6 May 2017

5 Tips To Bring Your 'A' Game To Work

The Greater The Obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it
 - Moliere

Every work place is no doubt very different. You might work in a fast paced industry or maybe one that is slightly slower, or you might do something that is completely not office based. However, it's easy to fall into a lull and work and even though you may be trying your hardest, perhaps others aren't aware, or maybe you're feeling like you need to progress. Here are five tips, which personally helped me to progress and to bring my A game to work.

1 - Be Early 
Punctuality is a great way to make a good impression. If you're able to get to work early even if its just by 10-15 minutes, you'll have time to ease into your day and make plans. It's also a good to have some breakfast and get your productivity flowing even if it's just a banana! 

2- Prioritise
Nothing will ever beat a good old "To do" list. Prioritising your tasks and deadlines will make you feel far more organised and able to conquer the day. Also writing lists is said to have great cognitive and stress relieving benefits. 

3 - Show initiative  
Showing initiative is one of the best ways to up your A game at work. Sometimes being confident in your decisions can be hard, but showing resourcefulness will work in your favour and show your manager that you are capable of making informed decisions. Fortune favours the bold, so sometimes taking a smart risk might not be as disastrous as you think! 

4 - Ask questions
Regardless of what people might say asking questions and being inquisitive is the best way to make sure you are doing your job to the highest standard. Don't ever be put off by asking a "stupid question" because the quality of your work relies on your knowledge. 

5 - Stay productive
Taking short regular breaks throughout the day, even if it's just standing up and walking to the printer will help your productivity levels. It's also important to give yourself at least 10 minutes in the day to get a little creative and invest some time into the future and not just on the work at hand.

The workplace can be a very complex environment - Not everyone will have your interests at heart, but don't take it personal and instead be fearless in your pursuit to reach your goal. 

How do you bring your "A" Game at work?


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  1. Being early is the best thing about my job. It means I can set myself up for the day, do any duties that will speed the process of opening up less hassle etc. A good nights sleep is also a massive help x

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