breakfast
Whether you opt for traditional Eggs on Toast, Power Pancakes or Overnight Oats starting your Sunday off with an energy boosting breakfast will only have good results, plus eating breakfast is a great way to keep your muscles functioning, as the longer you go without eating the more glycogen your muscles use, which leaves you feeling pretty lethargic! Not a fan of breakfast like me? try these Smoothies for all occasions

Start your week early
Keeping busy on a Sunday is a great way to keep your energy levels up and to stop those Pre Monday blues from creeping in. Why not run a few errands that you have on your mind, or perhaps do a spot of de-cluttering? It may not seem the most appealing way to spend your day of rest, but it will definitely create a much needed sense of calm once you're done. 

Enjoy the great outdoors 
Most of us work indoors throughout the week, so the weekend is a nice time to get outside and connect with the natural elements. Getting outdoors is proven to boost your body's production of Vitamin D, which naturally makes us feel more chirpy.

Focus on you
Making time for "you" is so important, but on a Sunday you might actually have the time to put it into practise, especially if you have a hectic weekly schedule. Whether you like to delve into a book, put your favourite movie on, cook up some of your favourite recipes or get your blog on like me, Sunday is a great day to focus on you. 

Soak away your troubles 
Making a "Sunday Evening Ritual" will help you zen your mind, soul and body before the week ahead. This could involve a long relaxing bath with your favourite bubbly goodies or oils, a mini facial or even a luxe sensory shower experience. We all need a pick me up and what better night to invest in a little self love. 

Sleep with gratitude on your mind
Going to sleep isn't always easy, especially if you have the week already on your mind. Keeping a gratitude journal by the side of bed, will help to promote positive thinking before bed. Write down three things you are grateful for and take a moment to appreciate each thing before bed. 

This is your Sunday reminder that you can handle whatever the week ahead throws at you!


4 February 2017

Shop My Photography Setup

Hello! Since embarking on my new blogging adventure at the start of the month I've been thinking about how I can create more helpful and hopefully interesting content for my readers. I want to share more of an insight into how I blog, as well as more helpful posts with tips and tricks that I either know of have taught myself. I've had quite a few messages about my photography over the past few months, but I've never really had the confidence to talk about it. I mean I still don't think it's amazing when I see other bloggers who have totally perfected their pictures. However, I don't think self-doubt is the way forward anymore and I'm doing my best to believe in myself and create content that perhaps I wouldn't have done a few months ago. I hope you enjoy!

I blogged for about 3 years using my iphone and an inexpensive digital camera, which did the job for me. However, when I decided to pursue my photography more the camera I opted for was the Canon 700D which I purchased from Jessops it cost me about £560 with a standard kit lens, but I also use a 50mm lens sometimes! I've also heard from a close friend that the Nikon D3300 is a great camera and a little kinder on the pocket at £319 if you're looking to purchase your first DSLR.

Continuous Lighting
If you're considering upping your blog photography game then lighting may well be on your mind. Studio lighting isn't the cheapest thing to purchase, but you can get a great kit from Amazon where I purchased mine for around £50, which includes two lights, bulbs and some of the kits have carry cases too! - However, in all honesty you can't beat natural lighting, which doesn't cost a thing! If I ever get the chance to shoot with natural lighting I will always choose to do that over getting my lights down from storage. 

When it comes to backgrounds I do like to switch it up now and then. For a really simple clean photo shoot I use A1 Foamex, which you can find at HobbyCraft from £4 or 4 for £10 or my Wooden Flooring, which you can find similar styles to at B&Q. I also recently tested out my DIY skills and visited Wilkos (only available in store) where I purchased Marble Effect Vinyl, which looks foolproof on camera and also very inexpensive for under £10!

Like my background I do like to switch things up, but most of the time I will keep a faux bunch of flowers and some pretty stationary in the background, which I purchased from TKMAXX to add a little depth. Take a look at my 9 photography props under £16 post for some inspiration. 

I hope you've enjoyed this post and if there is anything else relating to my blog photography that you would like to know about then please let me know in the comments section below.


1 February 2017

The Oskia Renaissance Mask

Face masks are the ultimate way to chill out and I must admit I have a teeny tiny HUGE obsession with them! However, I do my very best to use them all equally and today I'm going to be talking about a real powerhouse when it comes to face masks and skincare in general. Oskia are a brand that I've wanted to try for years and years, but I have only started using their products properly for the past year. I still ask myself why I waited sooo long, as their products are absolutely perfect. 

The Oskia Renaissance Mask is a truly luxurious, buttery balm designed to increase cell turnover, boost radiance and banish the appearance of fine lines and imperfections. Fruit Acids loosen the bonds in the upper epidermis, which removed tired cells and alleviate any congestion that might be occurring under the skin. Lactic Acid stimulates cell regeneration and Prebiotics help to fight bacteria for a luminous, smooth and blemish free complexion.

I use this face mask once a week on a weekend to blitz my skin and give it a much needed clean out after a very busy week at work. It is a powerful mask though, so I wouldn't recommend using it anymore than twice a week. I absolutely adore its texture, it's so bouncy, thick and slightly gooey in the nicest way possible. It has a beautiful peachy appearance, which turns white on application. The product itself begins to gently warm and tingle on the skin, which doesn't last any longer than a few moments and gives you an indication that the mask is actually working and doing its job. 

My skin is left feeling brand new and any congestion and dullness is dramatically improved immediately after use. It is a luxury treat at just shy of £50, but If you're after peachy, bright and fresher looking skin the Renaissance Mask could be for you, plus the tiniest amount goes such a long way!
I hope you enjoyed this review! Have you tried this mask or anything from Oskia?

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